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2013 Imbolc 1 St Anna

February 6, 2013
Water Adventure
Water Adventure

I could feel the energies of Imbolc on Friday 1st of Feb but still believed that the best day to be out was on the 2nd. Gwas and I had agreed to a 7:30am start. Phew! Fortunately, I had been getting up early throughout the week anyway so this was not an inconvenience.

We had met earlier in the week and over a delicious meal considered what our purpose would be on this first outing of the year. As it happens I had that question in hand, what with going to see the Oracle of Delphi in a couple of weeks. MY question (questing?) then was simply to find out what question I would need to ask the Oracle on my visit.

The weather on either side of Imbolc was rain and snow. On the day itself however we were extremely fortunate. The sun blazed throughout the day and although it was cold to the quick we at least had the auspices of the Sun to guide and accompany us.

It took more than two hours to reach our first goal, a sacred well dedicated to St. Anna. Gwas laughs but it seems that every outing has some adventurous escapade waiting for me and today was no exception. On the to the well we had to navigate some watery ways and for a moment it was touch and go as to whether I would be taking an early dive. As I clambered along the side of the path a voice silently told me to align my energy to the roots of the trees as opposed to grasping the nettled twigs. It seems that luck was with me today and I arrived high and dry at the Well of St Anne.

As is often the case Gwas and I went our separate ways in greeting and communing with the spirit of this sacred place. For me this was going to be a place of cleansing, energetically speaking of course. I dowsed for the best place for me to commune and was taken to a place by the side of the building so that I was facing the sun with the Well behind me.

I opened my thoughts and let impressions of the sacred drift in. For a while there was nothing but the sun streaming on my face and the cold biting at my fingers. Then I felt a flutter behind me and was caught of guard as a spirit flipped over my head, using my shoulder as a stepping stone. With light-foot the spirit of the place (who I assume was known as Anna) landed some few feet in-front of me.

St Anna
St Anna

Bowing with respect (see? I am learning) I inquired as to her well-being. She responded with a light, laughter filled voice. “I have awoken” An interesting synchronicity would be to read Gwas’s account as his experience was that of awakening the spirit. He also found (via dowsing) that the Genius Loci was located at exactly the spot where I had seen her land.

I mentioned that I was here to celebrate Imbolc and to ask for any guidance that might be in the offing. She responded that this wasn’t the place for such answers but that I should not worry, “today is a day of awakening and answers will be forthcoming.” I was just grateful to her for not saying those dreaded winter words, “have patience”.

With expectation coursing through my spirit I was feeling ecstatic. Gwas and I finished our commune at roughly the same time and we each lit some incense with an intention of thanks and gratitude.

Finally, movement!

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