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Arbor Low and Bridestones : Beltane 2013 – 4

June 2, 2013
Looking down from the Genius Loci
Looking down from the Genius Loci

Arbor Low : Wind and Hugs

As time goes, we had done quite well with our visit to Nottinghamshire and so we were headed home with good speed. However as is almost always the case, if we are tempted by fate to make a detour to another sacred site (or two or ten) we rarely refuse. This was a case in point. We were heading through the hills and dells of Derbyshire and the weather was still holding to its sunny disposition, although clouds were in the distance.

That being the case I said to Gwas, let’s chance Arbor Low. Shock! That sacred site has got a reputation with us. We have never been there when the weather has been acceptable. Often the surrounding weather is lovely but over the site a doom cloud hangs. As we passed nearby I noted that today was no exception but, what the hay! let’s give it a go? So we turned off and headed towards Arbor Low!

As we got out of the car, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the wind was moderate and yet we grabbed our coats. It was Arbor Low after all. As we climbed up the field by the side of the farm the wind started to blow. We both laughed…as expected! We got to the entrance of this beautifully powerful sacred site the wind picked up into a mini gale and the temperature dropped a few notches. One would think there were ghosts about…hmmm…that’s a thought isn’t it? Will have to look into that next time we’re there.

I’m sure Gwas has mentioned that he has got hold of a new amazing camera. Watch out for the new standard of pictures. So whilst he was off cataloging the site with his camera, I was off to find a place to commune with the Genius Loci. I was taken up along the henge on the side between the stones and Gibb hill. I was a bit loathe to remain on that height because the wind was giving me some serious bother. However, what can one do? You go where you divine to go, simple. I sat down on the henge trying to shield myself from the wind, when I got the urge to lie down on the earth. Hugging the Earth is what it’s called by some. So I did just that and found that in that position I was completely out of the wind and with the sun shining on my back, it was very pleasant indeed.

Lying up there, effectively hugging the Genius Loci was a very peaceful feeling I have to say. It seems there was nothing else to do there other than “be” I like it when that happens. So it was a nice hello to the Stonehenge of the North.

As we drove away from Arbor Low I remarked to Gwas that I had wanted to do some remote dowsing of a house that might have a problem and that I had wanted to do that at a sacred site today. Darn! After a while Gwas noted that we weren’t far from the Bridestones sacred site, and though not one of my favourite ones, we decided to stop of for the purposes of remote connection.

Bridestones : Orbs and Protection

The most memorable occasion that I have visited the Bridestones was Imbolc 2012. At that time I had taken some pictures and found a surprising Orb on them…The video here is a compilation of that image. So as I walked about the sacred site becoming accustomed to its energy my mind went back to that remarkable Orb. I wondered if I could dowse some information about it and grabbed my dowsing rods to do just that, when…

“STOP! You cannot dowse for knowledge about that!”

What! I recognised the voice immediately it was Caileach. No preamble, no introduction. Just one statement (sounded more like an order) and that was it. She was gone! I was, quite literally, left hanging with loose dowsing rods. For a few minutes I was tempted to ignore her input and carry on. It seemed that she wasn’t going to enforce or repeat her warning. Once aught to be enough I suppose.

With some reluctance I decided to follow my Goddesses advice/warning and didn’t dowse about the Orb. Giving up on that interesting pursuit I decided to follow my main aim of attendance which was to access – remotely – the house that I wanted to dowse. Which I did do, quite successfully. That story will be related later on. I just wanted to mention my Bridestones experience with Caileach and the Orb.

Kal Malik – following orders.


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