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Energy Attractors and Disruptors

June 9, 2013

I was working at The Druid’s Circle above Penmaenmawr in North Wales, and Kal was there too. The twilight hours were upon us. I had only one directive this evening, and that was to find out more about my work with my spirit guide Ash. We have a mutual relationship. I know from a tarot reading that he works with me in order to learn more about subtle energies, and specifically earth-related energies. From my perspective I get guidance, protection and reassurance.

Inside the circle I began to get myself prepared to communicate with Ash. I felt like I didn’t really know enough about him, and hadn’t really spent any time determining whether I was fulfilling my part of the bargain. So, on this warm evening in this special place at sundown, this seemed like the prefect situation.

Druid's Circle at twilight - June 2013
Druid’s Circle at twilight – June 2013

Once I was in the right frame of mind I began a conversation (which was entirely one-sided – Ash doesn’t respond with words, just with thoughts which form in my mind). Was there anything I could teach him about earth energy, I wondered? Into my mind was placed the picture of a human walking along a trail. I could see the silvery line fo subtle energy trailing in his wake (it might have been me).

I began to divulge all I knew about humans walking and their effects on subtle energy. I knew that walking a path would leave “snail trails” of energy behind that sensitive people could detect, and that some could actually see (I had learned to do that last year too). Then I began to ‘see’ something much deeper about this process. I was remembering how Kal and I had circulated energies at sacred sites, how people had danced at sites to strengthen the energy flows, and how the energy could be made to swirl around like a cup of water being stirred until it maintained its own momentum. We had learned how to pull the energy with us as we walked. The energy had ‘stuck’ with us – been attracted to us as we moved. Then a further revelation occurred.

Some people are energy attractors. When their energy field encountered subtle forces then it had the characteristic of “forming” the energy through an attraction force. Conversely, some people are subtle energy disruptors. They repel subtle forces, and cause them to “dismantle”, or lose the bonds which maintain their form. I think the term in chemistry that I am trying to describe is valence. Some people’s energy configuration promotes valence and attracts subtle energies. Other people have the reverse effect when their energy fields interact with subtle energy.

That was the information that became a strong gnosis for me. I wonder if anyone else has encountered such a concept?

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