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Solstice 2013 – Glastonbury Abbey and the Arthurian Energies

June 24, 2013

For the Summer Solstice this year Kal and I went out for a long weekend to Cornwall. On the way there and back we managed to visit Glastonbury. I used to think of Glastonbury as the ideal place for spending the solstice, but in recent years the attraction had worn off. However, on Kal’s suggestion we added the town to our list, and I booked us a stay in a hotel in nearby Taunton to give us the maximum amount of time in Glastonbury given that our true destination was still hundreds of miles further down to the south and west of the country.

Glastonbury Abbey in full flower
Glastonbury Abbey in full flower

From ‘Arthurian’ to ‘Zoe’

As is usual Kal and I split up to do our separate searches of the site. My goal was to see whether there were any remnant energies in the abbey grounds that I could characterise as being related to Merlin, Arthur, Galahad or Gawain – my Arthurian Cross – a concept that I was seemingly getting very engrossed in, almost obsessed with.

Having dowsed that such energies were available in the abbey I set about locating them. I didn’t choose any order – I asked the dowsing rods to take me to one of the energy spot and then I would dowse for which energy form it was on arrival.

The Arthur Energy

The Arthur energy was to be found emerging from an underground area which had been covered by an iron grille. The site was located in the southern wall of the Lady Chapel. This is close by to where a grave is labelled as being that of Arthur and Guinivere, but there is some controversy about that.

Glastonbury Abbey - Solstice 2013 (13) (Large)

I stood on top of the grille and felt the character of the energy. Arthur’s energy was powerful, clear and purposeful.


The Gawain Energy

I was then led into the central area of the nave, just in front of where the central tower used to be.

Glastonbury Abbey - Solstice 2013 (7) (Large)

In this space there were diamond shapes in the grass indicating where columns must have once stood. I was taken to the last column marker on the northern side and here I was told that the Gawain energy could be felt. So, I tuned in to feel what this particular energy was like. The Gawain energy was emotional and gentle.

The Galahad Energy

I didn’t have to go far to find the next one. Directly opposite, on the other side of the nave, I found the paired diagonal marker and this was the place where the Galahad energy was to be found.

Galahad’s energy had the following characteristics – it was still, firm, and wilful.


The Merlin Energy

I was then taken off to the southern transept – only twenty feet away from Gawain and Galahad centres. On a patch of beautifully manicured turf the dowsing rods began to turn in a large inward spiral. At the culmination point I put the dowsing rods down and began to tune into the energies to see how the Merlin energy felt.

The Merlin energy felt like this – in the heart, the truth

As I stood in the Merlin energy something began to form around me. The Merlin energy was showing me something of its quality – it had the ability to make a formation from all the other energies:-

  • The Arthur energy was like an axis around which the other energies revolved – head to foot
  • The Gawain and Galahad energies formed circles around my upper and lower energy centres
  • The Merlin energy was the core – a toroidal shape through which all the other energies flowed

Glastonbury Abbey - Solstice 2013 (5) (Large)

I was still glowing from the incredible energy forms that were flowing around and though me, buzzing from the new knowledge of their integration, as I wandered back towards Kal. Kal was in conversation with a lady who was sat on a bench beneath one of the beautiful chestnut trees close to the abbey’s entrance. As I waited for a gap in conversation to make my approach I noted with interest that one of the trees had been dedicated to Geoffrey Ashe – the noted Arthurian scholar. He was famous for his theories that King Arthur was a real historical figure from the 5th Century.

Kal called me over and introduced me to his new friend Zoe. Zoe had some information for me, he said, and then Zoe said simply, “Remember me to Merlin when you visit his cave.” Kal must have mentioned that we planned to visit Tintagel. Seems like she had been there already. I said that I would, and we left the abbey’s grounds to head for the Tor, intent on more spiritual meanderings.

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  1. As I read your post I was thinking how the three energies made me think of the Elemental Cross and how we are to circulate the Light when we do the Sphere of Protection. I enjoy reading your posts! Makes me want to go there!

    1. I guess there is crossover for many energy workers between their systems and methods of circulating energy. As an avid student I have read many accounts of different methods, techniques, formations, styles and preferences. I choose to find my own formation. That way, the energy is always circulating in the best possible configuration for me at that time.
      I don’t understand how systems can account for changes in environmental conditions, the position of celestial influences, and the unique condition of the energy worker themselves when they fix their method on paper.
      I begin to understand why druidic teaching was only ever as stories, not lectures.
      I describe this Arthurian Cross formation today, but next time I come to use those energies I am completely open to them being in a different configuration, and I will simply have to feel for the energy, rather than intend it to be in a particular place.
      That’s my philosophy, anyway.

      Please do visit these places we talk about. If they call to you then they may be offering you something in return for your efforts to get there?

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