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Solstice 2013 – Shady business at Arthurs Inn

August 1, 2013

We’re almost at Lammas and I’m just concluding our Summer Solstice story – an indication of how fun-packed that weekend in Cornwall was.

I have to start this post by introducing a caveat. What I am about to relate does not in any way reflect on the place we were staying, or the people who work there. King Arthur’s Inn at Tintagel is a wonderful place to stay, does nice food and drink, and the staff are nothing but helpful and welcoming. With that said, there is nothing they could have done to prevent what was going to happen to me on my return to the Inn after an evening’s adventures in the Tintagel caves.

I was feeling good about the energy work that I had done in Merlin’s Cave – the wren incident, remembering to remember Zoe’s greeting, obtaining a new white quartz rock for my garden, and generally having made the effort to do the journey down and back up that incredibly steep road in the depths of the evening gloom. All felt good.

When I got back to the inn Kal was still up but tired, and I was ready for turning in too, so I went to my room leaving Kal to sleep in the main room. I thought about reading for a while but was too tired. The sea air and the walk, the days of driving, the prospect of six hours driving the next day… all conspired to make me go to sleep almost immediately. But I had forgotten one vital ingredient!

I was sleeping in the back room – the room closest to the back of the old inn’s main building. I had opened a window for air too, as it was June and the weather was warm and humid. So, I nodded off quickly, feeling energised but physically tired. My sleep was deep and with no memorable dreams that night. I awoke i the morning and rose to start the day…

On waking I knew something was wrong straight away. I thought perhaps I was just physically tired still, but I couldn’t shake my lethargy, the feeling of numb-headedness that is usually broken by waking to light. Today the morning light was unable to clear my gloom. I felt Like I was a battery which had been depleted. I couldn’t think straight. I checked my complexion in the bathroom – pale, drawn and languid. Last night before going to bed I had noticed my rosy cheeks from the action of the sea breeze and the walk back up the hill. This morning I was at the complete other end of the spectrum! I felt like I had a cold but without any of the usual symptoms of a runny nose and sneezing. I just had the headache and the listlessness.

What’s the diagnosis, doctor?

When Kal remarked about how ill I looked I decided to try to find out what had happened overnight. Was this a natural illness brought about by dehydration, a virus or something else? Dowsing in my room I found out that it was in the “something else” category. I put two and two together – an old building, new location for me, highly energetic the night before, sleeping with no protection…..

  • Q. Had I been psychically attacked? YES. By a shade.
  • Q. Was the shade still in a location that I could interact with it? YES.

A shade. The energetic shroud or remnant of a once-living human being. Some call it a ghost, but that term is so overloaded with detritus that we have begun to re-align the concept by using the word “shade” instead, hopefully denoting its characteristics of being underhand in its dealings with humans. The term also describes the entity having a slight ability to interact with the physicality of our world, usually only at a subtle energetic level. They are energy vampires, needing subtle energy forces to avoid dissipation.

Time was pressing. Time pressure leads to poor decision-making, In the cold light of subsequent days I realised I could have tried to recover ym energy, but anger is a wasteful fuel. I set about calling the shade back, then with protection now firmly in place I took back my energy and sent the shade packing to another dimension. My cold symptoms, of course, remained. The result was little more than a vindictive satisfaction at some sort of psychic revenge. I still felt like Death warmed up.

The Other End of the Scale

Kal was completely unaffected by this. He was in jubilant mood and very excited into the bargain. He had slept soundly too, and had been through a most vivid dream which had greatly enhanced his understanding of his current knightly quest. I was pleased for him, but then surprised when he finished the story with, “Oh, and I’ve got a very important message for you, from Cailleach.”

He waited for a moment to increase the suspense as he recalled and arranged the phrase into the right order. “She said, ‘Tell him – he MUST find the banquet!’” That was it. No more than that. “He must find the banquet”. We were both puzzled by that, but I would have to consider it more when I had the brain capacity to do so. Right now, there were miles to eat up and headache tablets to consume.

It was a subdued to drive to Glastonbury from Tintagel where I found a new staff but couldn’t be very pleased about it in the circumstances. Then we made our way back up to the North of England. A six hour drive feeling like I had a terrible cold was not in any way fun, but it couldn’t put too much of a damper on the marvellous and beautiful happenings that the weekend had brought before the “fall”.

It  took me three or four days to get over this ‘cold’. It was a strong and sharp lesson to remember protection every time when you are an energy worker in a new space. For my sake I hope I never forget this lesson this time. I’ve been warned enough times now.

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