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Solstice 2013 – Glastonbury’s Faery Portal

July 1, 2013

I had just discovered a fascinating energy formation that was created by the four energy polarities which were symbolised by four Arthurian characters. The walk from Glastonbury Abbey to the base of The Tor was full of anticipation about what might happen next. This was only supposed to be a prelude to a weekend in Cornwall, but already it was shaping up to reveal some fascinating insights into work done this year. There was more to come in that respect, but for the moment let’s return to The Tor.

There are tales associated with The Tor – Ynys Witrin – The Glass Isle. It is said to be a portal into the world of Faery – that unseen yet co-present dimension of sentient energies which inhabit the same space as our physical world, but which we rarely get the chance to encounter. Here I was at the base of one of the renowned portals into that world.

“With the 19th-century resurgence of interest in Celtic mythology, the Tor became associated with Gwyn ap Nudd, who was first Lord of the Underworld, and later King of the Fairies. The Tor came to be represented as an entrance to Annwn or Avalon, the land of the fairies.” (Source: Wikipedia referencing Introducing Glastonbury)

Yet my thoughts were trained on the Arthurian energies. My only directive to the dowsing rods at the base of the Tor was to guide me to a place where I could work best. Nothing more specific – just that vague notion. I took off my shoes and felt the cool grass on the soles of my feet. The earth went through me like a charge, and in turn I charged off up the hill following the rods’ lead.

Approaching Glastonbury Tor at dusk
Approaching Glastonbury Tor at dusk

Grounding Barefoot

In my mind’s eye people would have seen a sure-footed mountain goat all dressed in deep blue elegantly gliding around the steep edges of the labyrinthine terraces of the Tor. What in fact I’m sure people witnessed was a bumbling stumbling fool from out of town hopping and halting as he hesitantly hugged trails that only animals would sensibly follow while the rest of the public made their steady way to the summit.

The barefoot pilgrimage served many purposes: the way was more interesting, having to dodge nettles, thistles and the dark pungent remains left by animals. It also served to ground me by putting me in direct skin contact with the land, thus removing one of the routines I would need to do before meditating. Finally, it formed part of my preparations for my much longer walk coming up in a month’s time. More about that when the day comes.

Then my walk came to an abrupt stop. In front of me was a crow and it wasn’t moving. I decided to wait. So did the crow. We eyed each other – beady dark eye to beady dark eye. The world continued to revolve around this stalemate. Was this a sign? Or was it simply a stubborn crow who was prepared to be within four feet of a human? … We admired the view together for a few more seconds and then I expressed my desire to continue my walk so the crow gently hopped to the edge and took flight. Ah… I simply had to ask!

Glastonbury Tor - Solstice 2013 (12) (Large)

Despite me having taken what felt like quite a long way to the top I emerged onto the top end of the concrete path before Kal and was soon standing on the top trying to cool down in the breeze which always seems to drift across the summit of The Tor no matter what the weather. Kal appeared and was immediately dowsing his way to somewhere beneficial.

Glastonbury Tor - Solstice 2013 (24) (Large)

The Return of Doctor Obvious

If I were to be asked to pick an energetic place where I could do some meditative work on top of Glastonbury Tor it would not have been the place that the dowsing rods picked for me. However, if you had asked where I was most likely to find a concentration of energies then it would have been the prime candidate. The spot that the rods crossed over was the place that all the tourists visit and which many others often gravitate towards out of curiosity – the metallic-decorated sighting stone.

The rods had chosen this place as a suitable place for me to contact the spirit of the hill, and without needing to ground or centre I was able to quickly gather and circulate my recent energy configuration – the four Arthurian energies in the shapes I had been told about in the Abbey down below. The Arthur energy going through my from head to foot; the Gawain and Galahad energies circling my upper and lower energy centres like fat doughnuts; and the Merlin energy a huge central vertical doughnut through which all the other energies flowed.

Having generated this energy form I felt in the right state to ask a crucial question: was this a place where I could find my next quest for the Wheel of the Year – the six-week activity that would move my spiritual progress forward? The rods confirmed it was, and with their job done I laid them down and prepared to find out what that quest might be.

Glastonbury Tor - Solstice 2013 (25) (Large)
As the air cooled around me and the dusk deepened across the Somerset Levels below I felt like a presence of subtle light arrived from somewhere around me, coalescing in my mind as a communicative voice. As a nearby bard in the church tower strummed a tune that I couldn’t raise enough interest to recall, I began a dialogue with the presence of the hill.

