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Druid Mind and Creating the World

January 27, 2013

There is a theory that says that the world is illusion, “maya”, and that we create the whole of reality within our own minds. This is heard often in the New Age arena, and such philosophies are initially very attractive for they feed the ego of the newly expanded mind. If you mind can be stretched to encompass more than you ever realised before then why stop at the boundaries of the known universe – why not have created everything yourself?

This philosophy is very attractive at first glance, but with a little contemplation it unravels in a sea of ego. We do not create the whole of reality in our minds. When we have psychedelic or other transcendent experiences we can fall prey to the idea that we are being shown that we ARE the whole of reality and it is unfolding within us. We are not such a beast. Instead, we are involved and part of anything that we put our attention upon. That would be a more accurate statement. From that perspective you can see that within your perception of the world at any particular time it could appear that you are part of everything. You are not. You are only part of everything that you perceive with all of your senses.

Reality created by number
Reality created by number

It is pure ego which is imagining that it is part of everything. Think about it – ‘everything’ is a whole lot of stuff. You are not indistinguishable from everything . You are a small individuated physical unit that is gravitationally attached to a planet. You are only part of that which you move your attention – whether physical attention or spiritual attention – to focus upon.

In the clutches of a spiritual mindset you can expand your attention to a far wider degree than normal focused attention, and this expands your possibilities for involvement in the world. But still, you are only able to connect to the things that you perceive. The field is limited. We are still small, if highly connected within that small field of attention.

There is one expansion to that field that is worth mentioning and that is memory. As we move through time we retain many of our attachments – to place, people, objects and stories that we have experiences whether in three-dimensional reality or within our mind. This gives us a “back catalogue”  of content which we remain attached to energetically. This content is still powerful, in all directions of the time plane – in the past, the present and the future. Sometime this idea of having a past can also lead us to believe that we are the centre of everything that we have touched and that has touched upon us. Again – there is certainly connection, but the connection is only present if attention was part of the moment that was chronicled. In other words, if someone noticed me walking down the street and paid particular attention to me, it is THEY that have the connection unless I notice them too, in which case we both have a connection. In the first scenario I am part of someone else’s perceived world, and in the second scenario we have co-created a connection that exists in both our perceived worlds.

When you move your attention deeper INTO the field, getting smaller and smaller and more detailed, you still perceive a great number of connections. Why? Because the world is structured upon fractal mathematics, and it doesn’t matter whether you go down into the world or up out into it in terms of scale. At some point you will move beyond your mind’s ability to control the connection anyway, and at that point you can no longer consider that you are connected to that part of reality. The perception has gone “out of scope” as it were. You have discovered a limitation of the human mind. Oh yes, those that tell you your mind is unlimited? They are the same people who will tell you that you are the creator of the universe. Not so. You will still be connected to that which you can perceive. And that perception will still be limited to the field effect of your attention.

Which brings me to Druidry. One of the major satisfying aspects of druidry is learning how to change your field of attention so that you can expand it to encompass other aspects of the world that you would not normally focus your attention upon, e.g. trees, stones, animals, elements and landscapes.
In druidry the druidic meditation allows the magickal philosopher the opportunity to expand perception into and out among the world and its myriad energies.

The activity of the druid is also sensibly limited in scope. Druidry is pinned to Nature, whose connections are pinned to the planets and its atmospheres. That, my friends, is enough scope for any human mind! That is not to say that we cannot let our minds explore beyond the Earth, but we should realise that there is so much complexity within the planet’s confines, that a single lifetime is not sufficient to even pretend that we understand its complexities. Limiting the mind’s explorations to the bounds of your perception, and pushing those boundaries on a daily basis – these are the most fruitful activities that the druidic mind can encompass, and the rewards of this activity are the true bounty of Nature. The knowing, the realisation, the interconnectedness, the kinship, the resonances, the revelations. These are what we work for.

Be fruitful and multiply your consciousness!

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  1. Dear fellow? druid

    Thank you for sharing YOUR truth with me and all the readers, as your theory about reality.

