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Permission Slip and Tarot Readings

August 18, 2012
Ace of Cups

I was visiting with an old friend of mine when she asked whether I had my Tarot cards with me. She had recalled that I had been an itinerant Tarot reader and wanted me to do a reading for her. Alas, I told her I hadn’t got the cards with me when she said, “why don’t you do a reading without them?”

I gave her a confused look and she related a short story. She had been at a gathering a few weeks ago when the organiser had a lady to read her tea leaves. Unfortunately they had no tea to drain the leaves from when the organiser suggested that she do it without the leaves. “How does that work?” the lady had asked and the organiser had responded by asking the question. Do you really need the leaves? Or are they a permission slip for you to be able to access your gift?

What an interesting concept and one that isn’t new in this blog. How many times have Gwas, I and readers (notably Liz) suggested that we lay aside our dowsing rods. Surely they provide a good analogy for a permission slip, don’t they? We have of course on occasion laid them down, however we still don’t leave the car without them.

Returning back to my friend and her request for a Tarot reading. I said, why not? I was game to see if anything useful comes from it. So I took an imaginary deck from my pocket and asked her to shuffle it whilst holding he question to mind. She did so and I took it back from her and laid out three cards…

  1. Ace of Cups
  2. Three of Cups
  3. Judgment

I let my intuition interact with the drawn cards and gave her a reading. I was quite surprised when it correlated highly with what her question was. Indeed all 3 cards not only hit home but the words that I used to describe their impact also had synchronous overtones with my friend.

After I had left my friend I thought about the reading process and what it meant. Of course the cards create a random (or not) element to the result and then the reader brings his/her intuition into the mix. So why not have a random imagined set of cards that are drawn? After all I didn’t ask my friend about her question until the cards had been drawn. In any case, it was a fascinating little experiment and brought about another consideration.

What are you needing a permission slip for before you act?

Kal Malik

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  1. That’s a fascinating idea Kal – I’ve certainly never considered doing tarot this way! I do suspect as you suggest, that a lot of these things are merely props to enable the intuitive mind to speak, at some point presumably one becomes so adept that they’re no longer needed.

    I certainly had a very interesting hour or so dowsing without rods in an old Saxon church in Devon last Thursday, I was able to trace the line by following the ‘tingle’ in my body – for me it feels like a fizzing electrical sensation along my spine. There was a spiral of energy at one point in the graveyard that I could feel in my solar plexus, the line then went over to some cottages, where I picked up a sort of sadness. The weird thing is I recognised the ‘feel’ of the current as being like that at Bath and Wells and cathedral – its an almost Reiki like energy of healing, absolutely beautiful. When I got home I checked the direction of my dowsing on a road map and yep – it lined up with Bath and Wells! Funnily enough I’d been considering buying some dowsing rods when they were dangling right in front of my face in a shop! I didn’t and something told me I didn’t need them! I guess for me, I have this ability to feel the energy physically in my body, I’m sure you guys must get that too – so yes, do try it more and you’ll need the rods less and less 🙂

    1. Good day Liz,

      I agree absolutely. The more I practice without the rods the more “it” seems to work. I still confess though that there is a good feeling about seeing the rods twist and turn in response to the energy.

      I’m suspecting that seeing signs and portents is a similar thing in that one has to trust the oddities that crop into ones life. More important though is following the signs.

      Thanks for your comment and blessings on your week.


      1. I have to say Kal, I’m beginning to agree with you about having the rods for back up, the more I read from your back-log on Hedge Druid, the more I can see how effective they are for pinpointing the finer details and confirming things. I kind of wish I had got those rods now – as the old pair I had 20 years ago have disappeared! Yes – those synchronicities are are so exciting, I really enjoyed going back to my ‘work’ its been so long since I did any dowsing or communing with a place of power, it reminded me how much I need to make an effort to get out more. I have to trust the universe will provide me with someone locally who can drive and is as passionate as me about these things!

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