Oracle of Delphi Part 3 Into the Past and the Underworld

March 12, 2013
Entrance to the Temple of Apollo
Entrance to the Temple of Apollo

I had been led across the length and breadth of the ruins at Delphi. Although the middle of February, the days weather had been perfectly magical (in every sense). It had been about two hours since we had arrived at the ruins and finally I was at the place of commune. Offerings had been given, Sacred journey had been traversed. Yes, I felt ready as I lay upon a ledge overlooking a place that had been confirmed to be, for me at that time, the Navel of the Earth.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

From previous experiences and commune I knew that I was to go into the past and meet with the Oracle of Delphi in the time when she existed and not commune with her in my time. Quite an odd notion considering that her vocation was to look through time. I also knew that I had to connect with my Energy Double too since it had the power to traverse the time stream. What I didn’t know was how.

In the world of sacred journeys the “how” of things rarely matters. It is more like what you find in the film, Field of Dreams – Build it and they will come. With that notion in mind I lay on the ledge atop the ruins of Delphi (the Navel) and silently said to myself and the Universe. “I am ready”.

It began with the song, so familiar now. The unique music that I heard was the connecting song that gives me the understanding that my Energy Double, has recognised my call and is on its way. Although I have changed my perspective on this a little as experience has refined the understandings, still it’s a good enough description for the moment. The song grew clearer and turned into a feeling. In my mind was the intention to go back to a time when I could ask the Oracle of Delphi my burning question.

Something amazing happened that I’d never experienced before. As you may know, we have two streams of energy that flow within us. One from the crown to earth and the other vice-versa. Well, at this point of transfer three things happened. I viscerally felt energy rip from my crown to my heart and from my earth to my heart too. Just as both these energies sparked to that central point my Energy Double hit my body at the heart too. Coming in a vertical path, it slammed into my heart centre (remember that the heart is at the centre of the breast not over the physical heart location) and took my consciousness deep into the earth and I felt into the past too. All this happened in a flash. Catapulted into the depths of the earth and time. Within moments I found myself in a cavern. It was dark and yet I could sense its presence.

Place of Questions

With the swiftness with which it came my Energy Doubles presence vanished and I was alone. In hindsight I think that I should have been scared but my distinct recollection and my notes from that experience tell me that I wasn’t. Odd.

Alone and yet not alone, I thought. That darned double of mine. Could have stuck around. I looked (sensed) around and felt nothing but the feeling of the cavern. Which added to mine (and Gwas’s) notion that caves are used for there aura shaping facility. After minutes (it seemed) of waiting I felt other presences in the space. I thought that I would be in audience of the Oracle, but no. Three beings appeared some distance from me. They were in shapeless robes and though my first impression was that they were people, perhaps the servers of the Oracle, that feeling vanished as soon as it came. These were something else. I felt them watching me. Even as I felt them. Weird.

Being a person that gabs a lot, I was pretty quiet. I had the feeling that I was waiting (for the Oracle). My wait wasn’t long. A few moments after the three appeared another figure appeared. As I write this post, my minds eye has gone back to peruse that (deep breath) feeling that I got when she appeared. As I try and find words to describe it, another experience comes to mind…

A few years ago, when that haven for book lovers BORDERS bookshop was still in existence, I recall walking its aisles one evening. When, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a bright light within one of the alcoves. I turned to look in, thinking it was just a reflection from a spotlight, when I saw a woman who was literally aglow. I was stunned. It wasn’t a beauty thing. She shone from an inner light. I was so dumbstruck that I found myself walking up to her and telling her, “you are glowing”. I think she smiled at me and said, “I know” and that was it. Occasionally when that memory surfaces I berate myself that I should have said more, but honestly, I don’t think I could have. The will to ask or communicate had been removed from me (which is interesting isn’t it…”these are not the droids you are looking for”).

When the Oracle appeared, that was exactly the feeling I got. She wasn’t a beauty by my standards. Not like the way Caileach (swoon) appears in my communes. The oracle did have an awe inspiring presence. I almost knelt before her, but caught myself in time. Respect sure, but not subservience.

“You are one who has come furthest to see me.” She said in a voice that felt like a tingle down my spine. But what really took me was that she was speaking English. I mean, well, she was supposed to be Greek right? Perhaps the TARDIS translation circuits were doing over time?

I nodded, “Yes”. I presumed that she was talking about the time-travel as opposed the geographical distance.

“What is your question?”

I noted the singular, for I had a few and had hoped to ask at least some of them. Still travellers can’t be choosers sometimes. So I asked,

  • “Where can I find the Key to the Dragons Soul Book that lies within me?”

See how I made that specific? That comes from years of Dungeons and Dragons experience and having Wish spells going awry. The answer and experience that followed was revelatory and surprising.

Kal Malik in the past.



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