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Summer Solstice 2013 p10 Glastonbury – Closing the spiral at the Chalice Wells

August 25, 2013

With learning that we didn’t have to go 50 miles out of our to get ‘the crystal’ we decided to head for Glastonbury to visit the fabulous Chalice Wells.

The night had been unkind to Gwas (see his post) and the mood was a good deal sombre that normal. In the car I noted that Gwas was pilfering every bit of available energy, so protection was definitely required.

As the saying goes, “when you got to go, you got to go” and so it was with Gwas’s energy. It wasn’t that he was intentionally pinching it. It was the natural gravity of energy seeking to balance its environment.

Missing tree

There were no stop-offs this time. We were eager to get to Glastonbury and then home. Both of us felt that our tasks for the pilgrimage had been completed and for both of us. Last night in Tintagel had been copious icing on the cake.

We arrived in Glastonbury an hour before lunch. Chalk and Cheese would be the difference between Gwas and my state. I was euphoric and on a high. Gwas on the other hand was suffering physically and energetically. You can read his story elsewhere. This is mine.

We headed to the Gardens as soon as we arrived. The sun was attempting to get past the clouds as we paid our dues and entered the garden. Each splitting off in our own way.

My first port of call was the hawthorn tree that was at the centre of the garden (in my view). It wasn’t there. I was shocked! Had it been moved? Had it died?

For some reason I though it had been moved and so I ordered the rods to take me to where the Hawthorn tree was. I loved that tree, it had been a fabulous commune and I wanted that experience again.

The rods, in there usual winding and twisting way took me around the gardens. That’s another reason I love Glastonbury. You can dowse in the middle of the street and not be looked upon as something strange.

Nothing and nothing. The rods took me through most of the garden, going in and out of nooks and crannies. No tree was to be found.Then a strange feeling overcame me. I suddenly realised that the rods were looking for the tree. Instead of taking me to it, they were searching the garden for it. Following some kind of energy signature, they had taken me to the other hawthorn trees and then swerved away as if to say “no, not that one”.

I stopped. The tree wasn’t in the garden, I was certain. I went to the lady at the ticket counter and asked after the tree. She said that she had only worked there for less than a year and had no knowledge of the tree. She did however direct me to the main office down the lane. So I went there, knocked on the door and was let in. “There used to be a Hawthorn tree in the center of the glade,” I asked…

The kind lady informed me that the tree had died of old age a year ago.I was tremendously saddened. Returning to the gardens I walked around, a bit lost in the perfect place to find yourself.

People in the pictures

Whilst experiencing the energy of the place I decided to take some pictures. About the fifth picture in I noted that some people where waiting for an area to be cleared of people before they took pictures. It felt wrong. Visitors should be IN the pictures. With that in mind, another mission (quest?) arose in my intent, To have pictures of people enjoying the garden. Infused! I began to collect such images.

Half an hour later, I was truly juiced. My spirit was high and filled with amazing gratitude. Visitors at the Gardens had been receptive to my picture-taking. They had imbued me with energy.

People of the Chalice
People of the Chalice

I offered up a simple ceremony of gratitude at the place where the Hawthorn had stood and we left.

Kal Malik – Completed


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