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Solstice 2013 – Shielding Boswarthan Well and Chapel

July 13, 2013

On our way around the tip of Cornwall we began to venture back in search of The Merry Maidens stone circle. Kal had been there before and it was highly recommended. Given the beautiful weather we were having – forecast was for rain all weekend – we were in high spirits and eager to get to as many places as possible. So, when we rounded a corner and I spotted a brown sign saying “Celtic Chapel and Well” – that was enough to stop and consider if we could venture “off course”. Of course we could! To Boswarthan!

As we drove into the small car parking area over the rough terrain and parked respectfully, we stepped out into proper summer heat. At last! summer’s here! Then we both noticed the strength of the subtle energies around us – we were being PULLED down the path through the trees nearby! Well, if that’s not a sign that we should be in this place, then we didn’t know what was.

Boswerthen Well - Solstice 2013 (24)

The walk down the slight hill beneath the canopy of old gnarled and hoary trees in full summer flourish was a welcome relief from the scorching sun. At every turn in the path new green delights made me raise my camera for another shot, or stand gazing lovingly at the twisted roots, the spray of leaves or the interplay between the sunlight and the shade. ‘Celtic’ sites seem to be placed in the most beautiful locations in these islands. Such good taste our forefathers and foremothers had!

Boswerthen Wel - Solstice 2013 (1)

The first lovely surprise was an area where trees shaded a very shallow stream. One of the larger trees had been decorated in ribbons and several people had stopped to take photographs at this point. For a small path it was quite busy! We wondered what would come next.

Boswerthen Well - Solstice 2013 (5)

We emerged out of the shaded canopy to find a small stone building which must be the chapel. Beside the building stood a beautiful specimen of a larch tree. Only the day before I had been studying the larch, wondering why it was that not many were to be found in this area. Here I was standing next to an isolated excellent specimen of the very tree I had been thinking about the day before. Coincidences are very difficult to process sometimes!

Boswerthen Well - Solstice 2013 (10)

I sat inside the chapel for a few minutes, enjoying the shade and the very gentle energies within the structure. At one end of the chapel was an enclosed well, and there were signs that people still came here to leave offerings to their chosen entity.

Boswerthen Well - Solstice 2013 (19)

The Shield Revealed

Ok, so down to work. I dowsed if there was anything that I needed to do here, thinking that there probably was considering that we had been “invited”, nay “pulled” down to this place. Indeed there was, so I next asked to be shown where I should go to find out what the issue was, and soon I was navigating through the undergrowth at the back of the chapel to stand on a power centre there. I began to connect to the land in an attempt to contact anything that might want to tell me what the problem was. Soon I was getting a response to that question – The Spirit of Place began to communicate thoughts to me.

My attention was directed to look upwards. Directly above me, and almost crossing over the chapel site, was an electricity power line and an associated pylon in the field adjacent. Ahh….thing were becoming clear. Then I was deluged with a transfer of emotions as the Spirit began to relate the harm this was causing to the subtle energy flows that used to be around this site before the lines were installed. I asked the Spirit of Place whether it wanted me to help to shield the effects, and got a strong affirmation on that point. Well, Kal and I had done something similar many times before, but I felt Like I needed his help on this one. It was probably a big job!

Boswerthen Well - Solstice 2013 (23)

I went to find Kal, who was languishing at the base of the larch tree. Kal said that the spirit associated with the Well was stationed beside the lovely larch tree that overhung the chapel. It didn’t want to help us do our energetic shielding work, but was happy to move back in once the power lines influence had been stopped. Cheek!

I said to the Spirit of Place we couldn’t do permanent shielding, but our work would at least give respite. I asked if the spirit wanted to be involved in the energy work, then saw and felt an energy form PUSH PAST ME, almost knocking me out of the way as it barged past to get away from us. In front of me Kal swayed as though pushed by something too. He turned to see if it was me pushing him, but I was too far away. We laughed as we acknowledged what had just happened.How rude! It clearly didn’t want to join in, but…. hey, it could have just left quietly!

We dowsed for our respective locations and found that we were standing quite close to each other in order to do the work. We didn’t communicate how the job should be done, but each set about doing what we felt was necessary. I gathered in all the energy from the surrounding wildlife – trees, animals resident nearby, the land itself, and began to tie them all together into an energy strand which I could direct upwards. I could feel a huge energetic input from Kal’s direction too. All good!

We began to work. I directed the combined cord of energy upwards until it formed a canopy of energy – a parabolic shield covering the entire sacred site area in a sphere of energy. For a brief moment I could see the scintillating rainbow colours as they differentiated then re-combined into a whiteness and then went invisible again. It was a glorious spectacle for the mind’s eye. Of course, no-one else around could see anything at all. Actually, there was no-one else around! Considering how busy this site was we seemed to have been left in peace to do our work. Another charming coincidence.

I felt the shield was formed, and I hardened it with energy from the sun and stars so that they formed a crust, solidifying the shield so that it remained in place. I felt the form was finished and began to come back to reality. At that exact moment, Kal, standing in front of me, did the same. Ah….we were in tune. Co-operation can be fun, and powerful.

We walked back up the path. The energy flow was different now. We felt like we didn’t have the pull that we had experienced walking to the site, and walking away from it was hard work, like walking through mud or sand. Seems like our directive to the surrounding plants and animals to donate energy to the project might have come into full effect! We left them all to it – we had done our part in the site healing work. Time to go visit The Merry Maidens. Why didn’t I have my staff with me? Must be in the car.

Forget about it….

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