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Elemental experiment at Nine Pins

June 6, 2013

In England one cannot fail to take advantage of sunny days. They are as scarce as hen’s teeth. So it was, on a Hen’s Tooth Day, Kal and I agreed to meet up to explore some places in Staffordshire that had been recommended to us. I had already been to Thor’s Cave myself, but the stone circle called Nine Pins was new to both of us, which is always an exciting prospect.

We drove past the Abbey Inn at Abbey Green village near Leek. Something tugged at me in a familiar way. I ignored it because I was “following a map”, however ten minutes later I was back at the pub parking in their car park. When will I learn to follow my intuition? Not only was the parking easier than the narrow hill road, but actually it turned out that the pub was the best place to walk to the circle from anyway. The helpful landlord of the pub directed us to the footpath to start us on our way. We would meet him again later when we sampled his excellent local ales.

On the way up the hill behind the pub you’ll pass the site dedicated to the memory of “Tony Squires“. This is a combination of a bench with a breath-taking view and a quaint fence whose posts are carved with Tony’s memorial details. A wonderful tribute.

Memorial to Tony Squires
Memorial to Tony Squires

His shade is hanging around on the bench. Maybe it’s admiring the view? Or maybe it’s pinned there by the intention of his family? I imagine that shades see our world like the landscape in the film Constantine:

Is this what our world looks like to a shade?
Is this what our world looks like to a shade?

On this occasion we left the shade to remain where he was. He wasn’t creating any energetic imbalance. On to the circle…

After moving on some curious and stubborn cows you reach the top of the hill. The stone circle’s remaining stones are buried in the grass or dumped into one of the nearby ditches. Clearly they circle was an inconvenience to someone. A few of the flatter stones appear to be “in place” but it’s difficult to know where the circle was originally.

Knocked down like Nine Pins
Knocked down like Nine Pins

From some “reason” the trainers that I had worn a thousand times had begun to rub my heels. As I got closer to the circle this became unbearable. It didn’t make any sense, but I took the hint and got my feet out into the open air. I would have to walk through the thistle-laden and cow-pat-strewn boggy field to get to the lone hawthorn tree where I could deposit my trainers while I worked. Of course, Kal laughed at this and muttered such phrases as “Rather you than me” and “You wouldn’t catch me doing THAT!“. It felt right, so I did it. It was fine, in fact it was good.

Remaining pins at Nine Pins stone circle
Remaining pins at Nine Pins stone circle

Despite the ruinous state of the circle it is still energetically charged. The hawthorn tree alongside the circle is helping to keep it energised  The heel stone just a short way outside what might have been the circle’s boundary is sadly blighted though, and is not helping the energetic balance. I didn’t feel inclined to go near it at all.

Nine Pins suffers from a painful Heel
Nine Pins suffers from a painful Heel

Aery faery

I was going to this stone circle above the town of Leek for a reason. My intention was to perform an experiment to see whether I could attract some…thing from the world of faery by generating some healing energy. I had seemed to attract something recently when I had done some energetic healing and now I wanted to deliberately generate some healing energy to see whether this would attract an entity from the World of Faery. Whatever that world might be – I can’t currently distinguish Faery from any other elemental or sentient subtle entities.

I dowsed to find which was the most suitable space and place for me to perform this work and was taken to the collection of removed stones piled up at the edge of a hollow nearby. Clearly these stones retained some subtle energy link to the main circle – wherever that may have been. It was hard to describe a circular shape from what was left.

I stood on the indicated stone and put my rods away. It was time to get intuitive about the work now.

The Gold and Silver Torc

I stood on the stone in the “gutter” of the circle. It looked weathered clean, as though it had been pushed over only days ago, and then dragged to one side to accompany the other detritus of the once great circle. I put this to the back of my mind and prepared myself for energy work. Ground. Centre. Connect. Feel the area. Gather the energy into a Sword of Will. Let it charge my centre.

On the stone I imagined I was weaving two strands – one of gold, interleaved with one of silver, The golden strand was of male energy and the silver was female. They encircled each other in a torus form, embracing in uneven folds around each other. After a few repetitions my Faery gift was complete and I left it ceremonially on the stone and stepped away.

I dowsed to see what I had done.

  • Had I created an energetic object that the denizens of Faery could interact with? YES.
  • Was there anything attracted to it at this moment? NO.

Something else needed to be done before the experiment would work.

  • Was the torc created of the same energy as my healing energy? YES.
  • Did I need to set an intention on the object? YES. Ahhh……that old “gotcha”.

It’s no use creating something without intent. One of the things we learned about visiting sites was that objectives are only achieved when they have been set. Here again I needed to set the intention for the object in order that it could begin to work. I considered the invisible gold and silver torc on the stone. I set an intention that it would be an offering to Faery and that anything that wished to have it could come and take it as a gift from me.

I stood aside once more and waited. Something felt different – a tone in the air, a feel, a different flavour to the wind, the vicinity was less then more vivid in flutters of contrast. I got my dowsing rods out again.

  • Was the torc still there? YES.
  • Had something been attracted to it? YES.

I could have begun a process of trying to determine what the energetic being was, but instead I looked out of the edges of my peripheral vision and let myself feel for the answer….. it was “air”… small…. winged … elemental….it was a small air elemental!

  • Was the torc still there? NO. The air elemental had claimed it, but not before I had witness its presence.

Well, this wasn’t on the scale of the angelic (read: larger energetic sentient being) that had arrived to see what I was doing on the last occasion that I created an energetic outpouring, but as far as experiments go it was quite satisfying. I had been able to deliberately attract some type of sentient spirit force by creating something with my own energies.

Whatever next?

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