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Beltane 2013 Pt2 – Wilderness and Laughter

May 12, 2013

I had deliberately kept the number of site visits low for Beltane. The daylight hours are still short, the distance we had to travel to get there was sufficient to drain away the day, and I wanted to be able to feel ‘unhurried’ when we got to a site. Almost as if enhancing this mood I had parked at The Broad Oak pub car park in the village of Strelley. It took us ten minutes to walk to Catstone Hill, and really it would have been easier to park right on the corner of the road just before the main village where there was ample parking, and the distance would have been more than halved. Such is life!

That wasn’t the end of our woes finding the site. Intuitively, and with only the barest map navigation, we found our way on to the hill. We inspected the broad flat plateau but couldn’t find any “capstones” for burial chambers. Were they hidden by the brambles and gorse? We tried to find more accurate maps on our phones but failed, so we resorted to dowsing rods. The rods pointed us out in the direction of a ploughed field. Our rationality kicked in and caused us confusion. We split up and went searching. Eventually I found the right place. It was at the end of the ploughed field and off the plateau behind a line of trees. The M1 motorway was is view below. Nice! Being off the main plateau was why we hadn’t seen it. We also realised there was a much easier way in if we’d only taken the steep tracks up the hill instead of following the main path. Once you know, you know – hindsight is clear.

Catstone Hill's buried chambers
Catstone Hill’s buried chambers

We inspected the area around the capstones. No entry into these chambers, if ever there was any. They were silted up to the brim now. Disappointment began to set in. We stumbled around tripping over the tangle of briars and bramble thorns, the thick dead grass and the outcropping tangle of shrub branches. Our sense of frustration was compounded when we discovered that the site had no energy signature either. There were no earth energies running through the site at all. The disappointment grew. Should we turn away and go somewhere else?

To Work or Not To Work…

Sometimes people ask me what makes me so sure that I should be messing with subtle energies? That’s a good question. I stopped doing so before I had any form of guidance on the basis that I couldn’t answer that question. However, since working with Spirit Guides and becoming more experienced at working with Nature Spirits this stance has shifted.

My decision about working with energy at sacred sites is now based on asking the Spirit of Place. I f such a spirit exists and can be contacted, then I seek their agreement to work, and try to determine the spirit’s feelings about that type of work should be done. In addition, or if no spirit of place exists, I turn to my Spirit Guide for advice. This returns a feeling which gives me a “yay” or “nay” response to any suggestion, and sometimes it can reveal the type of work required too.

At the Catstone Hill site the Spirit of Place was absent. When I questioned my Spirit Guide he offered me the feeling that the site’s original purpose had been forgotten, and that it was in danger of simply becoming a “leisure area” that people passed through. Perhaps re-energising it would bring people to it in order to feel and feed into the energies of the place, rather than pass it by? I felt like there would be no harm in adding a little energy using natural local sources, and then dowsing the result to see if it was beneficial overall. Sometimes you don’t get the whole answer unless you try things out! If it turned out to be detrimental I would dismantle it. again and leave the site neutralised.

As there was no existing energy Kal suggested using a nearby tree. We choose a lone tree in a ploughed field, and Kal went off to prepare.

Trees can help re-energise sacred sites
Trees can help re-energise sacred sites

I gave my singing bowl to Kal and then walked through the ploughed field towards the capstone wilderness. On the way I spotted two stones that interested me – one was a smooth red colour and the other a smooth black colour. These would be the node points for me male and female energy flows.

When I reached the main capstone I placed the red stone in one of the natural hollows, and then proceeded to visualise female earth energy emerging from that point. I walked down the incline sticking lit incense sticks into various points in the land – almost like acupuncture. Each time I did so I visualised the female energy following the line I had created. As the line circled back upon itself and came back to the capstone I placed the black stone on the very tip of the stone. At this point I imagined the female energy sinking into the black stone, and down into the earth. Then I reversed the visualisation. Male energy emerged from the black stone and followed my incense trail in reverse to reach the red stone where it sank into the earth. Doing this I had a two-way energy flow of male and female energies cycling around. In the distance I could hear the occasional “Bong!” from Kal over by the tree in the adjacent field.

Local stones used to re-energise Catstone Hill
Local stones used to re-energise Catstone Hill

Just as I had connected the two streams and got them cycling freely there was the sound of laughter. Two young ladies emerged from the slope below and came to sit at the further end of the site where the other main capstone was. They seemed oblivious to my presence on the capstone nearby, and ignored Kal’s sounding of the singing bowl, which stopped shortly after their arrival.

Kal then appeared onto the site dowsing as he went. He appeared to be following a trail that had come from the field, and I suspected that it was the trail he had created using the tree’s energy. I watched as he traced a path up past my incense sticks. The trail matched mine at the upper level, and that gave me confidence that we were working in harmony.

As he approached Kal mentioned that he had returned because he had felt an energy shirt. Seeing the young ladies, laughing and giggling with each other, he soon realised why the energy had changed – it was this female input, the input of laughter and joyfulness amongst our serious intent.

Laughing ladies at Catstone Hill chambers
Laughing ladies at Catstone Hill chambers

The re-charging of the site was complete. There had been a positive energy change already. When we dowsed it the energy had gone from a zero on our 1-10 scale up to an eight in about ten minutes! I dowsed whether the change was wholly positive and beneficial and found that with the energy input from these two ladies it was perfectly balanced and beneficial to the most people possible. That was all I could ask for.

As for the correspondences with the tarot draw for Beltane

Then a wilderness – dark trees, tangled thorns and branches. A despairing, Lost. Lost in many ways. A lady’s laughter.”

Here was the wilderness of thorns, branches and dark trees that had been mentioned, the “lost” part was the loss of the site’s energies, and the laughter has been from the two young ladies! What an amazing fit with the tarot reading!

Time to head off to Derbyshire to find out what the next stage of my spiritual quest might be.


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