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Solstice 2013 – Boscawen Un – A Switch of Staves

July 9, 2013

We started our Cornwall adventure on a sunny Summer Solstice morning by visiting the last stone circle of these Albion islands – Boscawen Un. Having just come from Glastonbury where I had been given the task of engineering a meeting with a faery I was eager to find out whether the next few sites would reveal any more information about this new quest. Bodmin Moor had then supplemented this concept – I found out that I could use water as a means of moving between this reality and The Otherworld. That was very promising too.

As we walked down the long secluded path towards Boscawen Un stone circle the air was humid and pungent with the aroma of foliage and flora bursting into full bloom and throbbing with chlorophyllic life.

Boscawen Un - Solstice 2013 (31)

At this time of year the path to the circle was lined with a stunning procession of colourful wild flowers – foxglove, cow parsley, sorrel and many others that I couldn’t name. In fact, I began buying books to help identify flowers and I am making it my mission this year to learn the names of as many as I can. This time of year is perfect for starting such an education, and Cornwall was my inspiration.

Boscawen Un - Solstice 2013 (24)

As were entered the enclosed hedge-lined space which enclosed the stone circle we discovered that we were not the only visitors. A small group of older people were already communing with the stones, taking notes and sketching certain stones from different angles. They quietly went about their business as Kal and I settled in to the circle’s ambience and went about our business. First order of the day was to place my staff to one side, propped up against a hawthorn tree, and then to take my shoes off so that I could walk about on the dew-laden grass in the bright warm sunshine. Heavenly!

View of Boscawen Un - Summer Solstice 2013
View of Boscawen Un – Summer Solstice 2013

Both Kal and I seemed inclined to investigate the energy flows of the circle. Kal first, then he asked me to see what I found. The central sloping stone was particularly interesting so I concentrated on that. Around it I found some male energy lines flowing out from the base towards the west. These resolved themselves into male power centres with gentle spirals. From the pointed side of the stone several female lines emerged which quickly resolved into tight spirals without flowing very far at all.

With the good old-fashioned energy mapping done I turned my attention to more esoteric matters. Would the local Spirit of Place be able to help me make progress in my new Solstice task?

The Transfer Vortex

I moved to a suitable power centre within which to do the connection to The Spirit of Place for this stone circle. Once there I did my usual protection and connection routine, but noticed yet again that the routine had subtly altered in terms of its energy formation, even though the primary aspects were the same. Each time I do the routine the energy formation, the strength of the flows, and their overall configuration – all these things seem to subtly change in accordance with the location in which this work is done.

The Spirit of Place introduced herself to me: the pronunciation was difficult – possibly because we were in Cornwall where they have their own unique dialect. When I wrote it down later the closest I could get to the spelling that would evoke the name was DuizDaniel. The first part was pronounced “Doo-ith” as though it were Spanish, and the second part was “Dan-ee-el”, like “Daniel” but with a distinct pronunciation of each syllable.

Boscawen Un - Solstice 2013 (10)

We spent some time talking in my head, and then Duizdaniel showed me another vital component of how I could meet with Faery. She instructed me that in order to be able to make the crossing into the world of Faery I would I need to generate some energy. That energy would come from within me, and it would be a reverse vortex of energy which I would visualise as a funnel of energy coming down over me like a cone. Within that cone I would need to keep my mind centred. I would be the Eye of the Storm, as it were, centred and neutral within this Cone of Power above and around me. I had heard of a Cone of Power before, and had even experimented with such a construct so I was familiar with the concept. Interesting that it had come back into my awareness at this circle.

The Switch of Staves

I met with a group of psychics who are sketching their impressions of the place. They don’t advertise their work, but then neither do I. Our work is very similar and so we swapped impressions of the site, and they added some historical background and local flavour for me. This was obviously not their first visit. They were fascinated with the speckled white quartz stone at the western edge of the site, and remarked on how powerful its subtle energies were. I could only agree, because it was the stone to which I was continually drawn too.

Boscawen Un - Solstice 2013 (2)

We said our farewells to the other visitors and to the stone circle’s hidden inhabitants, gathering our belongings and heading back down the flower-strewn path. However, I had forgotten something – my staff. I was so busy taking photographs that I didn’t even realise until much later in the day when Kal came back to the car and said, “Hey – where’s your staff?” Shock, horror, and the enormity hit me. I quickly back-tracked in my mind – which site had I last seen it? …  Boscawen Un that morning. It was now 4pm.

We abandoned all further visits and I drove the five miles through country lanes to get back to Boscawen. Jumping out of the car I raced like a lunatic along the lanes, this time taking no account of the pretty flowers on either side. I flew through the gate at the entrance to the circle and broke out into the open scanning wildly for the familiar and distinctive tall white ash staff. Nothing. I moved around checking all possible places I had visited…. nothing. The staff was gone.

From Ash to Yew

I already knew it wouldn’t be there.  It took me the whole walk back to the car to get over the loss, but by the time we reached the vehicle I had already disconnected myself from the ash staff and had reconciled myself to the loss. I had been neglectful and this was the price. It was time to move on. I had already had in mind the idea that I would go get a yew staff next since reading “The God Tree” by Jan Fry and Allen Meredith. Perhaps this was the opportunity I needed to make that change? Certainly, had I NOT lost the staff I can’t see how I would ever have actually made the move to a different one. Perhaps this was the kick I needed? Whatever my feelings, I was now staff-less and it felt strange.

On our return trip, despite feeling poorly, we again visited Glastonbury. I felt quite drained, with all the feelings which accompany of a cold yet without any symptoms like a runny nose, or sneezing. I didn’t want to go far, and yet I chose NOT to park in the closest car park, but instead to park at one which necessitated a walk into the town via a street that we don’t normally go down. I can’t explain that considering the circumstances. Yet, what happened was that when Kal and I emerged from one of the alleyways linking the car park to the town we found ourselves outside of The Wild Hunt shop. For some reason, despite not wanting to be here at all I insisted we go into the shop.

Inside they had one staff. It was a yew staff. I bought it immediately.

The new staff is more ceremonial than practical due to its wild antler horns on the top! I later found out that the Wild Hunt shop is dedicated to several male deity figures – Cernunnos, Herne and Gwyn Ap Nudd to name some of them. I now see the significance of the antlers on the staff.

Interesting, now that I have assimilated all of the powers of the ash staff losing it was the only way to dissociate myself from it. Immediately I feel kinship with my next level of staff, but I would now need to find a suitable place to initiate the staff and to link the two of us together on an energetic basis. That story is coming soon!


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