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Lammas Part 2 Secret Gardens

August 31, 2013

The thing about a sacred life is that many of the experiences are emotionally touching. Often however they give rise to intellectual challenges too. The experience below is one that did both. It began with Gwas’s map. We had arrived at some beach (can’t tell you were, it’s a secret). I followed Gwas along the shore and then up above to the (not very high) cliffs. At one point he stopped to consider something on his phone. It was at this point that I was informed that we were following some directions he had been given. So it was that we followed a trail along paths, across bridges and up hills until we arrived at our destination.

Signs are important, whether they are of the esoteric or the mundane kind. So we took due notice of the one that was presented at the gates. I was glad to note that it did not actually forbid us to enter. Thus with due care and attention…we climbed over the barbed wire fence and into an amazing place.

Secret Gardens

A description (nor images) does not do justice to this forgotten garden. What an astounding place. Gwas was on a journey of his own so I was left to play amongst the wild and not so wild foliage. Sun beams came in at odd moments along the winding and undulating path, adding to the magical feel of the place. To get in touch with the spirit of the place, I meandered through the gardens. Through the centre (and a perfect touch) there was a stream bubbling away with the occasional arching bridge crossing it.

After many minutes enjoying this place it was time to see if anything sacred/magical was required. Asking whether I could do anything for this place got a surprising Yes. A quick check as to whether I could learn anything too got another Yes. Excellent! I asked the dowsing rods to take me to the place where I could learn what to do and the took me a long their usual meandering path up towards the top of the garden. Passing through another gate marked with a dedication I found myself approaching a seat. The rods came right to the seat and twirled.

The seat was dedicated to an artist…Alexandra Bridgett Mason, who sadly passed away at the tender age of (1978-99) twenty-one. Why had I been brought here? Something urged me to take out the rock I had collected earlier and place it on the seat.

On our journey to the Gardens we walked along some low lying cliffs, looking down onto the beach. At one point a shining object caught my eyes and I clambered down to the beach to see what it was. It was a beautifully smooth hand shaped oval rock. Being as one of Gwas’s and I’s life’s purposes is to move rocks from one place to the next, I picked it up and pocketed it.

Stepping back for a moment I took a picture of it and the bench. Look how that turned out…

Glowing Stone at Secret Gardens
Glowing Stone at The Secret Gardens

As I’ve said before…”A sign is only a sign, if you think it is a sign” This was definitely one for me. I asked to locate the Genius Loci of the Gardens and it was located at the exact spot where I had placed the stone. Feeling that it was the right thing to do, I sat down next to the stone and opened myself up to commune. Would I be able to contact Alexandra? I am in no way a medium, in fact I don’t have a belief structure that would accord to such notions. However , I am open to, well anything. So I rode the winds of possibility.

I mused…how sad it was that she died at such a young age. An artist, I wondered of what kind, painting, sculpture, poetry? As my thoughts reflected on her she must have reflected on me for some moments later a conversation ensued between me and the spirit/shade of Alexandra or was it the Genius Loci? Or were they one and the same? It (the conversation) went something like this…

  • Not many visit me here these days…
  • Perhaps the sign on the door keeps them away?
  • Perhaps…It didn’t stop you?
  • I try to be uniquely odd. Are you lonely?
  • I miss the memories…
  • I can gift you with some memories if you like?

There was no response to this, so I assumed a yes and reflected on some of my adventures and quests…the Knights Quest, Native American experience, Soul Books.

  • Such colourful experiences, thank you
  • You’re welcome. Would you like to leave this place? (I had recalled an experience from the isle of Iona with another thought-form)
  • No, I have not felt the passage of time as keenly as that other you experienced

As I sat there a question came to me, What is life? I’ve encountered many strange awareness over the years. Some I have considered to be alive others somewhere in-between. But I’ve not really placed my thought on the question of “What is Life?” As my thinking fled down this path, so the connection broke. I wanted to take the glowing stone with me but had the feeling that it should remain. A mark of being there.

Minutes later Gwas arrived and I found the need to take a photo of myself in that memorable place. Gwas obliged and you can see the glowing result for yourself. Was it a job well done? I have no doubts.

Kal meets the shade of an artist
Kal at The Secret Gardens

 Kal Malik

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