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El Torcal – The Dragon’s Lair

December 1, 2012

You may have noticed a slight slowness in posting in November? I was on holiday for a while this month in Spain. My psychic friend (I’ll have to stop calling him that) Mike has a caravan just north of Malaga and he invited M and I out to see him. The opportunity for some Spanish sunshine could not be squandered. We got a cheap flight out and Mike picked us up at the airport, driving us far up into the hills and beyond. Soon we were on the plains that Spain is famous for, and shortly after that we were trying to adjust our eyes to the new light frequencies. It wasn’t hot but it was bright. Apparently we had just missed a month of torrential rains – unseasonable and unusual in the area. We’re lucky like that.

Our first outing with Mike was up into the local hills. He hadn’t been himself but some of the other residents of the caravan park had mentioned El Torcal as being a local beauty spot. Apparently it had unusual rock formations. It sounded interesting, so we drove a few miles up into the hills and began to marvel at the views.

View from El Torcal down over the Sierra del Torcal valleys

As you can imagine we lingered quite a while at that viewing point, letting the sun and the view sink in like a healing balm on itchy skin. Then I turned my attentions to a rather unusual rock formation that was up on the skyline ahead of us. The rock looked like a tail had flicked upwards. The rock was precariously positioned, and drew the eye. From there it took only moments for me to realise that the shape that the “tail” was attached to was like one I had seen before at Cadair Idris mountain in Wales. It was the shape of a sleeping dragon…

The Sleeping Dragon of El Torcal

Now, let’s just hold it there for a moment. A “sleeping dragon”? You may have noticed, eagle-eyed that you are, that a recent post by Kal was also entitled “sleeping dragon” and related to his encounter in Iona. Yes, this year has been replete with smoking nostrils and the sulphurous odour of dragons. Everywhere we’ve been we’ve encountered them, like they were coming out of the landscape and penetrating our thick skulls – making us acutely aware of their presence. You might remember, if you’re a long-term follower – that at the start of the year we were talking about 2012 being the Year of the Dragon. Actually, it’s specifically the Year of the Water Dragon. And hasn’t it been exactly such a year? Intriguing! Well, there is a strong element of co-creation going on here and it’s a process that I’m only just beginning to appreciate for what it is. Druid work is magickal and mysterious, but always rewarding. Back to El Torcal now.

Strange Formations

The extensive limestone plateaus and mountains of the Sierra Del Torcal have produced some amazing rock formations. The effects of cracking and weathering on the limestone – through wind and water) had produced some shapes that are only rarely seen – a process known as karstification. The effect in this range of mountains is so dramatic that it causes gasps of wonder and amazement from visitors, and leads to a lot of awkward questions by children wandering the area. Good job there’s a modern visitor centre with an exhibition detailing the process.

The strange rocks at El Torcal

Once we had been suitably refreshed in the cafe I decided to intentionally “switch on” my energetic radar. One wants to get a feel for a place when it’s new, so I put up protection and sent out my senses to feel around in the landscape. Some parts felt interesting, others felt alien. That was a bit of a surprise! I hadn’t expected that. I guess I have become so used to the frequencies of my own home islands that I had forgotten that other parts of the world might not resonate at anything like the same frequencies. Most of the places here felt energetically ‘different’ and they were very difficult to read. Yes, there were still male, female and neutral forms of energy here, but there was something quite…. different… about them. It felt like I would have to do quite a lot of work integrating myself and attuning to the frequencies in order to feel comfortable in this space. I felt like I had walked into the Dragon’s Lair!

As we walked down on to the valley floor M wandered off towards a rock that was alone on a small platform of flat rock. This rock was vertical, some twenty feet tall. She stood staring at it for ages. Mike and I just looked at each other and began to approach the rock too. Both of us stopped short some fifteen feet away – there was a definite barrier! As men, we were not welcome around this stone. How unusual! I’ve only very rarely been denied access on account of my gender. It’s most unusual. I decided to see if it was due to my masculine frequency, even though I am strongly aligned to the female energies. I wrapped myself in female energy and tried to approach again. This time I could enter, but I felt resistance still. M was rather enjoying sitting at the base of the rock, but I was finding it increasingly uncomfortable – as though someone was trying to give me a headache that I didn’t want. Soon I could feel my “female mask” slipping and I rushed to leave the area. Mike just laughed. He wasn’t going anywhere near to it!

There was definitely a difficulty in attuning to the energies of this place. Although many places were female the energies of the earth felt different to me. I understood them but it was like a familiar book in a different language.

Welcome and Unwelcome Places

Once we had moved on from the “ladies only” pillar of rock we began to feel a bit uneasy. Thai unease grew until we reached an area of low-lying land on the valley floor. M and Mike stood away from the source of the bad feeling, but adventurous as I am I put up protection and went to take a closer look. The source turned out to be an area that I felt was used for burials, for rituals related to burial, and for mourning. There was a gap in the rock from which a terrible flow of nauseating force emerged. I didn’t like it, but it was interesting. I felt like I could go in and experience it further if I wanted, but I wanted “nicer” discoveries, so I backed away and moved on up the hillside to get an overview of the place.

From my lofty perch I surveyed the valley floor below. As well as the dark spot with confused energies all around I could make out other energetic formations (“make out” = “feel and know”) and I could intuit their function. As well as the funeral spot there was an auditorium, a circular gathering spot, and a platform where information was delivered. This was definitely a space for a community to gather and converse (and commune, because that’s what communities do!).

A dark spot where burials took place at El Torcal

We sat up int he hills, high above the regular punters walking below on the regulated pathways. No-one else was going “off piste”. How odd! Sometimes I don’t understand people. All this wonderful space to play in and they just wander around just taking photographs and reciting what they’ve heard in the visitor centre. We, on the other hand, were tuning into the energy flows. From our perch we were “out fo the flow” a little and it felt like a respite. The confusion of energies – their speed! We all agreed that the flows along the paths were both contrary, unharmonious and too fast to be controlled. It made us all wonder what the sources of the energies were , but no-one wanted to step back into the flow to go find out. Firstly, the distances were large which would mean we’d be exhausted physically by the time we found the sources, and secondly, we’d be exhausted energetically if we tried.

I suggested we all move into “tourist mode” before we went back down on to the path. This would effectively switch off our hyper-sensitivity to the energies.

One of the few trees in the landscape at El Torcal

We made our way slowly back to the car park having walked around on a large elliptical path. As we left the area we felt that we might have to come back because the energies are so alien to us that we hadn’t properly integrated into this landscape yet. Little did I know that The Dragon in the landscape that I had seen at the start of the day would not remain where it was for long. The sleeping dragon would be awoken! More about that in the next story.


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