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Delphi – Pan’s Tour

February 26, 2013

I was only at Delphi because Kal wanted to be there. You may have read already about his Dragon’s Soul quest and the book of its lives that needed unlocking. Delphi was the place he was hoping to do that. On this quest, I as the sidekick. However, I did have a few ideas about what I might like to do here – to find Hamish Miller‘s Athena/Apollo ley line, and to meet The Oracle, or whatever remnants of that idea might remain at such an ancient site. Here, in three parts, is how I got on.

We started on the wrong foot. That seems to be the de facto starting point for quests these days. We had hired a car for our trip to Delphi and they warned us that the petrol levels might be full, half way or empty. Ours was empty, and it was late in the evening, and we had no idea where a petrol station might be. When we found one it was temporarily closed – “Ten minutes” said the man strolling leisurely about the forecourt. Yeah, ten Greek minutes….. Time passed until almost an hour later our fuel hostage ended and we were able to fill up. Good start!

The way to Delphi was not without incident either. It encompassed several wrong turnings, a near miss, and a number of difficult overtakes. I was used to a more powerful and better-handling car. We arrived alive in the depths of Friday night. All I knew was that we had climbed substantially, and that I was now very tired. Time for sleep. The next day we would have all day to see a number of sacred sites all in one hillside complex.

The Cave of Impassibility

The next morning the day dawned with a bright blue background as the sun rose. Once outside of the beautiful tourist town of Delphi we got our first glimpse of the surrounding hills in their full glory. Oh…my…word….it was stunning! The ancient Greeks couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to site their most sacred buildings. The view down to the sea was incredible through the mountains, and the green slopes formed a perfect foil to the sheer salmon-pink cliffs that rose impossibly steep above the tree line, only to be capped with a sprinkling of snow at their summits. Amazing!

One of the reasons why I drive a four-wheel drive car is so that I can get to sacred sites. As we climbed high into the Parnassian range of mountains it rapidly became clear that February was not the ideal time to go sightseeing! The car complained about the climb, and then debated whether to grip the  un-gritted roads by the ski centres. We flinched at every corner concentrating on keeping the car in line with what we could see of the road.
After several miles we realised that we had not seen our marker points for the Corycian Cave. We were debating where it might be safe to turn around when the car made the decision for us by parking itself sideways into a pile of snow on a corner composed of sheer ice.

We turned back and found the entry point to the tiny track we had missed on the way up. There was nowhere to park that we could expect to get back out of, and the track was piled high with snow and slush. A three-mile walk to the cave did not sound inviting. Kal made me get out and dowse whether we needed to go to the cave or not. Turns out it wasn’t necessary. Was that the case before we set out or had things changed just now?

Entering the Delphic Temple Complex
Entering the Delphic Temple Complex

1. Before the Agora

We are led to several stones lying on the ground. We are following the same energetic trail. We began to query this situation. Kal went straight to the heart of the situation – “Were we being led by something?” YES. He thought about and tested some possibilities before hitting the right question? “Was it Pan?” YES.

The Nature god Pan - another representation of The Horned One
The Nature god Pan – another representation of The Horned One

I dowsed similar questions and got to the same answers as Kal by a different route. We were both being led a ‘merry dance’ around energy power centres by what can only be described as the energy form of the god Pan.

Seemingly random stones, but very energetic
Seemingly random stones, but very energetic

Well, as a Trickster spirit we may be in for some fun here. We’d have to be careful not to get led astray from our purpose. Oh wait! I didn’t have one. Well, I was OK then. Lead on, Pan!

2. The Roman Agora

The Roman Agora is a rectangular floor plan in which there are the remnants of alcoves and pedestals where statues must once have ‘lived’. I use the word live because the understanding is that there was a belief current at the time when the statues were present that they had life energy in them, that they were alive, or had living force. I would say that the stone of the statues was capable of retaining the thought-form creations that people invested in them.

I was led to three female-oriented spirals which connected to each other. I marked them on the grit floor with my dowsing rods. Then three male spirals on the opposite side (left as you approach the Agora). The third spiral took me to the base of a statue that had, like all the statues that once lined these avenues, long gone. Robbed, destroyed or removed to public or private collections. My intuition told me this was important, and that I had been led here for a reason. I stood on the base and called upon my new guide Ash to assist with the connection to any available information source. I got an immediate response, which arrived as a shiver from within me.

The statue was of Astrodynus. He shows me himself bearing a Grecian shield and he suggests that I do the same – put up my shield. I heed his words and set up protection using my new shield gained during Imbolc.

A significant statue's base
A significant statue’s base

I can find no reference to Astrodynus as a person, but there is reference to Astrodynes – an astrological concept:

ASTRODYNES: A mathematical way to measure the strengths, weaknesses, harmony and discord in a natal chart. Knowledge is power. This information is the starting point in helping you to utilize your strengths in the most constructive ways.” (source: Zain Tarot)

As I moved up the pathway – a concourse that I have seen on television enough times for it to feel known to me – I allowed the dowsing rods to weave a meandering sinewy path , drawing a snake across the floor. I thought of the god Python, Typhon, and of Delphyne. Do they entwine together at some point, like a sacred marriage, a Rosicrucian union?

