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August 29, 2012

Three Themes

A few posts ago, I mentioned in passing that (amongst other quests) I am on a personal or rather familial quest of bringing my siblings and their brood(s) together. It is a monumental undertaking. To take a quote from that ever inspiring Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy…They have problems beyond the dreams of analysts.

I actually googled that to see if it hit and am pleasantly surprised that my memory is still serving me in good stead. Here is the results from google and the above quote.

Let’s put that quest down as thread one. In another post I told of how I recently discovered a wish that I had remembered from my childhood and one which my mother had added her voice to. Here is the Promise from the Past post that tells of that re-discovery. Let’s call that thread two.

Over the last few months I have been deep in the study of all things related to self and energy. In particular I have been delving into the world of Sufism. You’re going to have to wait for that one (or more likely more than one) as it is still fermenting in the draft area of this blog. Let me entice you with its title though…

  • In Search of the Soul

Cool huh? So, although a post isn’t available as yet, let’s call that thread three. Or better yet, let’s call them themes instead. So we have three themes that seem disparate.


My dear and most be-loved mother passed away 3 years ago on August 16. I was devastated. We had a fabulous relationship together and if I do say so myself, our relationship was complete. Gosh! How many people can say that? To have no regrets about a relationship with someone, to be able to say that you fulfilled (in hindsight) all that you wished for from a relationship is a rare gift (I know, I’m in the personal development game and I see the lack of this so often…if only…)

My mum was an amazing spirit (I am biased, but what the hay). Although she was relatively young (late 60’s) when she passed she had a crossing that was as she wanted. Castaneda says that for warriors, when Death comes, he comes with respect and awaits the pleasure of the appointee before gently removing their life. Many faiths across the world identify spiritual people by the way of their passing. If you have a moment go read about the passing of C.G.Jung…It is said that in his final days he drifted into the other world such that he was more there than here and so passed a great man.

I could tell of how synchronicity wrapped my mums passing with grace and power but that is another story. My point of mentioning it is that her anniversary gave me the desire, energy and belief to attempt to bring together the many strands of the afore mentioned siblings and brood(s).

With great effort and much cajoling and frankly bringing all of my influencing techniques (from coaching) I jumped into the task with aI Can Do Itattitude. It was still mid July when I began pulling together the threads. Even as I write this post the hair on my neck rises as I think about how that undertaking came to fruition.

My younger sister many years ago had emigrated back to our parents home country, Pakistan. So she was out of the equation. My other siblings had the notion of

  • “We’ll See…” This statement is the bane of coaches!

Some of the brood(s) were alienated from their parents and indeed their parents had in return reinforced that alienation. Yet I persevered. Then something miraculous began to happen. I heard that my sister was returning to the UK for a holiday! Would she be on time for the 16th? Yes!

My parents were deep followers of the Islamic faith (so was I until about 18) and my other siblings were followers (as best they can) so I organised for an old and much-loved teacher of mine to visit and say a few prayers that I knew my mum would love. You’d think that something like that was easy but it is Ramadan, the time of fasting and spiritual observance. To book my old teacher at such a time was nigh on impossible and yet again the Genius of Synchronicity was playing my hand and he was able to come and deliver an amazing, er I don’t know what to call it in English. I guess ceremony is a close fit. But it was much more than that.

I had got my brother (reluctantly) to send out the invites to sibling/brood(s). He had  little hopes of people turning up. But I laughed at his negativity. There was a higher power at work here, I told him.

Strange Twists

Then a something went a cropper! I had done some amazing crystal work with regards a week or so before the event and (I believe) as a consequence I was offered a contract of work. The position was to start on the 20 of the month which suited me fine and I happily accepted it after all it wasenergetically designed. Then at the beginning of the week of the 16th i.e. the 13th I got a call from the agent. They wanted me to start on the 16th! It was a show stopper for the employers. What was I to do? Should I decline the offer of work or miss the anniversary ceremony that I had pushed everyone else to attend?

What was going on? It didn’t make sense? The contract had come up through intuitive work. The anniversary had been surrounded by synchronicity. Surely this couldn’t be happening. With great misgivings and a feeling of dropping from the path, I agreed with the employer that I would come in on the 16th. Perhaps I could make the evening dregs of the ceremony was my consolation prize.

I confess that my footsteps lost some of their spring over the next (Mon/Tue) couple of days. Then on Wednesday, the day before the ceremony and gathering of sibling (sans broods) I got a call from my future employer. “Sorry to put you out, but can you start Friday 17th instead”


As Gwas and I often say, we couldn’t make it up if we tried. With an admonishing flick to my doubting Thomas. I stepped forth with a certainty bordering on the preternatural (which indeed it was).


A Resonance Paradigm

I laugh out loud as I’m writing this. You have to understand that it was a virtual impossibility (Brownian Motion aside) that all the invitees would turn up and yet one by one they did. Every single one of them. I was awed at the power of that which walks besides us. It was an amazing event and I believe the catalyst for future events too (I’m working on it). Still the tale doesn’t end there.

My old teacher favours the Sufi path of Islam and he is filled to the brim with parables from that school of thought. So listening to his stories added flavour and zest to my own explorations of such. During the conversation he happened to mention that tonight may very well be the night of power. I dug deep into my memories and recalled that in the final days of Ramadan it is said that one may personally discover Laylat al-Qadr (Arabic: literally the Night of Power).

This pronouncement took me on to a set of amazing events that evening, which I’ll relate in upcoming posts. Let me just pull this post together if I can.

  • Family – Mum – Wali Allah (which is from the Sufi aspect of Islam) – Mum’s anniversary – Family – Teacher – Night of Power – Sufi

Our energetic connection to the entire universe (or so they say) comes from our Crown energy centre. In my research I have come to understand that the Crown resonates with an energy that is akin to the Root centre. The discussion in this post I believe came about because of that energetic resonance.

  • Family and Root
  • Connection and Crown

What do you think?

Kal Malik – noticing those threads in the universe.

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  1. Oh Kal – what a wonderful story, I’m so glad everything worked out for you in the end and nothing clashed. 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear you lost your beloved mum, but I always think in some strange way its easier (not sure if ‘easier’ is quite the right term..) to deal with the passing of a soul that left no embitterment in your own. When things are unsaid and things unresolved before a death, it can leave a devastating sense of anger – take it from me. I lost my father when I was 25, we had a terrible relationship and I was never able to settle anything with him, even to know why he seemed to dislike me so much, if I had had some kind of closure, it would have made the grieving process so much smoother. Nevertheless, no matter what level of closeness we have with parents, their loss is devastating, so my heart goes out you.

    Yes – I know about the night of power from my best friend. This year we speculated it might be at the Lammas full moon – as that seemed like the appropriate time energetically speaking and with Rammadam being a lunar observance. Either way, your own night of power was clearly the 16th, I’m sure your mum was with you all in spirit pleased with events 🙂 I do feel that the Sufi and Druid traditions are closely linked, a message from spirit that I had some years ago told me that Islam and paganism would find common ground, on the surface that didn’t make sense at the time, but now having gone on the journey I have with Alex and having had my own experiences of the presence of God, I really do feel this is true. Alex and I even have a term for folks such as us – ‘Drufi’ I love that! 🙂

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