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Ionian Equinox 1 – The Colour of Union

September 26, 2012

The following series of posts recounts the tales of our adventures on the island of Iona in the Hebrides in the west of Scotland. We went there for the Autumn Equinox. Of course, my tales will be primarily from my perspective as Kal has his own stories to tell, and amazing they are too. Of course, we journeyed together so our stories intertwine to some extent. Where Kal acted as a foil or sidekick I will include his aspects, otherwise you’ll get predominantly mine.

Scotland sticks in my mind for many reasons – I used to live there as a small boy, I love the mountains (they are my Air/Sky image for elemental meditations) and I hate the weather (muggy and midge-ridden in summer, unbearable wind and rain in winter). However, despite my reservations I had two necessary goals that Iona seemed to be the perfect place to satisfy. These were:

  1. To discover the quest or task that would keep my busy for the next eighth of the wheel of the year, and
  2. To learn more about an unidentified energy form that I had found at Karnak Temple in Egypt, and which I had subsequently map-dowsed as also being present in Iona.

One ferry, two ferries, three ferries, more

The first ferry is from Oban to the island of Mull. Oban is a lovely little town that deserved more time, and as we pulled away on the ferry I saw a rounded hill behind a castle on the shoreline and I made a mental note that I needed to come back this way again. There was something about that hill….The tourism tagline at the moment is “It’s closer than you think“. It’s not. They lie. I thought it was about a five and a half hour drive and I wasn’t far wrong. And we live in the North of England. From anywhere else it’s even farther. The tagline should be “It’s further away than you’d like, and then a wee bit more – but it’s worth it (if it’s not raining, which it usually is)”. Truth in advertising? Not likely. Not catchy enough.

Where the heck is Iona?


The sun shone and we were able to stand on deck watching the waves churn into spume below the boat’s keel and the seabirds wheel and whirl in our wake. The rising mountains of Mull were a formidable but fascinating prospect for the drive across the island to Fionnphort where we would catch our second ferry – this time to the tiny island of Iona. The drive across Mull was idyllic. Rarely have I seen such beauty. Firstly over the mountain passes, then the road by the lakeside became picture postcard perfect. All too soon we were at the tiny ferry terminal and ready to board the ferry to Iona. So I left my staff behind in the tea room on Mull.

Of course I had to go back for it on the ferry. I can now say I’ve been to Iona twice. Settled and with staff, we were ready to begin our island adventure. We started at the first feature to make an appearance – the Nunnery next to St.Ronan’s Church.

The Nunnery and St Ronans Church on Iona

I would say that what happened next was a perfect introduction to the uniqueness of this island, and it set the tone for the whole set of adventures that followed.

Amid the pink granite lustre of the enclosure’s walls I located a recumbent stone with a hole in it. I have no idea what the stone was originally, but now it was a power centre that was suitable for me to sit on and meditate. Sunny day – why not? Within minutes of connecting, protecting and expecting I was in the right state of mind. Ronan…where did I know that name from… Ireland … Kilronan….

A place for fuchsia meditations

I loosed the thoughts out into the aether – a clear mind was needed to be receptive. All further thoughts were banned. I relaxed again. What would come up next, i wondered? Dammit! Meditation’s difficult…. more silence.

My mind’s eye was filled with a rising sea of colour. Tiny filaments of sparking energy bound themselves together into a woven tapestry of bright pink. As each spark faded it left a curtain of fuchsia colour in its wake, building layers upon layers of denser fuchsia colour until my whole vision was shrouded in a single hue.

Of course what I was seeing was a product of the sunlight, the bloodflow in my eyelids and the reflection of the red granite in the walls around me. Wasn’t it? The fuchsia fire sparkled and crackled like vibrant flames or spouts of electric reds, purples and all colours in between. I sat amazed at the growing culminating wash of mesmeric colour hues. In my mind my attention was placed only upon the colour. No words, no meanings, no thoughts. Just colour. Know the colour. Remember the colour.

