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Ionian Equinox 8 – Spirit Release Epilogue

October 19, 2012

In this final part of our two-day trip to Iona I will tell you a quick story about an incident that was indeed quite incidental to the rest of the pilgrimage. Pilgrimage? Is that what I’m calling this now? I supose it was, really. I was visiting the land formerly walked by druids, and which was once studded with megalithic sites and groves. Anyway, in this post I will tell you about a small piece of spirit release work that I did in passing, as it were.

St Columba’s Hotel

Kal and I had been speaking with an American couple over drinks and cakes at the St.Columba Hotel. They were due to go for dinner at 7:30pm, and we had kept them talking since about 3pm! It was a most gentle-tempered and highly educated conversation considering our relative viewpoints. Chuck was a preacher from the Christian tradition, and his wife Connie was equally well-versed in such teachings. Kal and I, on the other hand, were doing our best to generalise our opinions and thoughts such that we didn’t offend the couple with any hint of paganism, yet I’m sure they guessed with the un-subtle hints that I gave during the course of the discussions. I can’t help myself sometimes. At one point I mentioned something about a knight in reference to Kal and he shot dark daggers at me across the table. I giggled. The couple were very liberal, anyway, well-spoken and delightful company too.

I had agreed to use the one phone box on the island to call my wife at 6:30, because mobile reception was so poor on the island (I had once called her from the top of Dun I because Kal noticed a signal!). So at 6:15 I made my excuses and left, heading out into the wind and gloom that covered the island at this time of the evening. It would be dark soon, but I would be back in the hotel by then, I thought. I made my call and reassured M that I wouldn’t miss the morning ferry. Apparently I have ‘a habit of doing that’ (which means that ONCE I missed one, therefore I can never be trusted to catch any more ferries ever again).

The village was deserted and the light was fading as I began to walk back up the hill on the only road, the one which would take me back to the hotel and relative warmth (and beer – don’t forget the beer!). It was twilight – the space between day and night, and gap between two worlds. I wondered if I should take the route through the Nunnery which would also take me past St.Ronan’s Chapel? Something suggested I should, so I turned into the grounds and switched on my ‘etheric radar’ to see if there was anything mooching around at this time of the evening.

The Iona Nunnery in daylight

As I walked along the path I felt a little tug on my ‘scanner’. Something was about twenty feet away to my left, somewhere at the back end of the Nunnery. Of course, I went to see what it was.

How to find invisible entities

I kept my peripheral scan on and felt my way towards the source of this ‘attention-grabbing’ energy. It’s hard to explain what this sensory impression is like. It’s sort of like a feeling of slight pressure against a particular part of your head. Imagine that your two temples are like ears. When you want to home on on a sound you turn your head so that the ear closest to the sound is following the signal. It’s the same with this temple pressure. You move your head so that the closest temple homes in on the feeling of pressure, moving your head from side to side to pinpoint it. As you get closer the pressure gets more intense – as though you are developing a headache, almost.

Fun with a Nun

In the darkest recess of the Nunnery, where a flag-stoned path became an open entrance to the building, opposite St.Ronan’s Chapel, I became aware of a form inside the inky blackness. At first I was startled – was it a person standing there? Then I remembered that I was following an energetic signal, so it must be something Otherworldly. Nevertheless for a brief moment I jumped at the idea that someone was standing in that darkness, waiting for me! Stupid rational brain. Still, it keeps the host animal alive.

In my mind’s eye I saw an overlay on top of reality. It was a fine shimmering outline and the outline had a form that I recognised as human. Well, that was reassuring at least. The form looked feminine, as far as I could tell from sight. My feelings told me it was female too. Nun. Shade. These information pointers popped into my head. I put up some protection before I ventured any closer, and then stepped boldly into the dark corner to meet her. An owl hooted, and a crow cawed somewhere in the distance. My footstep hesitated for a moment, assimilating the sounds, the omens, the messages, and then I continued.

I attuned to the dark corner of the brickwork building. Certainly I could feel something energetic there. It was a shade for sure. Experience had taught me the energetic feel of this energy form. This was the energetic remainder of a human, trapped between the physical and astral dimensions. Question was – were they happy about that? Time to get some information from the shade directly.

I tuned in – allowing my mind to blend outwards into the world and to listen for the feelings, thoughts and sounds of this shade in whose energy field I was standing. I asked the shade to speak to me – here I was, at her call, to try to understand what was happening and what she wanted from me. I stood still to listen….

  • She is called Florinda.
  • She is bored and stuck in “Perpetuity” (her word, not mine)
Light at the end of a spriitual tunnel

I asked her if she’d seen a light when she first went into this state. She said she had, but hadn’t realised what it meant and so had missed her chance (she felt) because she never saw it again (because she had wandered away from it, or been scared of it perhaps?). I confirmed with her that I might be able to show her a way out and that if I could, would she want to take it? I sensed a hesitation – I wasn’t selling this! OK, I said via my thoughts, this light is an opportunity to escape the boredom, the tedium and the dullness of this plane or dimension in which she found herself. I couldn’t promise what would be beyond – that would be mainly up to her – but I could show her the door, as it were.

The sense of apprehension shifted and slowly moved towards a feeling of curiosity, and even a little bit of desperation. “Anything to escape this tedious perpetuity“, I felt she was saying. I relaxed. Time to work. I called upon my spirit guide to assist me with the work. We had done this together before so she was used to knowing what I needed, and I trusted that she would make things happen. Nevertheless, I also asked for the angelic forces that I had recently been in contact with, could they perhaps join in too?

Behind me a light began to form, as though a new dawn of a new day was breaking on the horizon behind my head. Then a bright white sun rose above and behind me, and I felt some presences that I recognised. I smiled. Helpful forces were around me now. Hopefully Florinda would take the hint now. In case she didn’t, I communicated the opportunity to her, but she was already moving in that direction all of her own accord, but she was still hesitant to make the final move.

I encouraged her not to squander her chance this time and that as a nun she should have known better than to miss the last chance. At the idea that this was a last chance she moved more rapidly, floating upwards, being drawn into the light portal. All of this was going on “out of sight” of me, as I had my head down and was concentrating on keeping the channels open. But the sense of movement was unmistakable. She was drifting upwards with ever-increasing speed. She went with a gladness and delight that felt good. The air around me felt charged with “niceness”, like the feel of a Christmas morning for a parent who is watching their children opening presents. An air of satisfaction, completion, fulfilment. I was basking in someone else’s delight, but it made me feel good too.

What a brilliant way to end a spiritual journey in the island of Iona. I had come to the island with very low expectations due to the lack of megalithic sites and the fear that all things druidic had been overwhelmed by subsequent religious practice. Instead, I had found the spirit of the sidhe, the faery folk, still very much sparkling and willing. This would be a journey that will live with me always. A pilgrimage of peace, joy and unity.


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