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Sunset at the Druids Circle 1/3 What’s in a Name

July 28, 2013
Sunset at Druids Circle
Sunset at Druids Circle

It began with a dream. A couple of days ago I awoke from my slumber with a yearning for the Druids Circle. Gwas was unavailable so I thought I would call on my sister. Although sacred sites mean nothing to her she would enjoy the views and the walk. Having confirmed her availability I called upon her at the appointed hour only to be told that plans had changed! Argggghhh!!! Time and distance being what they were, my sojourn to the Druids Circle was left begging.

Fortunately fate (or other forces?) conspired differently. A couple of days later, the weather being an astonishingly hot, Gwas called to say that, and I quote, “We have to go out! The Weather!” In his missive he had suggested a couple of sites. I countered with the Druids Circle and an immediate agreement was returned.

The druids circle has always given more than was expected of it. A fabulous site in an inspiring location.

We made the journey up to the site knowing that we had timed it perfectly. The sun was heading towards the horizon and the sky was Simpson blue.

Reaching the sacred site in short order and we began our own personal greetings and rituals. I recalled how it was here that a few years ago I awakened the spirit of a dragon. It had risen from within the earth and flown off towards the East.It had been an awesome experience. I wondered if the Dragon had returned to its erstwhile home. It hadn’t.

I stood in my favourite position between the sunset and the sacred stones and let the sun shine into and through me. I have always believed that the most powerful part of the energetic day was the time of the sunset. That point when the last spark of sunlight burns on the horizon.

It was at that precious moment of time and the sacredness of that space that a question from the dragons soul book was released. It rose into my consciousness with a gentleness that was forgotten as soon as the feeling passed.

Question: What is your name?

I sighed with the weight, depth and presence of that question.

The sun dropped below the horizon leaving a crimson sky in its wake. Thank you dear Druids circle. I feel blessed.

Kal Malik – commune at the druids circle.

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