Summer Solstice 2013 p1 Glastonbury Abbey a Goddess Discovered

June 27, 2013
Zoei at Glastonbury Abbey
Zoei at Glastonbury Abbey

Our intentions were reasonable I thought. We had set out on the 3.5 hour journey to Glastonbury and beyond with high hopes of getting to Glastonbury with a reasonable chance of visiting one of our favourite sites, the Chalice Wells. The universe wasn’t playing fair (or so it seemed) and we hit traffic that pushed well beyond our ETA. So we pulled up in the Abbey carpark around 7pm.

Are we too late to visit the abbey?

As we left the car I looked across at Gwas, “Let’s go and visit the Abbey first?” He didn’t seem too keen and although the closing time was imminent I forged ahead. In the past I have had some wonderful experiences at the Abbey and an entrance fee (for only a half hour visit) wasn’t going to put me off.

A wandering an energetic path

As is our usual modus operandi we split of and began doing our own thing. I wandered the ruins, introducing myself to the Genius Loci and getting a feel for the place. After a while I decided to begin with my usual question.

Where is the most powerful energetic place?

The rods started their merry weaving dance across field and ruin. Eventually they took on a more directed spurt and I was heading towards a tree behind a bench. Unfortunately the bench had a lady sitting on it (meditating I think) and I didn’t want to interrupt her so I tried to push the rods a bit out of the way, so they would skirt the bench. The rods had other ideas however.

Searching for the most energetic place

As I pushed the rods away from the bench, they insisted on going towards it, until finally I gave in and watched as the rods twirled at exactly where the lady was sat. She became curious as to what I was doing and we got into a question. Zoei, as the ladies name turned out to be was as curious as I was. Had the rods marked the bench or her? Her it seemed.

Was she the most energetic place in the Abbey at that time? Yes.

male and female energy
male and female energy

Zoei let me explore the question more. She said she was a healer and I asked as to whether that was the reason? No. Half in jest and I felt half serious she said that she was a Goddess and I asked whether this was the reason why? The rods (inexplicably) said Yes! What was going on with that? I have no idea.

An exchange of gifts

Rather impulsively (intuitional?) Zoei asked if she could hug me. Hugging a stranger? Why not? I am a Goddess hugging kind of guy. So I agreed. It was a long hug…one of them ones where you think it should be over way after it’s over. became apparent when Zoei said that she had attempted to give me an energetic gift. However it had been difficult (hence the long hug) because I was a giver too and found it hard to accept. Am I? I do like to give. I’ll have to ponder whether I find it hard to accept.

Our meeting was nearly concluded when she reached into her bag and pulled out a sticker. “This diagram represents male and female energy entwined” Zoei said. I accepted the gift and patted my pockets to searching for something to give in return. Aha…I found a pine cone in my pocket, one that I had picked up a few days earlier at that wonderful sylvan site, Dol Tor in Derbyshire. Taking it my hand I hurriedly pushed some energy into it and handed it to Zoei.

Exchanges complete, we were done. An auspicious meeting with a Goddess! What a beautiful way to start our Sacred Pilgrimage.

Kal Malik – a new beginning

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