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Lammas Part 3 Lligwy Village

September 2, 2013

On our way to Lligwy chamber we decided to stop of at the nearby Lligwy village, why you might ask, after all it wouldn’t be considered to be a sacred site. True, however, as I have mentioned before. As we have places of worship in our villages, towns and cities. So did the ancients and although they might not be recognisable, their energy remnants may still exist and be of use. Thus here we were at Lligwy.

Lligwy Village
Lligwy Village

The question is, did we find anything of value or note at this place. Yes and it was a surprise to me too. I began by asking my standard questions…

  • Was there anything I can do for this place?
  • Was there anything I could learn or get from this place?

The answers were Yes and No, respectively. What to do then? Well, it turns out that I was to collect some energy residue from one part of the site and deposit it at another. That’s it. Why I had to do this and for what purpose are, as you know, unanswerable. Just for note really. The process was really simple…

  1. Get the dowsing rods to take me to the collection point.
  2. Collect the energy – using a visualisation.
  3. Get the rods to take me to the deposit point.
  4. Visualise a release of the energy.

Which it took about 10 minutes to do. Our stay then consisted of more time spent taking pictures than actual work. But it has been noted and logged.

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