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Dyserth Castle – How to call an Air Spirit

September 18, 2013

Following on from my previous encounter with a Nix – a Water Spirit associated with a river which became a waterfall in Dyserth town – we moved to the nearby site of Dyserth Castle.

It is a short drive away from the town towards the hill of Graig Fawr where it’s possible to park easily. I wasn’t expecting anything from this visit. I was really here to humour Kal who had been keen on re-visiting the site. Previous visits to Dyserth castle had been vaguely interesting, but never mind-blowing. Well, you just never know what might happen when you visit sacred places. Here’s my account.

Dyserth Castle at twilight in summer
Dyserth Castle at twilight in summer

Working in peace

I’m old-fashioned like this – I like to work in peace. I need silence to concentrate and to become more aware of my surroundings through extending my senses outwards into the slient space. So, it was a rare pleasure to have the area around Dyserth Castle to ourselves. We call it a castle, but as Kal frequently says “It’s not another of those castles with only one stone, is it?”. Well, not quite, but close. The castle has earthwork ramparts covered by trees and hedges below, and may have more remains on the top of the steep cliff, but we’ve always been satisfied to hang around in the quarried region below the actual castle. One day we may climb up and see what’s up there!

Despite being in the nether regions of this unusual place there is something interesting about the space. We split up as usual and found respective places to work. Kal seemed drawn to a corner of the area nearest the trees which lined the entrance. Then later he moved to the mound which must have been created from the debris left by the quarrying work.

I on the other hand was taken to a seemingly innocuous space which was a compatible power centre for me, bubbling with spirals  of subtle energy. I lit some incense and placed it around me. Kal call s across that he can feel a presence and asks me if I can feel it too. Indeed I can – there is something invisible moving around the area, tracking our movements, trying to sense our purpose. It has the qualities of an air spirit, and just at that moment Kal says that he thinks he can sense air spirits. They’re all around us – moving through the trees on the top of the tall quarry, and occasionally swooping down to pass around us – sensing what we’re up to.

This presence was not just the rustling nocturnal animals getting ready to forage for their food, even though there were clear rustlings to either side of us in the dim light of the coming night. No, these were invisible forces, moving like zephyrs, swirls of wind, swooping then stopping to hover. We could both sense it, even though there was no way to physically confirm it. Except maybe there was a way?

I stood in the power centre and called upon the air elemental with whom I had worked in the past. Would she respond and come to visit, to help me interact with these air spirits around, to mediate in any communication, perhaps? I raised my arms and called her name…

Linking With The Air

Moments after raising my arms the wind picks up. It’s more than a coincidence, As my arms rise the wind gets stronger. I link into the wind, blending my sense with it, dissolving my ego and becoming one with the wind, not in command, bot OF the wind, being of the air. This feeling makes me break out into laughter, The more I laugh the stronger it gets until my focus is distracted by the sound of my own laughter, I become slightly self-conscious  and the ephemeral magickal link is broken. The wind dies down again. I lower my arms. That was no coincidence – the wind speed was absolutely relative to the degree to which I was engaged in the moment – it was pure co-creation.

Calling an air spirit with a floating seed
Calling an air spirit with a floating seed

I re-establish the connection, and begin a  line of communication, asking the familiar air elemental to assist in the process now that she has shown me that she is present. I ask the air spirits around to reveal some information that they think I should know. A small air-borne seed floats from near where Kal is sitting across to circle around me, then land just outside my power centre. This is a sign.

I ask if the seed can be used for some purpose. I am told that I can call and contact air spirits by imagining such a seed appearing in my hand and floating off into the air. This will be a magickal call sign for air elementals and they may approach when they see this sign. I imagine it’s something like Monkey used to do when calling his cloud!


Two elemental lessons in one day. Two call signs. Two amazing episodes in the life of a jobbing hedge druid.

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    1. Just goes to show – we don’t always know what’s around us!

      I hope to get back there before the year;s out and visit the castle properly. I’ll probably do a lot of dowsing too, so there will be much to reveal about it. Watch for the post soon!

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