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Lammas Part 4 Lligwy Chamber

September 4, 2013

After our quick stop at Lligwy village it was on to the main reason for being in this part of Anglesey, namely Lligwy Chamber. I’ve been to this magical place a couple of times before and on each occasion something amazing has happened. I recall on our first visit, after doing some sound work within the chamber (I am sitting on) I came out to the flight of several tens of crows. Thus I was come to learn of my Totem animal, the mysterious crow.

Meditation at Lligwy Chamber

I was expecting amazing things on this occasion too. I began by greeting the Genius Loci with a the burning of a few incense sticks and the touch of magic. Asking whether I could do anything for the sacred site, revealed a No. Asking whether I could learn anything from my visit, garnered a Yes. Dowsing a place to sit, led me into the chamber and the ledge where one lies.

Over the years I have learned that certain caves and chambers have the facility to shape our aura. This shaping then is conducive to our ability to connect/commune indeed, do sacred magic. So it was with Lligwy chamber too. After some preparation I entered via the gateway and lay upon the ledge. Considering where I was, it was surprisingly comfortable. After a while I could feel the energies change within me. Then Gwas began a chant, the change was manifest as he walked around the chamber his voice a low bass chant. It is a certainty that that chamber is used with sound magic too.

Inside Lligwy Chamber
Inside Lligwy Chamber

Acoustic magic combined with aura shaping was having an amazing effect on me. I really didn’t want to get off that inner ledge but felt that if I didn’t do it would begin to be damaging. So, when I felt that my stay had over spent, I dragged myself off and out of the birthing exit. What had I experienced? Well, it had been a profound sense of belonging. This interested me a lot because belonging is a feeling deeply associated with the root chakra.

I asked the rods whether this was the case? Had my root chakra been balanced? Yes. Was that the purpose of this chamber? No. Well, it wasn’t a proper No, just a kind of half No. So I pursued this line of questioning…

  • Was it because of the time of year? Yes.
  • Was it because of my energy state? Yes.
  • Was it to do with the chanting? Yes.
  • If these had changed would it have had another effect on me? Yes.
  • Did my root need balancing? Yes.

Okay, was my root now balanced? Yes. Thus it seems without me actually knowing that something was imbalanced, it had been worked on and become balanced. Thanks Lligwy! The dowsing rods proclaimed that nothing more was to be done and since Gwas had concluded his work too. We were away!

Kal exiting the Birthing Chamber at Lligwy
Kal exiting the Birthing Chamber at Lligwy

Kal Malik Balanced!

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