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Ionian Equinox 5 – The Otherworld and Other Worlds

October 9, 2012

At the start of Day 2 on Iona we were greeted by cloudy weather. This can’t be right? Let’s see whether that continues when Kal gets out into the open! He always brings the sun out. Kal was a bit tired from his exploits the previous evening. I’ll let him explain that. I had slept well, whereas he was paying back the time he’d borrowed. Tiredness would turn out to be the least of our challenges this day. Iona has been probably the most intellectually and spiritually challenging places we have visited yet. As you read the rest of my posts you will begin to see how it made me have to grapple with lots of concepts that I had thought were the realm of New Age dreamers, or the stuff of pure mythology. On Iona, mythology seems to be made real for the seeker! Judge for yourself.

Our intended destinations for the day had been largely decided by the available sites as listed on the Northern Antiquarian WordPress blog. We had scheduled to visit Sidhean Mor, then a hillfort called Dun Bhuirg north of that, and finally to backtrack to head to the southern tip of the island to see a standing stone called Clach na Glaistig. This post will cover the first of these sites, and subsequent posts will describe an adventure from high to low and back again. In this post we’ll meet some otherworldly forms, and begin to fulfil a major part of my quest to Iona, that of finding an alien energy spot. More on that soon. There’s some even stranger stuff to get through before we get to that!

Belief and Angels

This time last year I didn’t believe in angels. Well, let me say instead, I had no reason to believe in angels. They were, after all, not part of my Nature pantheon. I had encountered elementals, nature spirits, and to some extent the energetic remainders of humans. The realms of ‘higher’ energy forms – angels and demons – that was something I steered well clear of. Until one unexpected encounter in a graveyard. After that, I moved my position one notch up – from “Have had no experience of that” to “Have had one experience of that“. This makes me slightly less dubious and a tinge more accepting of the possibility of angels. but not at this point a believer.

Angel Hill – same profile as Oran’s mound and Glastonbury Tor

Next on our tour of Iona was the so-called Angel Hill, a hill where it is reputed that Columcille (St.Columba) was observed to be surrounded by a host of angels. Well, what would happen for us?

Sidhean Mor – The Angel Hill

There is one road crossing the island of Iona from East to West, therefore I thought it would be practically impossible to miss the next objective – Angel Hill. Nevertheless, it took us two goes to identify it properly. A sign would have been nice, but you come to expect that Neolithic sites are unmarked and unremarked these days. Only for those who truly want to find it, eh? We found it. Actually, it was right by the roadside – you really can’t miss it! A quick word with two locals to check that access was alright, and we were over the low fence and onto the lower slopes of the small hill. Access to sites is less of an issue here in Scotland.

I walked a zig-zag path to reach the top and it almost exactly matched Kal’s path up too. He was walking the most energetic path for him as well. We laughed as we reached the top. Kal pointed out two stones that had been left on top, right in the centre of the power centre. Hmmm…someone else knew the score. Then Kal’s face changed from a smile to a frown and he disappeared off the hill. I shrugged, and before sitting down on the power centre at the top I used my staff to draw a sigil of communication with Otherworld forces – something I developed from a suggestion in a John Matthews book. I did my routine connections, earthing, anchoring, protecting, infusing myself with the forces of the land around me. Then I sat in silence as the morning light grew in strength.

I supposed, rather simplistically, that sitting on an angel hill I might consider asking for the attentions of an angel? I didn’t know any angel names (did I mention it’s not my area?) and so I reverted to one of the few that came to mind – Michael. I sat quietly, reverentially, and waited to see what happened. … Something stirred. Birds chattered excitedly in the near distance. A light gust of wind blew into my face, like a gentle bird’s wing flapping in front of me. Something had arrived. I gave a tentative, “Hello?

Aliens, Angels and Energies

Regular followers of this blog may be intrigued at this point, and I invite you to read on. If you are new to the material here, and haven’t “grown up with us” (in a manner of speaking) then you may wish to take a moment to re-visit some of the posts tagged with words such as “spirit”, “entity” or “shade”. Our concepts have changed over the years.

On with the story….

I have had what I would consider to be an encounter with a high form of beneficent energy previously. This encounter was not at that level of emotional pitch, and therefore I don’t believe in hindsight that I encountered such a thing as one might call an angel. Yet, at that moment, on that hill, something was there answering my call for a helpful guide. Something was around me, and it made itself known inside my thoughts.

I began to ask questions. I started with the concept of “angels”, specifically referring to the entity that was now present and which had answered my call.

