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A Song for Merlin – Part 2

September 13, 2012

Here is the second part of the Merlin Song story – and it gets to the interesting part of the experience – the appearance of Merlin. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about these Arthurian archetypes recently and the excellent words of Ross Nichols – former OBOD chief – have been very revealing to me about the possible ancient and current uses of such figures from a historical, magical and psychological perspective. I recommend reading his work “The Book of Druidry“. It’s fascinating, and I’ll come back to that at a later date when I talk about the Arthurian archetypes in another post.

In the meantime, we left our protagonists struggling to avoid certain wet feet as they mooched across the marshy moorland in search of a new stone circle, reputed to be of extensive size and infrequently visited. Only one of those qualities turned out to be true!

The Cockpit – fight of flight?

At the Cockpit stone circle the Merlin Quest details were explained to me. I would need to protect myself when working in the Sanctuary. I didn’t understand why yet. Then I would have to draw down the energy from the star Arcturus. I knew this star was part of the Bootes constellation, and that the name was linked with Merlin, being known as the protector of The Great Bear (King Arthur). That was the additional information I got, but I already knew that I needed to recite the Welsh phrases that I had extracted from the various power places around the country.

“The name of the star derives from Ancient Greek Αρκτοῦρος (Arktouros) and means “Guardian of the Bear”, ultimately from ἄρκτος (arktos), “bear” + οὖρος (ouros), “watcher, guardian”. It has been known by this name since at least the time of Hesiod. This is a reference to it being the brightest star in the constellation Boötes (of which it forms the left foot), which is next to the Greater and Lesser Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.” (source: Wikipedia)

With thoughts of Arthur and the Polar constellations spinning through my head I turned my attention to Merlin. Why was I being drawn to a Cumbrian stone circle? What was the purpose?

Cockpit circle – no spirit of place here

I needed a little reassurance. I knew that this was the second time around the spiral for my work with Merlin, but I didn’t understand why I had to do a similar quest as last time (August 2010). I used the energy of the circle to call upon my spirit guide and ask about the purpose of the meeting with Merlin. What was the outcome all about? I was a bit of a cheeky question, bit I felt I needed to ask. The answer was interesting: I  was not going around the spiral a second time, I was going up the spiral. It was different this time. Last time I was waking Merlin by visiting him in the underworld. This time he was trapped in the Otherworld, and I was freeing him.

But I knew this was symbolic. I was freeing the energy form of Merlin, and the consequence of this would be to empower myself with a greater ability to heal sacred sites and restore places of power. I had already had an example of this earlier in the day. Now I knew I was ready for more of that ability. I was ready to face the test at Castlerigg. Apart from one thing. I could only recite the first four lines of the poem, and I kept forgetting those!

There was no spirit of place at Cockpit circle. Instead the spirit had taken up residence nearby, away from the steady traffic of visitors who tramped through the circle and past it via the main path that followed the ridge between the Ullswater lake and the villages on the opposite side. I had asked the SOP to return, but it had not felt like a successful plea. Kal dowsed later that the Spirit of Place would NOT return as long as the circle was so busy and “abused”. Interesting, I thought. I wondered what WOULD make such a spirit come back?

The Public Recital

At Castlerigg the weather was having its expected effect. The stone circle incredibly busy and it was difficult to get enough peace and quiet to be able to even think of doing any kind of ritual. I spent the time trying to learn my lines. I didn’t know if I could remember it all in the time I had left. However, after an hour of waiting Kal came over and said, “You’d better do it now” and I agreed. The time was right.

I tried to enter the southern Moon entrance but felt a slight repulsion in my stomach. I walked away even though I really wanted to begin the ritual as soon as possible. I walked around, and later I returned to test the waters again. This time entry was admitted. I headed for the Sanctuary and lit some incense to set the mood. Crystals went into position at the appropriate cardinal points. I settled into place and did my deep connectivity. Then came a screen of protection, which somehow also seemed to screen out the hustle and bustle around me at that time – visitors milling everywhere, but I was miles away by that point.

I conjured up the image of the wooden cage of thick wooden boughs that I had seen in the image of Merlin trapped that I had seen a month ago at Lammas. Now I began to recite my poem – 11 unique lines of old Welsh (certainly antiquated or unusual syntax, as it had been a real pig to translate to get the sense of it). That was important, I felt. It was necessary for me to know the intention behind the words, otherwise they wouldn’t have the same impact or effect.

As the words ended with a statement to shrink the power the cage holding Merlin to nothing then the wooden cage cracked in two like an eggshell. Out of the dark brown interior walked a wholly white figure – Merlin. His white beard blended with his clothing and skin tone. He was ghostly, but more radiant than that.

Merlin approached, and in my mind I involuntarily dropped to one knee and bowed my head. I didn’t know why – I just did. Definitely an act of recognition of the power that was being emitted from this apparition. He smiled at me and raised a hand up to my forehead, placing it lightly onto my Third Eye chakra point. I felt a flow of energy to that point and a smile formed across my face. And I smiled in the real world too. The feeling was amazing, like the last piece of a complex jigsaw falling into place.

What an unusual quest this had been! Firstly to gather together the eleven lines. Secondly, to find the time to come and recite them. However it was a mystical experience whose images would be ingrained into my memory for quite a long time to come. I may never be able to watch Lord Of The Rings again!


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