    Energy flows where attention goes ( an ancient wisdom from the Hawaii islands)

    It inspired me to look at my own realty to say the least .I agree on many points but even more I do not believe any longer in the statements described in your statements

    I just wonder if you have been one of those hermits that went into their own cave to shine the light onto their world of illusions. It came to me that the hedge druid is indeed sitting on the hedge not wanting to jump into the old or the new energy of the unknown, that is surrounding our precious Earth as part of the universal laws. Thinking about it keeps one on the hedge while the train passes by, which is also good for a rest in a spiritual quest and waiting for sychronisity to catch up before taking the next step into the self created reality.

    I have not been able to feel what senses you are referring to, if they are 5 or 6 ? You might have missed one by the words I see in this ego reality?

    My truth is that indeed it is the ego that does it ALL and everything as the producer of manifestation It is the mind that can make contact with the spirit within, the ego you talk about sounds like the old unhealthy fear based and programmed ego/mind, in my opinion. Sure it might be my perception to say that every manifestation sends electro /magnetic signals and that everything is build up because of this field. We ARE part of the whole. Without us as individual and authenticity the world would not be in the same reality. It is all part of growing consciousness and not as you mention an expanding the mind, the skull does blow-up during this expansion of the ego.

    Also the new age you talk about the way you do, is part of the process of getting the knowledge of world as illusion, as natural progress that took its turn during the flower power period. New age to me has been the catalyst energy to counter balance the religious doctrine. That programmed all of the world of today into the illusion of spirit outside of us. I am not talking about right or wrong as every “thing” carries its own truth. Which is not static by the way.

    The druid of the past carried not only the knowledge of creating reality, they lived the knowledge to become wisdom, our own master in the energy of MERLIN has been a good example for the future. The new age created the potential to regain the right to BE and to HAVE in the NOW energy that arrived and settled in on earth on the winter solstice of 2012 . The time is NOW to share the gifts and knowledge received for the good of all and not like in the old energy of me first.

    The NOW carries the F-tone of the heart vibration and could also be called LOVE. The color is gold for all to obtain in free choice. By following the 6th sense Intuition as guidance ( the power of the goddess) with pure intent and imagination as the bridge between the being and the doing, the world of the magician/ co-creator opens its doors for all to see. The for so long hidden secrets are in the NOW to share with all that seek their light. I feel it as a druids call in the time frame of the NOW to shine that light as a beacon for others to follow in free choice.

    I myself am living prove of changing realty and the world around me and also being part of everything that the universe has to offer , indeed that is an abundant lot of “stuff”. I feel blessed that I found the way out or better to say in. It is no illusion anymore to me to receive the divine gift of co-creating everything that resonates with my souls purpose while walking on this worldly platform as biological human. Maybe one has to lose all the ego “stuff” ( mind and material) first, like I did, to see through the veils of illusions and become the ego, healthy reality coordinator of my own destination.

    With tolerance to the Self and others


    Seeker of the “Truth” and “Warrior of the Light” by free choice. Rudolphus Albers Gongmaster9@gmail.com

    1. Well, I had a feeling this post would stir up some discussion, so thank you for your input into the debate. I have come across your viewpoint when travelling out their in the world, and I leave it to each person to determine and express their version of reality.

      You are certainly quite right to stress that the post is A version of MY reality and I see it. Very much an opinion.

      There are three things that I thought particularly worth mentioning from your long response:-

      a) “My truth is that indeed it is the ego that does it ALL and everything as the producer of manifestation It is the mind that can make contact with the spirit within”

      The Ego that does “it all”? What is the ALL that the ego is doing? Are you saying that EGO produces ALL things that are manifested, and by extension that you personally have produced the furthest stars in our universe within your mind?

      b) “the hedge druid is indeed sitting on the hedge not wanting to jump into the old or the new energy of the unknown, that is surrounding our precious Earth as part of the universal laws”

      I think you’ll find, reading the many posts we do throughout the year, that this hedge Druid jumps off regularly into the unknown and indeed the unknowable. I not only beg to differ, but I take exception that this charge! I, more than most I know, approach the Unknown with an open mind on a regular basis. Falsely chargeed, I say.

      c) “The time is NOW to share the gifts and knowledge received for the good of all and not like in the old energy of me first”

      It has always been the time to share knowledge and produce wisdom. NOW has already gone. 2012 even more so.

      Thanks for sharing,

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