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On the subject of thresholds

January 13, 2013

The other day I was around at a friend’s house and was mentioning that I had a ghost/haunting investigation coming up (stay tuned). She was fascinated and as was inevitable she immediately wanted me to dowse her home.

Wanting to do something different and gain some more knowledge about energies in the home, one of the questions I began with was…

Are there any power objects in this house?

In the past I have stumbled upon power objects whilst doing other work so on this occasion I thought I would take the bull by the horns. The dowsing rods lead me around the house and then to a table in the lobby. It had a draw in it and I asked whether I could look in it. Yes, was the answer so I mused over the contents of the draw and finally (with the help of the rods) settled on a set of keys on a chain. I asked whether it was a particular key and one of them was indicated. My friend (getting a bit bored) had wandered back to the living room and I joined her sans keys.

What’s this key for I asked, she looked up and said it was for the front door. Curious. Was this key a power object I double confirmed? Yes, yes.  Because it is the key to the home? Yes. My intuition kicked in and I asked whether having this key in my hand would give me power in the house? No. But…yes…if the owner gave me the key.

It’s funny how some things of legend have a basis in energetic reality. Although we can cross thresholds (the entrance into a persons demesne) but we lose significant energetic capability in doing so uninvited like vampire legends of old. Thus being invited into a person’s home is important when going to do energetic work and that invitation has to be explicit.

For example I was invited into my friend house i.e. she opened the door and I walked in behind her. I asked the rods whether my magic would be more potent if she specifically invited me in? Yes. By how much – 30/40%

Now, that’s a big percentage to say the least. But watch this. How much would it improve by if she explicitly gave me the key to the house? 70% Wow! That was a power object indeed! It seems to me that by giving me the key she was tantamount to giving me the threshold of her home. Was this the case? Yes, said the rods.

My conclusion for the moment is that having the threshold of a home gives one greater accuracy with dowsing and greater power to invoke energetic change in the house. Fascinating!

Kal Malik

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