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Imbolc 2013 Part 3 – New Circle and New Guide

February 12, 2013

In the clear blue sky day of Imbolc this year the sight of Skiddaw mountain was a breathtaking, awe-inspiring experience.  The mountain formed the scenic backdrop for your next sacred site – a stone circle that we had never visited before. The circle is called Elva Plain stone circle near the village of Embleton just north and west of Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria.

Elva Plain stone circle - Cumbria - Imbolc 2013-02-02 071 (10) (Medium)

You can’t see the circle from the road,nor can you spot it when walking up the muddy track to the farm that manages the fields around the circle. Some advice tells you to try to reach the stone circle via the farmyard. Maybe in Summer that would be feasible. In Winter after much rain I don’t recommend that. Kal and I struggled up the sides of the track trying to avoid the worst of the mud whilst wondering how a couple who had set off just before us had managed to get so far so quickly. It was heavy going! Only for the dedicated, this one.

Once we reached the top of the track – not much of a climb compared to many circles we visit – then you get a fine view of Skiddaw and the surroundings. The circle can be seen in a field behind the farm below. The easiest approach is from the hill behind the circle where you could get a good view of the approach, and decide for yourself whether you wanted to wade through the mud patches.

Elva Plain stone circle - Cumbria - Imbolc 2013-02-02 071 (2) (Medium)

Fools and Appearances

Two weather-clad folks joined us as we considered our approach, and we discussed strategies. They were reticent, we were decisive, so we headed off without them. Time waits for no Helly Hensen attired man! We had the feeling they were tick-in-the-box tourists anyway, and as they reached the bottom and saw us enter into the field strewn with well-rotted clumps of manure they decided they had better things to do with their time. Maybe a hat to go with the rest of the gear?

It was true that the circle is not spectacular to look at, but as we approached it we could feel it had a strong energy to it already this early in the year. The aura was some twenty feet away from the circle’s stones. We gave each other a smile – we had struck gold here – things could definitely be done at this site.

Kal went off finding the missing stones (there are about four missing I think), and we quickly identified the key energetic stones. I left my staff at one and then set about finding where I needed to be. As the hillside was exposed to the cold wind of February (despite the sun) we worked quickly.

Elva Plain stone circle - Cumbria - Imbolc 2013-02-02 071 (3) (Medium)

I found a spot inside the circle in which to prepare myself energetically. I also identified a spot where I would be working, but then noticed that Kal had been taken to exactly the same place! Dowsing doesn’t work, eh? Of course it doesn’t. I went off to do my preparation work which involved stating my name, purpose and attempting to get my energy body in a compatible vibration with the circle’s feel. I asked if there was a Spirit of Place  and got an affirmative response, so I asked for permission to work and was quickly granted this. How nice – I was beginning to enjoy this place.

Invasion of The Sword and Shield

Ready now, I was taken to another spot nearby inside the circle’s centre. I began to do my usual connection routine. When I think about how this routine has evolved over the years, it is only recognisable now by the directions in which I send out energy – the rest has morphed and evolved over time into whatever form was most suitable at any given time. I have to say the general rule is that it was complexified. Today, as I began my first connection routine since the Winter Solstice I immediately noticed that it had changed again.

I sent energy upwards with the intention of connecting to the Sun and Moon, which they did, but instead of returning back down they re-combined and went further upwards! Where were they going, I half-wondered with the remaining bits if my mind that were not actively engaged in the process? The strands combined to wrap around a single star – the Pole Star! T%hen they began their descent towards Earth, as usual.

Yet there was another surprise in order. As the strands twisted together and dropped towards the centre of the Earth they began to sharpen to a point as they reached the Earth’s core. Then up again to form the cross shape at the top. Hold on – a long pointed shape with a cross at the top? It was The Sword again! Realising this I gathered the energy around me as I usually did. Instead of it forming a sphere, it now formed a shield, and the shield gradually extended around me until it enclosed me. Wow – Sword and Shield in this too!

New Guide for the Blind

There’s none so blind as will not see.I had already been told by my psychic friends that my new guide was waiting to meet me. I explained to them the importance of time and place to me, and so they shut up. The time and place was now – time to take the blinkers off. I asked for my new spirit guide to see whether he wished to come to me now as I was ready….

…I didn’t have to wait long. A man with a long face, close-cropped beard, greying and with kindly blue eyes showed himself to me. I asked if I could know his name, and he immediately responded with it. It was not a name that I knew, or had ever heard the like of before. It sounded vaguely Welsh, but I couldn’t relate it to any words that I knew.

In these introduction alone he had already been much more forthcoming than my previous guide. I liked him already and when I asked him to integrate himself he walked into my energy body completely – which rather shocked me! But it felt nice. I asked him where he was from. He showed me the nearby mountain peak of Skiddaw. I wondered whether he was being specific or general! I dowsed afterwards that he meant he was from mountains generally, not these specific Cumbrian ones. Perhaps we would work well together – I was definitely a mountain person – that’s where I’m happiest, in woodland on the slopes of mountains.

Elva Plain Stone Circle - View of Skiddaw - Imbolc 2013

With that task accomplished both Kal and I had to separately give thanks to three types of energy forms who has all contributed to making out work happen quickly and successfully. We laboriously did this, and then retraced our steps. What a great start to the year!

Next we were heading to Maiden Castle. Kal was hoping for information about his new riddle, and I was going to enquire about whether I had any task to accomplish in the next part of the year before Beltane. On to our last site!

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