Oracle of Delphi Part 5 Thoughts

March 16, 2013
Temple of Athena
Temple of Athena


My journey to visit with the Oracle of Delphi was an adventure and half and I feel worthy of a kind of epilogue post. Although the visit to Delphi was at the end of eight months of waiting, preparation and expectation. It is the genesis of a new quest. It began with a Dragon spirit in the Faery land of Ireland and a gift of awesome promise and potential. The adventures are related herein. With the magnitude of the experience at Delphi I thought it worth a post on some thoughts I’ve had.


Upon collating and then writing the post on riddles, the knowledge that flooded out of the Dragons Soul Book once its gate had been opened. The immediate feeling was overwhelm. What was I to do with all this knowledge? How could I handle its enormity and implications. The quest became much more complicated. It started with nine questions. Here is the gist…

A dragon had given me its life story (called a Dragons Soul Book). This book contained nine separations of the dragons life. A separation seems to be a lifetime of a dragon although I wont bet my shirt on it. In any case, during each separation the dragon resolved a question to an answer. Thus the book that I hold (in my chest by the way) has nine answers in it. What they are is a mystery to me at the moment. The quest that I am on is to uncover the questions that the dragon resolved. I believe that once the questions are discovered the answer (from the book) will be revealed. The experience at Delphi revealed that all the questions needed to be discovered by the end of the Serpent year. Why the involvement of the Chinese calendar is beyond me. Perhaps it coincides with another date (Imbolc) and hence its use. Maybe some Astrological significance? Nevertheless the information dump (I shudder at using the word download) was and still is daunting. In itself the quest I am on is simple. Discover the nine questions that the dragon asked throughout its nine separations.


A question that hasn’t been addressed and indeed hasn’t even come to mind is why? Why seek these nine questions (and answers)? Of what value is it? It is interesting that Gwas, only the other day, proposed a monumental question. What is the purpose of these quests and experiences that we are involved in? This seems completely applicable to my current quest. Of what purpose? Of course it is interesting and feels deeply meaningful to be involved in it. However, is that the only reason? Sufficient though it seems. I just wanted to capture that thought here so that it can be mused on later.

Temple of Apollo
Temple of Apollo


Another thought that comes to mind is the mixed nature of things. Why Delphi? Why Pan? Why year of the Snake? Why Ireland? Why sacred sites in the UK? Individually I have no issues. But the fact that the quest began in Ireland and was continued in Greece and I suspect concluded in the UK (although I am having my doubts as to that). Perhaps this is to be a global quest? It is certainly worth pointing a finger at.


Let’s get specific here. Above I mentioned overwhelm and I meant it. Discovering nine questions is reasonable enough, however that turned into some matrix of 3 x 3 (see the post on Delphi and riddles). Which was reflected by clues or codes to the questions. For example:

  • 3 are for the mind, body and energy
  • 3 are for the past present and transcendent

What does that mean? Is one of the questions about mind? Or are three about the mind, three about the body and three about energy? I guess these will be answered as the discovery process continues. Again, I wanted to point it out here so we have a record of my concerns.

Temporal confusion

Another phenomena that is worth mentioning is that of time. We landed in Athens at 7pm on Friday evening. Rather than looking at the time, let’s go with the feeling of time. It felt like a good 3/4 hour drive through occasional rain to our destination Delphi. The next day we set off at 8am in the morning for the Corycian cave. Having failed to reach that place we had returned and spent what felt like several hours at the Temple of Apollo and the surrounding ruins. When we had concluded our work at the site we both believed it to be around 3/4 pm in the afternoon. Given that belief we made our way some half a mile back to the town of Delphi for nutritional reasons. Sitting there in the cafe we noted that the clock said 1pm. What? We were truly shocked? How could it be one? Confusion abound and we triple queried our time pieces. Yes, it was indeed only 1pm. How we had managed to do our work in such a short space (but the illusion of hours) of time was inexplicable.

Another temporal confusion was our return journey. We set off at 8pm from Delphi and were in the suburbs of Athens by 10. Two hours! It was about an hour into our return journey that we realised that we were a lot closer to Athens than what we should have been. Even with a pit-stop!

Definitely a couple of X-Files candidates.

Conclusion – for the moment

I feel that the trip to Delphi was 101% productive and successful. The knowledge and experience gained was vital to the continuation of the Soul Book quest. What this will mean and where it will go is to be determined by the future (as I guess is everything). Even with the above questions not answered I would quest. It provides an amazing meaning to my life and makes it filled with adventure.

Kal Malik – Thoughtful


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