  1. Would this encounter be with what I would call an angel? No response, but I felt something closing around me. A strong presence.
  2. Who are you and what is your intention? Now came a verbal response:’I am a guide to this island and denizen of the high places‘ a male voice said. Interesting. This led me to further questioning.
  3. Would this spirit be prepared to guide me around the island on my spiritual journey? “Yes, I will show you one special place, but then you must find another guide for the rest of the journey”.
  4. Did this mean calling upon some other entity? “Yes, I will introduce you.” Well, that might be easier, then.
Archangel Michael statue at Mont St Michel

In my mind I was associating this entity with the angel Michael. I don’t know whether it was. I was sceptical  yet as though in answer to this, as I asked the angel who he was an extraordinary vision occurred in response. Three distinct actions were shown to me. The angelic entity brandished a sword of flaming fire and proceeded to swing the sword around me, clearing a circle with a phosphorescent trail in its wake, and effecting a purifying sweep that cleared the space around me as he swung the sword. To accompany this action came the authoritative words: “This is how I protect you“. Next he put his sword into my head and down through my spine until I was pinned to the earth with my spine blazing with energy from his flaming sword. To accompany this action he said, “Here is Strength“. Finally he shone, simply bursting into a blaze of brilliant light with a barely distinct humanoid shaped core. Bathing me in his aura he said simply but profoundly, “This is honour“.

It felt like a profound lesson. I was indeed humbled by its simplicity, and the power of this entity to impart these qualities in such a deeply symbolic way that would stay with me for ever. At that moment I was converted. I was definitely in the presence of something with an overwhelming power and which was prepared to offer me information and reassurance simultaneously. Rarely have I experienced this kind of knowledgeable transfer with such profundity. The impact is difficult to explain in words – it truly is one of those things that had to be experienced. It’s much more than a revelatory kind of dream, more life-changing than anything gained from reading or watching visual arts. It’s a story written just for you.

Introducing Alien Energy Spots

One final revelation, and one that would shake our rational thought patterns into a jumble of frantic sorting routines.

There was one final bit of confusing but compelling information. My thoughts turned towards the standing stone that I would visit last on this day’s journey. I was shown that the stone was lifted into place by a physical being, yet its energies were of a ‘divine’ form, a form that was of a different quality to anything I had encountered to date, with one exception. This was one of the prime directives that I had come to this island in search of! An energy that could only be found at this stone and one other place! I got very excited at this prospect. This is where I would find the same energy as I had found at Karnak Temple in Egypt earlier in the year.

The “alien energy spot” that I had discovered was something that I didn’t blog at the time. It seemed like a “one off” and was quite out of context with the rest of the findings. I couldn’t explain it at the time. Only here on Iona would this energy finding finally take shape and make sense, as I will reveal later. For now, I knew this:-

  • There was a place at Karnak Temple in Egypt that had an energy that dowsed as “alien”
  • There was a standing stone on Iona, Scotland that I was being told had the same kind of energy, but which I was now told was “angelic” in origin

Time to take stock. I came back to consciousness and descended from the hill. At the bottom I asked Kal where he had been. He reported that he had felt “incompatible” with the energies of the hill, and that he had been invited to leave. This was not the first time that Kal’s particular take on energy vibration and intention meant he had to remove himself from the presence of certain energy forms. Another mystery that we have yet to unravel.

I related my bizarre findings to Kal. He pounced on the words I used and began a series of quick dowses to check things out. He came back at me shortly after with one astonishing line: “Dowse whether angels are aliens!” he insisted. His imperative and wide eyes showed me that there was something that needed to be dowsed about this, so I asked the question. The rods crossed affirmatively. Angels were aliens? Well, maybe in the sense that their energy originated from outside of the Earth, I supposed. Another quick dowse. Yes, that got a good response.

Now where do you go with that? We descended from Angel Hill in something of a confused state. Would anything help resolve such a curious question? Perhaps only a visit to the two remaining sacred sites on our list for today – the hillfort of Dun Bhuirg and the standing stone of Clach na Glaistig – to search for answers to these baffling, head-spinning, world-distorting questions.


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  1. Gwas – it seems in recent posts that I’m left sat here, almost catching my breath at the extraordinary coincidences, it feels like something is ‘upping the anti’ for us – I won’t even begin to explain, don’t think I can. OK… something told me that I have to do a painting for you. It explains all this energy apparently and I have it in mind. I’m supposed to give this to you. Would you accept such a gift from me? I am a proper artist by the way, so it will take me a while, it will be big and detailed, but you’re to have it with my heartfelt good wishes. I hope you’ll accept this humble gift.

    Liz (very bewildered and not a little scared by all this 🙁 )

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