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A new dimension to stargazing

November 2, 2012

 I have now concluded my quest that was given to me to complete before Samhain. The task I was given (adopted) was to discover for myself (i.e. without any help from dowsing or other divination methods) which stars had an emotional influence upon me, and what that influence was. Once I had identified the star and its emotional influence, then I was free to fill in the gaps using research through whatever means I wished to. Why the restriction? Well, I suppose it would have been too easy otherwise, and would not have required me to learn a new skill.

The new skill I had to come to terms with was to find an astrological connection purely by intuitive feeling. However, to give myself a chance I dowsed one thing – how many connections was I looking for? THREE. Ok – now I could proceed. On a full moon in October – Corn Moon  – I visited a nearby sacred hill on a clear night. I sat on a power centre and got connected. Once done, I scanned the heavens slowly feeling for any emotional connection to my energy body. I found two. Later in the month I went out to find the third of the stars on a clear night after the rains when the sky was clearest. Standing in the road I did the same scan and soon found my third and final star connection.

A new dimension to stargazing

Although this quest seems very personal in nature I offer it here as a demonstration of how one can find useful information about oneself – one’s personal astrology, if you like – through an act of intention and exploration. It is quite a different experience than doing a Natal Chart. I don’t trust Natal Charts for these reasons – should one take the influence from the moment of conception or the moment of birth? Why choose these times and dates? Isn’t it more accurate for you to know which stars are affecting you in the present?

I offer this information as a demonstration of the ways in which research and divination can combine to offer you new insights into yourself and how you might change to achieve greater wisdom from the stars.

Here are my findings – firstly some research into the general associations of each star:-

Algol – Beta Perseus – the Head of the Medusa, The Ogre


Related to my “monstrousness” – a callousness and indifference to the suffering of others.

Algol – The Demon Star of Perseus


“It is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Lamed and the 12th Tarot Trump “The Hanged Man.” ” (source: Constellations of Words)

““You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” Diana Rosenberg ” (source: Dark Star Astrology)

Dubhe – Ursa Major – The Bear


Related to my expression of love and kindness, but if crossed then this turns to anger.

Dubhe – The Bear’s backbone


“It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Zain and the 7th Tarot Trump “The Chariot.” (source: Constellations of Words)

If Setting: In danger of being killed by wild beasts. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.5.]”

Altair – Aquila – The Eagle


Related to my emotional self-control. I felt this star like a crown that went from the base of my skull around to the temples. It seemed to govern my emotional stability, and could be felt as a rush of “hot-bloodedness”.

The Eagle’s star – Altair


“In astrology, the star Altair was ill-omened, portending danger from reptiles” (Wikipedia)

” It is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research. It has always been associated with the sign Scorpio, and by the Kabalists with the Hebrew letter Vau and the 6th Tarot Trump “The Lovers.”  (source: Constellation of Words)

Link with Ganymnedes and Aquarius. 


I did a tarot draw using the Druidcraft Tarot to see if I could get more information about these traits. I asked:

1. What is the primary influence of each star? i.e. what is the star’s general influence (3 cards)

  1. Algol – Eight of Swords – young lady bound a blindfolded amongst swords. RESTRICTION. Potential for liberation from restriction through an act of will or spiritual release.
  2. Dubhe – Six of Wands – Old knight on horseback leading a troupe of soldiers. SELF MASTERY. Success through leadership or internal mastery of the self.
  3. Altair – King of Cups – King sat on throne with a cup – Aquarius? COMPASSION. Tolerance and sincerity. A mastery of the emotions through self-restraint and truthfulness. Placing responsibility before self-expression.

2. How can I recognise this trait in my expressions? i.e. how does the star’s influence appear in me currently (3 cards)

  1. Algol – Nine of Swords – person with head in hands sat up in bed. MENTAL CRUELTY – The dangers of using mental powers cruelly.
  2. Dubhe – Prince of Cups – young knight bearing a cup on horseback in the setting sun. QUESTINGThe Grail Knight – going on quests for ideals and for love.
  3. Altair – Seven of Wands – barely-clothed man fending off attack from heavily armoured warriors with a staff. OBSTACLES. Obstructions placed in my way that bring wisdom when overcome.
 3. What do I need to look to change in order to master this influence? i.e. what can I do to obtain the best from these energy influences (3 cards)
  1. Algol – Ace of Cups – The Holy Grail drips life-dealing water into the Stream of Life or the Fountain of Youth in moonlight. BLESSINGBe open to and accept the gifts of the Goddess, and to the influence of friends.
  2. Dubhe – Ace of Wands – A staff sprouting leaves touches The Sun whilst a proud stag looks on from a mountain top. CREATIVE FIRE. Give a new idea some creative inspiration in order to get it realised.
  3. Altair – Two of Pentacles – a young woman throws a pentacle sigil beneath a tree, whilst a storm brews in the background. BALANCE. Trust and playfulness will achieve balance, rather than concentration or caution.
Thanks to the tarot I can see a means of developing myself so that I can gain control over these astrological influences.
  1. The first step is knowing that there is this form of connectivity between my emotional self and the energies that I am attuned to that comes from the influence of these stars.
  2. The next phase is to understand their emotional content, and to know how that expresses itself.
  3. Finally, through Tarot, I am able to obtain a method for off-setting that emotion through the intervention of a balancing or alleviating force.
So, for example, next time I feel myself getting frustrated at some obstacles in the way of my progress, instead of reacting by thinking cruel thoughts, instead offer a blessing towards the obstacle, and thank my lucky stars that this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn from Nature that I need to find another way around the problem. I’m going to try that!
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  1. Actually, now that you’ve promopted me to remember exactly what I did

    a) for the first two stars I memorised their positions and looked them up afterwards. By that time I had established their connection to me and knew what their effects were.
    b) For the last star I couldn’t distinguish it from the general “mass” of stars, so I knew I’d have to resort to Starwalk to help out. However, I made sure I’d already discovered what it’s connection and effect on me was before I began “researching” it. Those were the “rules”.

    All the stuff about what the mythology of the star was came well after that, and it was remarkable how much it fitted my already existing ideas of the star’s effects.
    I guess that was the whole point of why I had to do it that way around. So that I would be convinced by the synchronicities, rather than just imagining that I had made it all up to keep myself busy for a few weeks.

  2. Hi Gwas, Hope you are well. I have a straighforward question. You said “I found two”.

    How did you know which star, ie did you have starwalk open,(perhaps not) or did you look into the sky, or did you meditate and the name came to you?

    I’m just trying to understand the mechanics.


    1. God question. I was told to feel for them. Once I felt them I took a picture of the sky for reference, but I also tried to locate them with Starwalk. Easy for the one at the end of The Plough, but the others were trickier.
      That explain things.

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