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Ionian Equinox 7 – The Giant, the Glaistig and the Omphalos

October 17, 2012

At the end of the preceding post I had been tainted by a dark energy whilst attempting to dissipate it from a ring of granite stones placed on a promontory of the western shores of Iona. Now I was acting intuitively, allowing myself to be guided towards the steps I needed to take to cure myself of this dark energy ‘poison’.

Kal had taken immediate action. He had protected himself from being similarly affected, and then had begun a process of feeding energy into my area so that I could use it to heal. The first action I took was to staff to assist with making an energetic shield that I could use to shelter from the imposing “gaze” of the forces that I had alerted and whose attentions I had attracted by messing with the dark circle. I felt a searching, a scouring, malevolent stare that was scanning the area around the stones from high above. I felt like a giant face was in the clouds looking down trying to find out who had triggered an alarm on the ground below. The shield went up but I wasn’t sure how long it would last. More action was needed and quickly, or I would be either located or pass out with this nauseating sickness I felt!

The neutralising waters of the sea around Iona

A voice came into my head offering me advice…

Get the staff to the shore“, and then “You will be alright when you reach The Stone.”

It was in my voice, of course, which always raises the question of the source of such information, yet in these circumstances, and with my recent encounters with helpful force, I wasn’t questioning the sagacity of the advice so long as it sounded reasonable. I half-stumbled, half-ran in a dizzy fuzzy state towards the nearby sound of the waves lapping on the shoreline. I knew which stone was being referred to – my next intended destination for the day – Clach na Glaistig. For now, my priority was to rescue the staff.

As I reached the shore I walked the edges where the water touched the sand. With each gentle wave touching my shoes and surrounding the ash staff things began to alleviate – the dizziness began to wear off a little so that my vision cleared up. I could also feel the staff “neutralise”. This is a difficult thing to explain. Holding the staff I can often feel it get energised when working at sacred sites. At this moment I felt whatever charge it held was being drained away – as thought it was a battery being discharged by the salt water. As I reached the end of the cove’s shoreline the staff felt balanced again – neutral. A long sigh emerged from me. It was safe. Now there was only me to worry about.

Kal still kept his distance, recognising that I was still tainted with dark energy, yet with each step across the island towards the stone I felt better, clearer, and more in control again. I re-doubled my protection from being discovered, and then we began to walk over the short-cropped wind-swept grassy chalkland towards the distant hills that led to the southern end of the island. On the way I kept seeing white feathers in my path. Being still in an “angelic” mindset I picked them up. They only seemed to be in my path, not Kal’s, and they often blew towards me as I picked them up. Soon I was carrying about five small white feathers which I then put into my bag. They would come in useful at the stone, I felt.

Clach na Glaistig – The Stone of Glaistig

Who is Glaistig? Here are some stories associated with that name – she is a huntress, and is associated with the deer and looking after cattle. A posting in the Modern Antiquarian forum from Rhiannon reports the following story from traditional oral folklore in Scotland:

“She attended to the cattle, and took particular charge of keeping the calves from the cows at night. She followed the house (not the family), and was alive not many years ago. A portion of the milk was poured out for her every evening on a stone called Clach na Glaistig (the Glaistig stone), and once this was neglected by a new tenant, the calves were found next morning with the cows.” (source: From p162 of ‘Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland‘ by John Gregorson Campbell [1900])

Paul Bennett’s contribution at the excellent Northern Antiquarian site has an even more specific tale that relates to the Iona tradition, and this folklore has identical elements to those in the quote above. Interesting stuff, but I think my tale goes back earlier than even these. My tale relates to the placement of the stone itself, and who did put it there, and why.

A Giant’s Omphalos

Of course the stone we were seeking as off the beaten track. In fact, it was across a valley of heather, tightly-clumped and marshy to boot. It was heavy going. Hey – it was really hard work! You couldn’t say we aren’t dedicated to the cause, right? As we got within sight of the stone, which was on the far side of the valley, we also spotted a white stone that was much closer on the near side of the valley. Kal became mesmerised by the white stone, and began to dowse. He determined that he should go to the white stone and I should go to the far stone. I dowsed to see what I got – yep – Kal should definitely NOT go anywhere near this far stone. How odd! I left the question hanging in mind and tramped off through the heather-hidden streams, trying not to get snagged or bogged down.