This, the fuchsia, was my information, the data with which I should work. I waited patiently now. Perhaps an explanation would follow? A vision was forming of a body with chakra points at the edges of its aura….

Your root chakra is red. Your crown chakra is indigo. In the centre, the mixture of these two is fuchsia. The energy of this place is fuchsia.

The union of red root chakra and indigo crown chakra produces the colour fuchsia. What an interesting thought – I had never considered it explicitly before, yet I always knew this. This island of Iona – it’s energy was of the vibration of fuchsia. The energy signified UNION – the union of the ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ energies. I use “lower” and “higher” in the sense of describing their placement in the chakra schema, it is not an indication of their value.

Nature provides confirmation

One of the enduring principles that I work with is that, if you are journeying on your spiritual path, and you are paying attention, then Nature will provide you with the clues that confirm your intuitions. Nature will provide you with the feedback you need to know you are on the right path. I stood up from my meditation and leaned on the wall in idle speculation, contemplating the vision and the information. I looked over the wall straight at a huge  fuchsia shrub in front of me. I turned my head to the right – there was a sign about the Heritage Centre painted entirely in fuchsia pink. Well, here was my conformation!

Later I would know that fuchsia was all over the inhabited parts of the island! At this point I had only just stepped foot on the land and this was our first stop.

Fuchsia plants were in bloom everywhere in Iona’s village

The Union of the Lower and Upper

Some background required to add the conclusion to this post. I have been listening to a podcast by Santos Bonacci talking about the same historical union as a union of the lower and upper minds, i.e. the spiritual-directed mind and the material-directed mind. He was describing the work of Thomas H Burgoyne and George Carey in this matter, both of who have written some interesting books about these concepts.

In essence the idea that Santos was preaching was that there is a biblical recognition of two sides to human motivation – the Rams and the Bulls. The Rams are those who are symbolised by the Aries zodiac sign. Or is that  the other way around? Never mind. The point is that those with an Aries mind focus on the higher aspects – spiritual endeavours and paths, shamanic journeying, the immaterial, interactions with the hidden intelligences, etc. In contrast, those with a Taurean mind focus on the lower aspects – materialism, the senses, the physical. That was the rough distinction between the two. Therefore, his theory went, you can find references to “bull worshippers” in The Bible, and these people were those who were not ready to embrace the spiritual. Those symbolised by the ram were of the higher mind – in touch with God, if you like. Directed by God, you might say.

To bring this back to my own work at this time it struck me almost immediately, as I stood contemplating the fuchsia union energy, that this was symbolic of a union between the two minds – upper and lower. It was the middle way – the Druid Path – the union of these seeming opposites. Here was an opportunity to use the energy of union to abolish the distinction between lower and upper, to unite the physical and the metaphysical. This was the energy of druidry itself, I might dare to suggest!

Then one final revelation came to me. I had recently read a book by John Matthews in which he suggests creating your own sigil shape to use as a meditation for connecting yourself to the Sidhe – the faerie folk. I had done this – connecting  The Otherworld of the Heavens and the Underworld of the Earth using my sigil – for several months with great success. This sigil symbol was based on two forms – a spiral that forms a curling horn shape, and a T-shape with a curl at either end. The ram’s horns and the bull’s horns combined. It was the same symbol of union. I had just never thought of it in that way until now.

I had been on the island of Iona for less than half an hour. In that time I had received probably one of the most compelling and insightful revelations about my work and my relation to the energies of my body and the land. All the thoughts of several weeks and months had managed to combine in one moment, one colour. I am now a huge fan of fuchsia pink!  I still had the rest of the weekend to go. What on earth would happen next?


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  1. Oh – forgot to mention – regarding your energy from Karnak being connected to Iona… you probably already know about the legend of ‘Princess Scota’ the alleged Egyptian princess who set sail for Britain becoming the clan mother of many of the Irish and Scottish kings. Scotland is supposed to come from the name. My friend has written about this in her book I think. If you want to know more I can ask her more about it.

