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Summer Solstice 2013 p9 Lost Tales 2 of 2

August 21, 2013

Ooops…the car skidded to a halt. What was that sign? A well and a Church? Definitely worth a few minutes of our time. The name of the place turned out to be Boswarthen Well and Church. There was a lovely path leading up to the well and church and it was a delight to walk it. Often we find that others have recognised certain places as having energy worthy of note and this route was no exception. About half way from the car park to the site we found this magnificent tree…

Boswarthan Sacred Tree
Boswarthan Sacred Tree

You will note that I call it a sacred tree. Was it sacred? The dowsing rods proclaimed it to be so. Was it sacred before it was adorned with emotive gifts? No. Interesting, right? We bestowed sacredness (whatever you take that to mean) to the tree. Beautiful.

Continuing along the beautiful green path we arrived at the well. I got there before Gwas and had a mooch around for interesting energies. The usual spirals and power centres were found. Alas nothing for me to do or learn. So I sat by the exit beneath the shade provided by a great oak. As I sat there I heard a voice. Now, I am not a one for hearing unannounced voices and so this made me jump.

A curious question arises…what makes us see what we see? For what I saw was an impish type being sat to the right and behind me. Faery kin and I don’t have a speaking relationship so I was rather surprised at this meeting. Still, who am I to argue with an experience that may be entirely made up? “What are you doing here?” I asked. The imp responded, that he lived in the well but the energy wasn’t right in there at the moment and so he was waiting for it to change. A thought occurred to, I had had a conversation with Gwas re faery kind and he had said that he wanted to meet one. I asked the imp if this was something he would be interested in? It responded, “No, not unless he sees me.” Fair enough. As I waited for Gwas to arrive I mentioned to the Imp (casual conversation, you understand), “I’m a follower of Caileach.” The imp laughed. “No, you are not.” he said, “She is a follower of you.”

Boswarthen Well - Home of an Imp
Boswarthen Well – Home of an Imp

Rather shocked by this revelation, I sat in silence awaiting Gwas.He arrived and did his own energy exploration of the well. He found that he needed to do some serious amount of work there. I was able to help with it and the full tale is told in this post (Healing at the well).

Work completed and to our satisfaction we moved on to the Merry Maidens.

Kal Malik – being followed

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