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Ionian Equinox 6 – Dun Bhuirg and the Dark Ring

October 14, 2012

We walked away from Angel Hill. We probably had a discussion for the next ten minutes or more about the definitions of “alien”, “angel” and any energy that could be associated with the two. Although my quest had been to find the alien energy spot that corresponded to the one at Karnak Temple, this had not yet been located. Yes, I had felt the presence of something that may have been an “angel” form of energy, but the particular energy resident somewhere on the island had not yet been located.

Soon we turned our attentions away from arguing (sorry, debating) and our hearts and minds were captured by the rise and fall of the tide as it washed the western shores of Iona’s granite coastline. There were innumerable rocks that were “calling out to us” to pick them up as we walked along. I relented finally and picked on up. It was white speckled granite and I wondered how far it would make me carry it. We are, after all, merely transporters for rocks, you know? Didn’t you know that was our purpose here on Earth? 😉

Soon we were at a parting of the ways. I wanted to climb the incredibly steep slopes, but I realised that this would be impractical for Kal. He instead opted for the serene shores of the beautiful white beach that revealed itself to us as we stood on the promontary overlooking the scenery, assessing our next steps. On the skyline the imposing slope of Dun Bhuirg stood tall and proud against an increasingly blue canvas.

Dun Bhuirg hillfort overlooks Iona’s best beach

 Dun Bhuirg

Notice how the shape of Dun Bhuirg, seen from the west, looks the exact same shape as Angel Hill which is within sight of it, less than a mile away? Yet another coincidence. It’s the same shape as Oran’s Mound in the grounds of the Abbey too. Three sacred sites on a small island – three identical topographies.

I stopped staring at the beautiful beach and left Kal to his meditations. I made my way to the bottom of the “hillfort” and began the steep climb up the slippery slope, with its crossing streams, wet grass, and perpendicular rock face. It was such a treacherous climb with my staff in hand, and I was deeply concerned about how to get back down again – I was thinking I might need air-sea rescue or something!

I reached the top and found that it was welcoming – with its ready-made seat and grass-lined summit. The view was stunning too – I could see all parts of the island from this perch. I took the opportunity to unload the white speckled granite stone, placing it into a perfectly rounded hollow. That felt good and proper. I then shuffled around to the turf-topped seat with its wind-shielding sides that afforded the most spectacular view of the coastline southwards along the western shores of Iona. Ah…this was a blissful moment of serene solitude. There was no-one up here but me – the mountain was mine.

Now to work. I hunkered up and began a meditation with my staff in hand. It was my understanding that I should be seeking an encounter with some Otherworldly entity on this “hillfort”, which was never such in its long life. I did my usual connection routine and again marvelled at how it always seems to subtly modify itself to fit the circumstances and the environment and my own energy levels. I cannot remember what the experience was that I felt, but it was not overwhelming, nor was it sublime. However, I did recognise the presence of something in the vicinity around me, so I reached out a tentative tentacle of inquisitive energy to investigate and prompt for a response. One word returned. A name.

The view from Dun Bhuirg on Iona

This name was what I would call a typical angel name. However, rather than reel back in awe of this infrmation, I burst into a fit of laughter, breaking the connection instantly. The name was surely, clearly and hilariously a combination of two fantasy elements put together and given an “angelic” suffix “-el” to make it sound genuine. It took me several moments to get over this and to get back into the state of mind where I could seriously contemplate dealing with this enetity. Seriously, I mean, come on – it was so obvsious I was making this up!

The next vision I had did little to dispel this thought either. As I was introduced to this ‘angel’ by the ‘Michael’ entity he said words to the effect that this new guy would be more suited to my needs, my way of working, and to my temperament. OK, I said, and began to question this entity myself. What were these qualities that we shared, I asked? The new ‘angel’ described itself as being outside of the angelic fraternity, that he was at the edges of what could be called ‘good’, and that he was as fond of solitude and working alone as I was. Understood, but I could have just made all this up too. Not convinced. Next?

Next this new ‘angel’ showed me a vision of how he would forge a link with me. He removed the flaming sword of light that Michael had placed through my skull and down my spine, and poured into the gap some molten golden-coloured metal. This metal solidified and made my back straighten in an alarming way considering that I was perched precariously on the edge of a steep high mountain top! The jolt of this woke me back up. More convinced now – was the lingering thought that drifted through my mind as the trance state faded. Jury’s out, I’m afraid. No decision yet. I’ll have to wait until I have need of this entity before I begin to commit myself to accepting that such a thing exists.

A new spine forged for me – to overcome my fears?

I stood up. I felt amazing. Sort of….glowing…. empowered ….invincible…. protected – all these things at the same time. I needed to let this out, so I stood straight with my staff and held my arms out in a wide cross shape and shouted down to the little Earth below me. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaah” came the shamanic yelp. “Way-heeeeeeeeeey” followed a gleeful moment straight afterwards. Elation! Ooh! That felt really good! If nothing else this angelic stuff – these meetings with the beneficent energy forms – they were good for cleansing the soul, so to speak.

I positively bounced down the hillside. What water? What steepness? Which rocks? Every footfall was firmly placed, cushioned from jarring, stable and decisive. In a few moments I was striding along the base of the hill as though it had been a mere rounded mound. I looked back in awe at the impossibly steep step-like surface of the rock faces. Shrugging my shoulders in disbelief at how easy the descent had been, one small part of me understood that I had been helped down. More proof being accumulated to overcome my doubt, yet the toughest test to soon to follow.

The Dark Energy spot

Kal was sitting above the beach when I found him. As we descended back to the golf course he said “ Didn’t you notice the black magic circle?” I hadn’t. He pointed out the four or five granite stones that were placed in a rough circle. I didn’t need to dowse to know that it felt bad. “Don’t try to clear it,” he said. “Whoever created it will know if someone messes with it.

An urge swept through me – a righteousness that wasn’t wholly my own, and yet I would take full responsibility for. I moved to the centre of the malevolent circle of small stones – each of which was a few feet off the floor and placed at regular intervals – were there six, in a hexagram? I almost inevitably raised my staff and began to move from stone to stone invoking the air element to bring its cleansing properties to the stone.

Something was happening, but it wasn’t simply the one-way clearing of malevolent energy that I had hoped for. Something was moving from the stones and along the staff as I worked. I ignored it, safe in the hastily-erected protection that I had enclosed myself within. Hadn’t I? Or had I forgot that bit? “Ego!!” Kal screamed. Then he began to jump up and down, “Now you’re tainted!“. He dowsed to confirm it. Of course he confirmed it. “You’re just getting what you want to get” I said. When I dowsed everything was fine, but was it?

Something felt wrong. I was growing dizzy and getting quickly paranoid about being ‘located’ by the makers of the ring. Were they watching me even now? There was a dark swirling cauldron of nausea swilling around in the pit of my stomach, and it felt like black bile. Worse, it was spreading outwards quickly. Whatever had happened, it needed to be sorted quickly. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and weak. Something was going terribly wrong here – this wasn’t supposed to happen! The sickness and paranoia grew larger than I could bear, and I called upon my newly-appointed guardians and some old ones too – could anyone help me? I’d made a terrible mistake!


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