    1. I knew the story about Scota, but I never put the two things together (I’m a bit slow like that). Good spot! Now I can go and investigate that particular link. Thanks for the great tip. You’re a wonder 🙂


  2. Wow Gwas – more amazing revelations! I wonder what the tea shop made of your druid’s staff?! Would you believe it… (maybe you’re thinking I’m making this stuff up?! I’m not) while you’ve been away in the Highlands, I’ve been discovering my Scottish ancestry and now thinking seriously about visiting to engage with my own ancestral energies. I’ve also discovered I’m descended from the ancient Northumbrian Saxon royal houses and from the last Pictish king of Moray, not only that but I’m descended from the Wallace clan – of William Wallace fame! The other day, I happened to look at my Fuscia bush for some reason and noticed it was wilting terribly before this latest deluge started. Wonder if that coincided with your meditation? 😉 I had this weird dream the other morning, a bit hazy but it was about this old wooden sluice gate covered in climbing shrubs and ivy, sort of buried. I was supposed to do something to release the water, as the stream bed had dried up. Don’t know if that connects with anything you’ve been doing? Thought I’d check!

    Liz 🙂

    1. Ha ha – the staff drew a mixture of incredulous looks and some fantastic complimentary comments. I stood out quite a bit on such a small island, whereas I usually like to fly “under the radar”.

      I love the fact that you’ve decided to go to look into your ancestry. If I may make a suggestion at this stage? Don’t bother with the deep historical tracing now. At this point you’d get more useful infromation from visiting the area that you feel is “home”. I know that for me this was an incredible experience, and not one that was recorded anywhere in any book or parish record. It was a mythological heritage trail, but it was the most profound experience and has tied me to the land of my forefathers irrevocably now.

      “Freedom!!!” I think the Wallace blood connection accounts for much of your behaviour, wouldn’t you say 😉

      As for the sluice gate dream, here’s where I think it connects. We were on Iona and it was incredibly unseasonably dry and sunny. It was the talk of the island. I was sitting on a “hillfort” high up overlooking the island when I felt that a change was coming. It was going to get stormy, and how! When I got back to England the rains began, and they haven’t stopped since. Now we have floods everywhere. Prediction? The sluice gate opening in the heavens?

      Or does it refer to your own emotions/energies that need to be freed. Perhaps these are ancestral energies that have been waiting for a long time for someone in their bloodline to wake them or retrieve them, to set them free? Something to consider.


      1. Thanks for the advice and thoughts Gwas 🙂 Ha-ha – wish I was as brave as William Wallace! 😉 The trouble is I have no idea what part of Scotland would feel like ‘home’ – although most of the nearer ancestors seemed to have come from Edinburgh, the ancient line came from Moray as far as I know. When you went to Ireland, did you do a meditation first or did you go where you knew your ancestors came from in more recent times? Is it possible you think to do any of this through distance healing? It’s going to be a problematic journey to make, partly because my 80-something mother will be with us, its a heck of a drive. Oh dear, I hate being so thwarted with things at times *sighs*. I really have a feeling that Scotland could be key to a lot of things for me, including healing pain from a past life there, also in the Highlands where I was an impoverished soul turfed out of my home by the Highland clearance. I’ve always had such a HUGE dread of the place, still do a bit to be honest, but surely that’s a sign that it needs to be addressed? Did you feel this about Ireland before you had to duel with the ancestral spirit?

        Yes, come to think of it, I must have had that dream around the equinox before the rains, I sleep a lot during the day too, so may have been picking up from you directly while you were there meditating on that hill!

        Great stuff, as always my friend 😉

        1. I was told by my father that my ancestors came from Roscommon, and he got that from his mother. I did a cursory look to see if there were correspondences with the name, and quickly found there were. When I landed I knew that I might have to arrive in the area and then move around a lot. As it turned out it all happened in a relatively small zone, but I was prepared to go anywhere depending on the ‘information’ received.

          Your situation seems more…restricted. But we each work with what we have. Would you like me to map-dowse a starting point for you, if I can?


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