The Giant’s Stone is very strategically placed

White Feathers and Energetic Tethers

My first action was to place a layout of crystals around the stone. Was that to protect the stone or for energetic purposes? I didn’t know yet. The layout was a protection formation using a set of stones that I haven’t needed to use in ages. Having done that I felt I should “release the dove” – to scatter the white feathers around the stone. I did this and instantly felt better. Then I touched the stone itself – it felt powerful, and I felt instantly back to normal. Right – time to gather some information. Two methods – meditation and dowsing. Dowsing first:-

  • The stone registered as 12 out of 10 on my scale.This means it was the most energetic stone I have ever encountered.
  • The stone was placed here around 3420 BCE and the energy was imbued into it then
  • The stone was chosen for its “potential” – I don’t know what this means exactly
  • The energy here was wholly beneficial to me
  • It was placed here by the same being as is buried beneath Oran’s Mound
  • The stone was placed in this specific location because the location was in some form of sacred number ratio relationship to the rest of the island
  • Placing the stone here in this way (angled and perched on another stone) created a subtle energy frequency that sets the ‘tone’ for the whole island’s energy!
  • It was an omphalos for the island – its spiritual centre point (clearly not its geographical one)

These dowsed responses took me quite a while to elicit. I must have spent over half and hour trying out various permutations and refinements to questions, and then cross-checking with variations on the original questions to see if the responses differed. At this stage in my development some of the information comes through intuitively, and then I check the response with the dowsing rods and elaborate on the initial idea. Other, more obviously ‘factual’ information, is just straight dowsed (such as the year of instatement).

I wanted to stay here. It was like a sanctuary. After what had happened int he dark circle this was one location that I felt I was safe being at. In addition, the amount of energy that I could work with was astonishing, and I felt that pretty much anything I wanted to do would be possible here. That’s a powerful and protective feeling, but not one that I wanted to abuse. I was just thankful of getting here, “unseen”. Now the dark energy was completely dispersed, and not untill I revealed this information in a blog could the makers of the circle link this work back to me, which was a relief.

I placed my newly-acquired green-white ‘angel’ stones (yes, that’s how they were sold!) and dowsed that they were being charged by the stone. Was there no end to this stone’s usefulness? Now for some meditative work to obtain a little more esoteric knowledge about the stone:-

I saw a tall thick-set humanoid being carrying the stone up to this place. He assessed its position, placed the stone easily, and lifted it onto one corner, bracing it with another stone. Then he looked upwards, raising his hands so that his palms were facing upwards as though to catch rain. Then he began calling down an energy from somewhere up above. The flow was incredibly stong and bright, like a sunbeam. The energy poured into the stone and then began to seep out in concentric waves as it spread across the island of Iona. The humanoid smiled and the energy flow from the heavens eased up as his hands dropped slowly. Red waves of subtle energy pulsed across the island and the stone glowed with a pure white light as though lit from the inside.

More questions arose from the vision.

  1. Who was this humanoid, the tall strong being? It dowsed as being Balgoran, the person laid in the mound near to the abbey.
  2. What was he, if not human like me? He was a form of human, something from way back in history.
  3. How far back, I asked the rods? Thousands of years – from 2,500 to 7000 BCE – that kind of range.
  4. Where did they come from? To Iona from Ireland.
  5. Were they one of the ancient races of Ireland? Yes, the Fomorians.
  6. What was that energy he called down? Pure energy.
  7. Pure, like my definition of “primal” energy? Yes.
  8. What was its source? Angels. Energy whose source was beyond Earth’s atmosphere. ‘Extra-terrestrial’ energy!

Oh no – we’re back at angels again!! So, a giant called Balgoran placed this stone here (really?) and he imbued it with a subtle energy with an angelic source (?). This was the same source that Kal and I had dowsed years ago as being the energy found at genuine crop circles. The implication was that angelic energy was also involved in the subtle energetic formation of crop circles.

I sat down with my back to the stone and thought about all this. It was getting further away from a credible position with every step I took on this island. What was going on? Angles and giants? It was ridiculous! No-one would believe this. I wouldn’t believe it! Did I believe it now? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think so. I needed something more to prove it.

Linking to Karnak

One final bit of connectivity. I had come here searching for an energy spot that had the same frequency and source as the energy that I had found at Karnak Temple in Egypt. The energy there had dowsed as having an extra-terrestrial source, and now I was at the site of the only other energy site in the British Isles that had the same energy. The dowsing had thus showed me that not only was the source “alien” but it could now also be considered “angelic”. Tricky.

So, let’s reverse that connection. Dowsing rods at the ready… was the energy spot I found at Karnak created by the same being that created this site on Iona? The rods hesitated and gave a partial answer – one rods out, one rod in. OK – amend the question. Was the Karnak spot created by exactly the same being? NO. Was it created by a being of the same race as that which had created this site? YES. Aha. So a Fomorian had created the Karnak energy spot, and one had energised this site too. Seems like they were well travelled!

I had my answers, but along with them I had a million more questions. Also, I wasn’t keen ont he answers. If I accepted them this would mean having to adopt many of the items that I had previously assigned to The Loony Bin. I would be someone who…{gulp}… believed in angels. And, I would be one step away from believing things like Michael Tsarion’s ideas about the pre-history of Ireland. Oh dear!

Once you launch yourself down this slide there’s no knowing where it will dump you!


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