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An invitation to the Druids Circle

August 22, 2012

Do you write about your exploits? I ask because Gwas and I often remark that our adventures out in the mystery are so astounding that words don’t do the experience and emotions justice. How does that work for you?


In the mundane world of work and rain, Gwas and I had emailed each other with a proposal of meeting at our evening food and drink establishment with the notion that if the weather broke then we would venture to Gop Hill, a site of many good experiences.

It was about 3pm in the afternoon and I was looking out of my window at the clearing sky and felt a call to visit Penmaenmawr or the Druids Circle that evening. It was such a strong feeling that I had solidified into certainty even though the weather there (some 70 miles away and on the coast) might have been fouler.

I hadn’t informed Gwas of my change in tack and so when I relaxed in his new car and he said “Gop hill here we come” that I said let’s go to the Druids Circle. The immediate glint in his eyes and enthusiasm in his body was evident. As we drove towards our destination we saw a clear evening sky looming over our destination. I can’t recall the number of times I mentioned to Gwas that on this evening, we were invited.

Within an hour of meeting up we had arrived at the beginning of the 30 minute walk up to the circle. The weather was fair and the sun was heading towards the horizon. The climb was hardly noticeable as we marvelled at the mildness of the weather (this summer seems to be replete with rain and more rain). We walked past the meeting stone which I have always found to have a negative vibe. In this instance however it was welcoming. Gwas noted the feeling too and remarked that the Genius Loci of the Druids Circle had come down to accompany us along the remainder of the journey up.


As we approached the site some 100 metres away we looked over the bay towards the crimson sky and sighed with disappointment. The sun had passed below the hill between us and the sea and only a burning sky remained in its wake. If only we had got there a few minutes earlier we could have got a glimpse of it.

We made our way to the circle passing two other adventurers who remarked that the evening had been so clear that they had been able to capture views of the Lake District. Amazing! We passed friendly greetings and moved to the circle. I felt the urge to climb the slight rise to the west to watch the remaining crimson clouds. After a few seconds of standing there the most amazing thing happened.

Between the hill before me and the gap of the clouds the burning red sun appeared. I was truly awestruck. Gwas and I remained at that place for what seemed many minutes just drinking in this seeming miracle. What an amazing greeting by the sacred site. From somewhere inside I felt the urge to practice some Chi Kung so as the sky burned, I faced the west (with the circle behind me) and performed Chi Kung.

Note: during the exercise I felt the wings of the Genius Loci behind me, as if it was mirroring my movements.

I finished some minutes later and felt a shift in my energy. Looking out at where the sun had been a thought occurred to me. The Solar energy centre is aligned with fire and the sun. Had this exercise closed my Solar centre thus stopping my energy from leaking? I grabbed the dowsing rods and they confirmed my intuitive leap. My Solar had closed and I was no longer shining energy. What an unexpected gift. I walked about the circle saying “thank you, thank you…”

Centre Point

In my previous post I mentioned that I had missed the boat regarding a trip to Delphi and would have to wait for a return of the spiral. Well since I had had some excellent experiences with my energy double here at Penmaenmawr I asked whether anything could be salvaged, indeed, could I use my double to take me to Delphi? The answer seemed promising and so I dowsed a position and a direction (East ish).

Closing my eyes I asked my Energy Double to guide me to Delphi. I heard its now familiar song and followed it (as I had done on another occasion at this site) to Delphi. In ancient times the site of Delphi was famed for its Oracle and it was to this Being that my Double had brought me. I felt something odd though. I had not only travelled in space to Delphi but had also travelled back in time to. It felt to me as if the Oracle was no longer at Delphi now and to fulfill my request my Double had transgressed time too. Amazing.

Although I got a vague sense of femininity from the Being I could not discern anymore. I asked whether she could help me with regards to my quest for the Philosophers Stone? She responded that that was not what I was seeking. What? I was disappointed to say the least. I’m quite attached to the myth and legend of the Philosophers Stone (Come on even Harry Potter started with a hunt for the stone!) Alas the Oracle was unrelenting. She said that what I was actually looking for was the Centre Point. What? She told me that I should seek the centre point, the place of balance and once I had found that to come visit with her (geographically) and she would reveal how I could use the centre point to open the Dragons Soul book.

Note: Upon the walk up to the circle I had felt drawn to an oddly shaped rock. I had bent down and picked it up almost without thinking and placed it in my pocket.

The Oracle Being had concluded my audience and yet I wasn’t returning back to the hill upon which I was physically standing. I glanced about the cavern were my audience had took place for my Double. Nothing. I began to panic and instinctively put my hands in my pocket. Therein I felt the rock I had picked up and grabbed hold of it tightly. With a whoosh I was returned back to the Druids Circle.

Wow! That was rather a lucky break I thought. I had completely forgotten the instruction of following my Energy Double. Always have a return anchor point to hand.

Gwas had reached a break point in his work and we compared notes. I was disappointed about the loss (re-interpretation)of the Philosophers Stone quest. Dowsing confirmed that it was indeed the Centre Point that I should be seeking. Gwas speculated that perhaps it represented the Navel of the World or some other geographical central position. Dowsing negated this option quickly.

Since Penmaenmawr had been so fruitful with its gifting I wondered whether I could gain som more knowledge about this Centre Point. The answer was a surprising Yes and I found myself in the circle facing South. Closing my eyes I let my thoughts focus on the question to hand, What is the Centre Point?

I saw myself with an aura surrounding me. The vision zoomed in to the centre of the aura where I saw a burning point of light. Interesting, the centre point is inside of me.As soon as this revelation was revealed I returned to normal awareness.


It seems then that I was to seek some Centre Point within myself and Balance it. definitely plenty to muse on over the coming days. By this time an hour or so had passed and it had started to get cold. No wind mind you. Gwas and I took a few minutes to ear the rations we had brought with us and chat about our evenings experiences. I remarked that I had faced 3 of the four cardinal points and wondered why North had been missed out.

We finished up our food and cleared the rubbish away. It was time to go. Just as I wa about to walk away, I turned back to the site to thank it for such an inspiring visit when I felt to the urge to dowse a place to give thanks and gratitude. I found it and looked for a direction, of course, it was North.

We walked down the long path to the car remarking on the brilliance of the invitation to this sacred site and pondering on who had actually invited us.

Kal Malik

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