I asked the spirit if it was the spirit of the Tor and got an affirmative response. Oddly, I didn’t enquire further about what or who this might be. The path of my curiosity lay elsewhere as I was sure that some distraction might soon break this vital connection. I worked swiftly, probing as to the next quest, leaving space without my mind forcing any answers. What was I to do for the next part of the year?

Glastonbury Tor - Solstice 2013 (15) (Large)

The Solstice Quest

The statement given to me was a constructive argument: Glastonbury Tor is a Faery portal. By coming her for my quest I have therefore been given the task of engineering a meeting with a Faery by learning how to open the portal between our vibrations. As I grappled with the concept I modified the words slightly, but I was sternly pulled back to the use of the word “engineer”. It was something that would require planning, preparation, and which I had to initiate. This would be no casual meeting!

Glastonbury Tor - Solstice 2013 (36) (Large)

As the light began to fade Kal and I reconvened and began to head back down the hill. Kal had his own stories about his encounters which we talked about as we descended. As we went down crowds of revellers were staggering their way up the hill with blankets and beer in preparation for a night awaiting the official summer solstice the next morning. Seems like we timed our work just right!

Back down in the town we went to one of the few remaining open cafés called La Terre – grounding again! The theme of the Tor trip. What a lovely closure to that particular spiral!


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  1. Hi Guys. This is about Bryn Celli Ddu and maybe something else. I was pretty much born and raised on Anglesey, my family on my mothers side originate from there and that origin comes from the bonesetter boy( several great granfathers away) who was the first of our line (now nearly proven to have come from Caucus by dna testing). Don’t know why but I am sensitive and becoming more so.
    I found you by googling dowsing bryn c d , ther is also another guy tht writes some interesting stuff (and good pictures) about the place, why ?.I visited the place for the first time 2 wks ago and would say that your summing up of ‘just be here !’ is correct , personally I find that many of the answers are provided by location and looking at the surrounding landscape. Inside you are of course drawn to the phallic and I found it most thought provoking when I looked at the large slab forming the ceiling above it, peppered with quartz to a degree of regularity that is notably unique for anywhere.It certainly adds a dimension to the death/ rebirth association. Other images I have found on the web show detailed arial perspectives, possibly from the surveys when it was excavated,the resemblence to an ovum being fetilised by a needle is again remarkable.
    2 other offerings for you are, the solitary stone on the headland overlooking Bardsey Island (nr Myndd Mawr) and a visit to Gwytherin and its church within ‘Gods Country’ (I suspect the whole area will captivate you) beyond the obvious I believe the 1st Arch Druid from Wales called Gwytherin his home.
    As for engineering a meeting with a Faerie well I can possibly point you somewhere but you’d better have big balls because the Lore is true, however the co-incedence is ironic (very Fae). Mail me and thanks for your Site.

    1. Dowsing + BCD? Yeah, that would find us alright!

      So this visit you did – this time you got a “just be there” feeling, but as you will see from our previous visits sometimes we are called there, sometimes we need to go there to get answers, other times it’s a leisure and pleasure activity. Each visit may be different as the energies of the place change with the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars across the seasons, and as you yourself bring different energies to the place when you visit. Of course, other people may be there too, each with their own configurations which will affect the site. No two visits can be the same, yet we can leave with similar impressions of places which stay with us long after.

      Thanks for the insights on the fertility aspect of BCD. You’re right – the aerial images bring sucb connotations clearly to light.
      Thanks also for recommending some new places to visit on Anglesey. I’m always on the lookout for interesting new places (I love new old places). I hope to do a little visit before the end of the month, so that works out perfectly in terms of timing.

      When I come to try to find a meeting place I will probably dowse for it. That’s my usual method, whether map dowsing or listing sites and working through the list. I’ll see how that goes, and whether it reveals anything useful.


      1. Thanx the reply,I’ll have to read / find more on your site regards b.c.d, my search engine only took me to one column. The other places are not on Anglesey. The place where you may meet a Faerie is and I am quite sure is v.important,(considering the cicumstance) and probably why I have been called to find you, via b.c.d and God knows.Seems you have been chosen for the job, I am not as thorough as you pair, I feel. This is not a location that I will post on a website but will tell you personally if there is some way 4 u to contact me, sorry if it causes an issue but some places are entrusted to us. Thanx, Kane.

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