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Dyserth Waterfall – How to call a Water Spirit

September 16, 2013

Following our Lunasa outings, and then the trip to Mitchell’s Fold, we were laden with quests and questions. Frankly, I had enough spinning around in my head at this stage and didn’t need any more. So, when Kal suggested going out again before he went away I was sure I wanted to go , but equally sure I wasn’t going to be taking on any more spiritual work. No more information relating to the quest, please!

It was a lovely evening to visit a place that was far far back in the memory – Dyserth. Kal had dowsed that this was the best place for him to visit, and that he needed to visit the waterfall and castle. Good enough for me – I could do with a cooling down from the waterfall. Its ionizing properties may be the relaxing and soothing balm I needed.

Water way to go

For some reason I needed to bring a specific crystal. Only one. It was hidden on one of my taller shelves on its own. It was so hidden that I thought that the dowsing rods had made a mistake because I couldn’t see it at first. When I fumbled around my fingers felt its smooth small form and I picked a cloudy powder blue crystal off the shelf. Apparently I would need this, so I pocketed it before we set off.

The evening was delightful – sunny, warm, dry. We are having a brilliant summer this year. Even she short journey from the car into the area below the waterfall made us hot. The waterfall was rather refreshing in the late summer heat, and we basked in its light spray for a while before getting to work.

Dyserth Waterfall - August 2013 (6)
Approach to Dyserth Waterfall in summer

I washed the pale powder blue crystal in the wild waters of the reachable part of the waterfall. Should I offer it now? Apparently not, the dowsing rods said. It was pocketed for a later time. I went onwards to look at the waterfall’s full height and think about jumping into the seemingly deep pool. Kal asked how deep the pool was – apparently it had the same effect on both of us that hot evening!

Dyserth Waterfall - August 2013 (4)
The glory of Dyserth Waterfall in flow

As we walked away I spotted a small tunnel in the rock. This looked Like the perfect place to leave the crystal. Later. Not now. I would return in a while.

We climbed up the steep path, taking the route that the dowsing rods suggested – always the hardest steepest route up, but clearly the most energetic. As we reached the top we felt like we deserved the rest we gave ourselves as we looked out over the spread of Dyserth’s buildings below. In the distance we sun was beginning to drop behind the father higher Welsh hills.


Dyserth Waterfall - August 2013 (3)
Overlooking Dyserth town

The Earth Responds

It was nice to be back, but we had work to do, so we began to follow our dowsing rods, taking completely different paths at this point. My route took me upwards and right, further along the river. A narrow path led me through dense trees at a steep angle until it opened out above the caves which lined the river below. At this level there was one cave and a deep crack in the rock. I investigated both places and found male energy emerging from the cave and returning into the crack.

I stood in the area of the crack in the rock and went into a connective state of mind. After a few minutes I asked if there was “anything there“? There was – it was what our culture would call a gnome – an earth spirit. And boy was he grumpy! When I asked him what was upsetting him he responded that people’s litter was his biggest gripe. He went on about it for a minute or so. I told him I got the picture, and that I wouldn’t be littering – in fact, I would pick some up if I saw some. That didn’t seem to appease him at all. So I apologised for others, saying that they were probably young and they didn’t have much thought for their environment at that age. No positive response to that either. Finally I asked him what I could do that might make him happier – the answer returned sharply, “Nothing!”. I decided I was on to a lost cause, and left the grumpy goblin alone. Nothing I could do to change his opinion!

Dyserth Waterfall - August 2013 (2)
A hard-to-reach cave above Dyserth

Calling a Water Spirit

As I descended to the river’s level I got the dowsing rods out again. Was there an y other spirit form in the area which I could communicate with, I asked? YES, came the response. OK, I asked, lead me to it! The rods swung in the direction of the head of the river and I walked until the swung around in their familiar spiral fashion indicating that I had arrived at my destination.

A couple of questions later I and found out that I was in the presence of a Nix – a water spirit – the Spirit of Place for this river which later became the waterfall as it dropped off the cliff’s edge to the town below. In communion with the spirit she/he (it was both) suggested that I wash the blue crystal again, this time in the slower babbling gentle part of the river’s waters. It was hinted that this would reduce its currently strong vibration to a level more in keeping, more harmonious with the energy patterns of the spirit to which I was about to offer the crystal. “If you say so“, I found myself saying., “How could I know? I’ll take your advice.”

Dyserth Waterfall - August 2013 (1)
Water spirit above Dyserth

There was more. The water spirit wanted to demonstrate how best I could contact water spirits and elementals in the future. Did I want to learn? Of course!! It’s my job. So, I was directed to move off to stand beneath two sycamore trees, close to the river. I stood in her/his energy centre next to the river as I was shown a vortex form emerging from my heart chakra area. The only way I can describe it is like a horizontal tiered fountain formation. The energy cascaded along until it broadened out into the next layer of energy, and so on until it reached a water spirit. It was like forming a watery umbilical cord with the spirit, or forming a water loudhailer to call water spirits to come to me.

Call sign for air spirits like a water fountain
Imagine the energy expanding like cascading water

I was done here. I only had one last thing to do which was to offer the blue crystal to the spirit of the waterfall. Did I do that here, In wondered? NO, said the dowsing rods. Back down the bottom where the waterfall landed? YES. I stood by the bench at the top fo the hill and began to look up Kal’s mobile number because he was nowhere to be seen. At that exact moment the phone rang! It was Kal. Of course. He was by the car and ready to go too. I descended to join him.

As I reached the bottom of the hill we met again. I only had one last thing to do – I threw the blue crystal into one of the small caves nearby as an offering. A price worth paying, I felt, for the valuable knowledge I had just been given regarding how to call and communicate with water spirits.

Dyserth Waterfall - August 2013 (5)
A cave for offerings in Dyserth

Our next destination was the nearby ‘castle’. We had been there before, several times, but again it was a long time ago. Would today be as special as the previous times? Of course it would!

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