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Iona 3 Bargain with a Thought Form

December 3, 2012

In the last two posts I told of how I had been guided around the Isle of Iona by an errant though form named Sarah. Gwas and I had climbed the hill known as Dun I (pronunciation pending) and as Gwas moved off to work on his quests I edged further and further west. The Atlantic ocean was calling me and with a fabulous sunset in the offing, how could I refuse?

Of course I couldn’t. As you will know, there are two power points in the day that have been recognised from the Fakirs of the East to the Shamans of the West, sunrise and sunset. A sunset over the Atlantic ocean is an amazing prize to behold. Thus I was sat upon the western most part of Dun looking out at the ocean.

As I enjoyed the view the thought form Sarah materialised besides me (yep, I am seeing things). So far she had been a constant companion, showing me the energy centres and finding the Dragon for me. Now she wanted to claim her part of the bargain.

I want off this Island she said to me. I have been here for so long and I have explored its length and breadth. Now I want to leave. Weird huh? A though form with dreams of travelling? It wasn’t what I expected to be quite honest. I had the rather nostalgic notion of it wanting to be dissipated or disintegrated.

Interesting isn’t it, that even a thought form doesn’t want to die. I sat and pondered this request and as I did so the Dragon from earlier awakenings came into focus on a far off islet (can you see the small island in the middle distance above? There!) I sent a thought off to the dragon, would it take the thought-for… (er) I mean Sarah off the island. It acquiesced. Excellent.

I watched as the dragon flew over me and whisked the energy form away and into the west. I honestly felt a bit sad at her going, she had been a companion for a day and a remarkable one at that.

The remainder of the early afternoon and sunset I pondered interesting (to me thoughts). For example I wondered how I knew that Sarah was a thought form rather than a shade and my intuition eventually provided an answer. She didn’t suck energy from me. I am loath to say the words ‘as a rule’ but in my experience a quality of shades is that they are inherent misers of energy. Grab grab grab is the watch-word with them. They can talk a good game and can often have some useful knowledge but whilst they are feeding you that with a spoon, they are feasting on your energy.

With Sarah, I felt a lightness of energy, ethereal one might say. Perhaps it was because she had been given energy, unintentional as it may seem. She was a wisp, a waif, a cloud, a feather. Gentle is a word that I would also use. In the time we spent together she had never stole any energy from me nor had asked for any. Odd that.

Another curio that I wondered about whilst facing the enormity of the Atlantic was that Sarah had seemed aware, conscious, intelligent. How come? Where had that come from. Again my intuition was filling in the blanks. Perhaps if a container is created it will be filled with awareness? As is always the case, our adventures to answer questions only give us better (and weirder) questions.

So concluded our first (yes first) day in Iona. The second had more adventures in store.

Kal Malik

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