The effects of mobile phones

November 11, 2012

For a while I have been thinking about a quaint and seemingly incidental finding that I registered with my dowsing rods when visiting a stone circle once. The stone circle was close by to a telecommunications mast and this got me thinking about the effects on the subtle energy field of a human being from such things. This then turned into a thought about what the effects were of the ubiquitous devices that we carry around with us everywhere every day. What is the impact of the mobile phone on the human energy field? This is my first attempt at dowsing some of the aspects of mobile phone usage and its effects upon the subtle energy body. I realise the post leaves a lot of open gaps – so if you feel like you want to know more – go ahead and dowse it!

Before I start I’m adding this notice:

This post is un-scientific. I may repeat that word a few times for emphasis. Unscientific. It’s based on dowsing, not on double-blind experiments that have been monitored and checked by an independent adjudicator. It’s crackpot theory. Junk information. Useless and worthless. OK? It’s unscientific. There are logical flaw, inconsistencies in the testing and the results have been acquired from what is considered to be a wholly unscientific source (dowsing).

Right. Now we know where we are, then we can begin. Any comments on how this information is unscientific will not only be removed they will be sent to Coventry, where they will be forced to live with a slobbering old aunt who has rabies. Still interested in what I found? Good, then let’s continue!

The Pseudo-Science Bit

What effect are phones having on us?

A recent study on Danish people showed that low-level usage of mobile phones could not be linked to cancer rates.  Here’s a new article about the study [link] and a report that criticises the study as being flawed [link] so that you can see both sides. I think it is fair to say that the study that found no link was quite limited, but has since been used to nullify any arguments over siting phone masts in sensitive places (e.g. near to schools and other areas of population).

When I last dowsed mobile phones I found that they had a detrimental affect on the body’s energy system, but I didn’t do this work systematically, so all I knew was this general finding. When I heard about the study, and the fact that it did not include high-usage statistics in the report, then I wanted to do my own dowsing to find out what the effects of a mobile phone are upon my own health and particularly ont he effects on the energy body, as this is one of the factors that I consider to be instrumental in our general physical welfare too.

In the sections that follow I have considered some questions and then dowsed the results as thoroughly as my interest levels would allow!

Beyond Here Be Dragons and Myths

The testing was performed in a non-shielded environment, outdoors, in a place where I had dowsed there to be no wi-fi signals, and which was also dowsed as being clear of earth energies. The equipment used was the Apple iPhone 4S model. I thought that I should do the testing, where relevant, in three modes of phone operation:

  1. Mobile on Airplane Mode
  2. Mobile not polling
  3. Mobile polling for a signal (searching for a carrier, or changing between masts)

It turned out that I had to consider one more very important factor:

4. Mobile downloading data

My first issue was how to tell if the mobile phone was polling or not. As you may have realised, if you are close to a live audio speaker when the phone polls it causes a series of loud “pips” to be audible through the speaker. I considered placing the phone near a speaker, but I reckoned that the magnetism from the speaker might interfere with the test.
Then I considered that ANY magnetic effect might interfere with the test, so I had to consider where to place the phone that would ne “neutral” ground. I decided to dowse for the best place to conduct the test.

The Great Mobile Phone Quiz Begins

1. What is the radius of effect upon a human that this phone emits?

  1. In Airplane Mode the radius of an iPhone effect is 9 feet.
  2. With a carrier selected the radius of a phone’s effect extends to 12 feet.

2. Is a phone’s radiation detrimental to the physical body in any way? In Airplane Mode the phone registers as detrimental to a human energy field on a rating of 6/10. In normal mode this rises to 10/10.

3. If yes, then how long does it take for the harmful effect to begin? The harm begins at 3 hours exposure to the signal, and peaks at 6 hours.
4. Does the phone cause any harmful effects to plants, animals? Yes, any neuro-biological system is affected – anything that has cells and a nervous system.
5. Does the phone cause any harmful effect when its energy is in combination with any other energy? If so, which? No – it is harmful in and of itself.
6. If harmful, then which part of the body is most likely to be affected? The blood (or sap) is the part of the biological system affected – whatever part contains intelligent cells.

Who is most affected by phone radiation?

7. Is there any age range for a human that is particularly vulnerable to the phone? Children under 7 are most affected (5/10). 7-14 less so (4/10). 14-21 even less (3/10). 21-28 even less (2/10). 28-63 same low level of effect (1/10). Begins to rise again at 63 (2/10) and increases every 7 years again.
8. What is the effect of a phone on the human energy body – increases its strength, diminishes it, or unaffected? Range is limited to 6 feet when a phone is affecting the energy body. 45-60% reduction in energy body’s strength.
9. How long does it take for a human energy body to be affected by a phone? 40-60 minutes exposure. [see the question above which says that the harmful effects begin at 3 hours exposure]
10. Which part of the phone’s communication is the most harmful – the physical phone, the radiation field, the transmission, the antennae, the triangulation? The transmission
11) Which is most harmful – a text, a phone call, browsing or polling? Downloading data, then polling.

Can it ever be good for you?

12) What physical objects can nullify or counteract the harmful effects of phones? Of the items listed below that were tested, the indicated ones elicited a reaction.

  • Crystals – yes
  • Incense
  • Earth
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Underground spaces
  • Diet
  • Water – yes
  • Other – yes

FINALLY – Dowse the radiation pattern of a phone and draw it out : It produces three spirals. Two extend from the “top” of the phone where you would place your ear (the receiver). One spiral extends from the bottom of the phone (the mouthpiece).

There’s clearly scope for a more controlled set of tests, and for more devices to be tested. Yet, the results are clear to me – the radiation from mobile phone usage detrimentally affects the subtle energy field of the human. Something to consider when working with that subtle energy field, or when using devices in sacred spaces.


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  1. Thanks Gwas yes it sucks but we’re slowly beating it now we know what we’ve got. We’ve got all our electric stuff on switches that are easy to access now so night-times we have most everything turned off. That’s better than nothing. Would be better to do away with EMFs altogether but we’d go mad, both being geeks and all. 🙂 I’ve blessed a pendant to wear ala Joey Korn and plan on blessing everything electrical to see if that helps too. We’re coming at it any way we can, from woooo stuff right to genetic testing and support. Only thing we are avoiding is alopathic antibiotics. 🙂

  2. Interesting! Have you listened to the latest Adventures in Dowsing podcast where Joey Korn was using blessings to lessen the effect of mobile phones?

    I have late stage lyme disease and in my reading I have come across writings by Doctors like Dr Kinghardt who say that the effects of EMF including mobile phones can make the bacteria of lyme more aggressive and therefore more toxic to the host because they perceive the frequencies as a threat to them.

    It is a fascinating area and one I’m sure we will learn much more about in years to come.

    1. It was a curious coincidence that as I was finishing this post I did indeed listen to Joey Korn’s BSD lecture. I will probably do a second post with further findings along those lines in the future.

      Bad luck wi the Lyme Disease. I don’t know much about it but its worth investigating the effects of all EMF vibrations in relation to your energy body and its state. There may be a means available to combat the effects or avoid the worst of them at least?

      Thanks for your comment.

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