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June 14, 2013

After my experience getting to know my spirit guide at Penmaenawr‘s famous Druid’s Circle I met up once more with Kal who had been off having his own adventures, as usual. It seems that whenever we come to this sacred stone circle there are revelations, ruminations and investigations aplenty. It never fails to deliver something special.

As Kal returned I pointed out to him that I had been working at a particular stone this evening. Kal said it was one he remembered because he associated it with his experience of a dragon at this circle. In fact, he said, it was where some dragon energy resided. Now, we’ll come back to the definition of a “dragon” in a moment. Let’s stay with the story for now.

Kal mentioned that when he was doing some dowsing around this very stone after I had moved away from it earlier. He had asked the question of his dowsing rods about where the strongest energy could be found, and had been taken to the very spot I had been standing at. Now, one could read that as a very flattering statement, or one could begin to question whether something else was also contributing to that energy signature and strength.

I began to put two together with another two. I had come here to learn more about the nature of my spirit guide, and perhaps I was about to find out more than I had bargained for.

I dowsed a couple of new questions that arose:-

  1. Apart from my energy was there an energy present at that stone? YES
  2. Was my spirit guide’s energy present at that stone? YES
  3. If I called my spirit guide to be with me now, was his energy still present at that stone? YES
  4. Is his energy linked to that stone in some way? YES.
  5. Is the energy signature at that stone the energy form of a dragon? YES.
  6. Is Ash a dragon? YES
  7. Is the the same dragon that Kal had met at Druid’s Circle? YES.

I had to stop there. The revelation, the implications just overwhelmed me at that point and I stood in a daze. Kal looked on slightly bemused, but I could see that he was registering that I had dowsed something profound. “I’ve just put two and two together” I said cryptically. “Seems like my spirit guide is the circle’s dragon!”


Now his eyebrows raised too. So many new questions were arising and they were ones that the dowsing rods probably couldn’t be that helpful to answer because they were mainly open-ended questions or “why” types of inquiry. This was going to take time to work out.

I had met my spirit guide at Elva Plain stone circle in Cumbria earlier in the year. Did this imply that there was a link between stone circles? Or was I the common factor between these sites?

Now I have to contemplate the nature of dragons. Are they the beings that marshal and master the earth energies? Are they the King Serpents, the Wyrms of lore that controls the production and formation of subtle forces in our earth?

Well, for starters, here are ten dowsed questions about the nature of dragon energies:-


1) Is a dragon an energetic sentient entity? YES
2) Is a dragon independent of human consciousness? NO – we humans co-create the dragon concept
3) Is a dragon energy co-dependent upon the existence of earth energy? YES
4) Does a dragon’s energy change with

  • the seasons – YES
  • the moon – strongly YES
  • the flow of earth energy  – strongly YES
  • human attention – YES
  • any input of energy – NO
  • the stars – slightly YES

5) Have some megalithic sites been constructed to provide a suitable environment for a dragon? NO
6) Have some megalithic sites been built upon earth energy nodes where dragons naturally reside? YES
7) Do dragon energies still exist? YES (faded?)
8) To what purpose can dragon energies be put

  • healing of the earth – YES
  • bringing balance to the earth’s energies – YES
  • healing humans – NO
  • creating a portal between the physical and other worlds – NO
  • destruction – (MALE) YES
  • construction – (FEMALE) YES
  • integration – NO
  • dissemination – NO
  • energising – YES

9) Can a dragon be a spirit of a place? YES
10) Can a dragon be a spirit guide to humans? YES

Now, obviously, these are simplistic answers to simple questions. Each one would stand far more analysis than I can give space to within this post. Each one is an essay in itself – a topic for discussion and philosophising about. However, a brief explanation of what I had in mind for some of the questions might elucidate the answers more:-

  • “construction” meant that the energy can be used to give form to subtle energy – thereby creating. It seems that MALE dragon energy can be used for this purpose. Conversely “destruction” is the dissolution of subtle energy form. FEMALE dragon energy can do this. I don’t yet know where MALE and FEMALE dragon energy comes from, except that it might be male and female earth energy spirals.
  • ‘energising’ means that the energy can be used to replenish or strengthen a subtle energy field

Expect more to emerge from these revelations. At the moment I’m just trying to come to terms with the idea that my guide is also a dragon. How does that work – what are the implications? Does it change the way I work with him? More questions than answers.

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