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The Initiation of the Yew Staff

August 4, 2013

July continued to be sunny, hot and dry. We were back from our Solstice outing and among the familiar landscapes either side of Cheshire. In particular Kal and I felt drawn to the Dinas Bran site. Both of us had questions that we hoped to find the answers to, and the walk was always lovely, if demanding. On an evening in the midst of a heatwave the hill seemed more inviting and more arduous than ever so we went prepared. I had my new yew staff, some food and a bottle of water. Kal had luck, faith and a newly conquered fear of heights. Each to his own!

Dinas Bran - July 2013 2013-07-05 002

Once we had reached the summit, I travelling barefoot and Kal following a dowsed energy trail, then we moved to our own separate areas of the hilltop to do our respective work. See, even working with a close friend my work is primarily alone. I say alone – I encounter more spirit entities than your average loner, making whatever experiences I have quite a crowded affair!

This evening, as I tried to cool down in the breeze which haunts the hilltop, I put my staff to one side with my bag, and then dowsed for the places that came to mind. The first one was that I wanted to know where I should start; the second would be where Bran was; and the third would be where I should ask my questions. That was my original intention – how that worked out might change during the process. They might all be one place, or multiple places – I didn’t know before I started. That was part of the adventure, and the luxury of using dowsing as a tool for getting answers.

Standing on the Head of Bran

Dinas Bran - July 2013 (Canon) (6)

My first power centre was right next to my staff. This would be where I would start the process off. I stood in the power centre and waited to see what happened. I took the time to do my connections, grounding, centring, connecting, waiting. After a few quiet minutes I felt the outer shell of my energy form crumble away and melt into  the hill. Where next?

The rods took my around to a point close to the remains of two arched windows. I was still barefoot so it was a challenging location due to the sharp splinters of slate which spotted the site. Thankfully, when in the lullaby of the meditative trance I seem to never get stabbed, spiked or otherwise cut walking barefoot. The same cannot be said when I try it outside of the trance, however! I stood on the spot indicated and waited. Moments later I felt Bran’s gigantic presence. i was standing on his head again, as I had imagined previously when at Dinas Bran. Again, I was a small fly on the giant head of this mighty energy form.

The Sacred Square

I asked Bran a question that was two questions in one. How should I initiate my new yew staff – could his energies be put into the process? Without words, and showing by example Bran snatched my staff and I watched as he strode like a colossus across to Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle where he tapped the staff three times on the ground. Then he strode across to Caer Caradog hill fort and did the same. The process was repeated at Bryn Beddau circle and then he came back to Dinas Bran and tapped the staff in front of me. Then he handed me the staff, and with a sweep of his hand he indicated that it was my turn to repeat the process.

Dinas Bran - July 2013 (Canon) (28)

I was unsure whether I could stride across to the sites as Bran had – he was a gigantic figure and I was just a lowly druid. Instead, I found myself flying to each of the sites where I seemed to land effortlessly, staff in hand, and was able to tap the ground as Bran had before flying to the next site. Once I had returned I thanked Bran for showing me this process. The sites were the same ones as I had been shown at the Spring Equinox visits (see this post).

Dinas Bran - July 2013 (Canon) (32)

I asked Bran whether he had put some of his energy into the staff via this process and he smiled. The indication was that he had, so I thanked him for that and felt like I should move on to the final power centre. I didn’t yet know what this move would achieve, but I felt like it was time to move there now.

Dinas Bran - July 2013 (Canon) (39)

The third power centre was at a place where I had once created a ley line when experimenting with subtle energies. I still felt the flow of these energies at this place, and I knew the point to be quite powerful. I stood ion the flow of the balanced male and female energies wondering why this power centre was important to the initiation of the staff.

Trusting to the process and the entities that were guiding it, I let myself relax and let the flow of energies go as they would. By doing this a new flow began to emerge. The power was coming up through the power centre and going into the staff, around the horns on its tip, and then returning back into me. With each iteration of this cycle I felt a rising sense of power – as though I were being charged up. The feeling of this energy was delicious! It was like an intoxicating draught, and soon I was giggling, then laughing and then roaring with they power of the flow, exhalting in the movement and its potential.

I raised the staff aloft and the energy flow increased to a crescendo. If I had continued I feared that I might lose myself in the energy totally – like I would lose my identity, my mind, my will and be lost totally to the flow, so I began to slowly turn the tap on the flow in order to control it. Within a minute the flow was subsiding to a controllable level, and I was back to a giggle as the flow trickled through my circuits.

I knew at that moment that I had my hand on the tap, so to speak. I knew that in the right moment, and for the right purposes, I could let loose this torrent of energy and it would help me to achieve my energetic purposes. Having such a power at my command was a bit like being given a really powerful supercar. I knew that litres of fuel were ready to explode whenever I pushed the accelerator. Wow! “With great power comes great responsibility“, I thought. This staff was going to be amazing, but it came with a deep warning about right time and place for its use. Things could get seriously out of hand very quickly with this staff!

Hedge Druid with yew staff
Hedge Druid with yew staff

We had both finished our work, and the sun was beginning to land upon the distant Snowdonian mountains in the west. As we came down off the hill, in more ways than one, there were many great photo opportunities for capturing the golden sunset as it lit up the sky with its radiance and deep spectrum of reds, oranges and yellows.

Sunset at Llangollen in July 2013
Sunset at Llangollen in July 2013

Every visit to Dinas Bran, when we follow our calling, is a visit that brings enlightenment, contentment and superb progress along our chosen spiritual path. All from a walk up a hill.

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