I am led to a promontory, a platform that is semi-circular , a flat sandstone amphitheatre within which only a select audience could enjoy the show. Today there is non show, only a solitary druid who is seated centre stage at the back of the half circle. The Kings of Argos are probably out doing women catalogue shopping. Meanwhile I am left to feel around for what needs to happen here. I look to the hills and remember Antequera in Spain. There I needed to draw down threads of energy from the hilltops. I replayed this scene now and drew the threads from the hills into a knot that tethered me to the land. With these bindings I felt a part of the landscape. Time to move on..

3. The Wandering Navel
I don’t know about your navel, but mine pretty much stays where it is. Imagine my surprise, and the surprise of a gaggle of Japanese tourists, to see that the dowsing rods indicated that the famous Navel of the World – the Omphalos Stone – moves! Alright, the stone doesn’t move, but the energetic centre point that it has been placed to indicate – that does move.

Omphalos Stone - Delphi 2013 (1) (Medium)

Later in the day after we had both finished our spiritual work I showed this phenomenon to Kal. Of course, as I would expect, began to question things. HE had found The Omphalos, and it was somewhere else, he maintained. OK, well, I dowsed it as here. So, what exactly was I dowsing here? It is a centre point where male, female and neutral lines form an energetic confluence. On more investigation we find that it is a neutral line coming up the main pathway, which gets split into a male and female line at the omphalos point, close to the current stone marker.

The centre point I'm calling the omphalos point
The centre point I’m calling the omphalos point

We pondered this finding. Was there anything for us to learn about this phenomenon? I stood on the spot and asked my guide whether he could help us understand. He obliged by telling me about how to split the stream. I should bring in celestial energy (male, sky father energy) and bring up earth (female, earth mother energy). They would meet in my energetic centre, and this union point would separate the neutral stream into its constituent parts. Voila, as the French say.

I tell Kal that it may be possible to learn how to split the stream for himself and before I can elaborate he’s standing on the spot trying to work it out for himself. Moments later he comes back to me with a description of how it’s done. He takes Yang energy from above, Yin from below, and then they meet in the middle and split the stream. Startlingly similar processes, huh?

4. The Shaping Sluice and the Orb
I have spoken of orbs before. If you check back on this blog it was actually almost a year to the day that I was discussing orbs of light appearing at sacred sites in my digital camera photographs. I had researched the subject and was understanding that many photos that profess to show orbs can be explained by camera technology and lighting conditions. That’s not to say that they all ARE camera anomalies  just that such an explanation is the default rational explanation. Yet several occurrences were bugging me. They happened in particular conditions, and I don’t just mean weather, light or other atmospheric conditions. I mean there is ‘human’ input – I feel an impulse to take a photograph, even when the shot is not particularly scenic or necessary. I don’t usually feel such impulses when taking photos.

So, I’m being led on a different path to Kal now. We’ve passed the Rock of the Sybil but felt nothing much there, only energetic faint traces. Now I’m on some square area level with, but adjacent to the Temple of Apollo. The rods are saying that I need to step over one of the ropes that close off areas which are presumably dangerous to the public, or which need special preservation. Either way I have a choice to make – to cross the boundary or to ignore this part of the quest?

Near the Stoa of Attolos - Delphi 2013 (2) (Medium)

I crossed over the rope. There are no ‘sentry huts’ with sight of this place, so I descended into the abyss. Actually, its more a water run-off point than an abyss, but for dramatic effect let’s say it was a ‘chasm’, a deep dark chasm foretelling impending doom. There is a small dark square hole from which, presumably, water would flow if it were raining.

Beneath the Stoa of Attolos - Delphi 2013 (1) (Medium)

Its dry, so I entered. Inside I took photos then relaxed. I admired the strange view, and wondered why I felt inclined to come in here. Perhaps I had encountered the Spirit of Earth with the statue’s pedestal, now the Spirit of Water? Inside the dark space I felt my aura being compressed by the stone around me. Interesting. Not the first time I had felt that. I got with the feeling and got an image of my energetic shield – the one I put up in the Roman Agora below – being ‘fortified’. Against what, I wondered? I would soon find out!

I emerged none the wiser, but felt inclined to turn around and start my camera up, ensuring that the flash was off again. When I reviewed this particular photo later I realise why I was urged to take the shot:

An orb appears at Delphi
An orb appears at Delphi

Let’s take an enhanced view of that:

An orb appearing in a cave at Delphi
An orb appearing in a cave at Delphi – even has two eyes!

Now it was time to face the real reason I was here. To meet with The Oracle of DelphiPythia. I set off – energetic shield enhanced, and followed the dowsing rods as they led me towards the central structure of the complex – The Temple of Apollo.

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