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Sitting with The Stag

September 26, 2013

On my last visit to Delamere Forest I was taken to a specific location after I had run through the forest in a free fashion. Something like this, but the forest trails are a lot more overgrown!

The light had gone when I got there and I felt I needed to go back. There was more to learn. Finding the stag’s horns on the fir tree was not the final outcome.

I went back the next night. It was light this time, but raining heavily. I was reluctant to approach the tree with the stag’s horns because it was surrounded by tall bracken which was dripping wet. However, the dowsing rods insisted that I needed to be at the base of the tree to do any work, so I parted the fern fronds and walked through the wall of wetness to sit at the base of the tree.

Actually, one I was beneath the tree the ground was dry, and as I sat I realised that the tall fronds completely blocked off the main path. I couldn’t see it, and no-one on the path would see me. Perfect! As if to prove that , seconds later two cyclists whizzed past me. Even though I was wearing a bright coat I was still hidden.

I settled down to work. My preliminary dowsing had revealed that there was a spirit associated with this tree, and that I could use this site to speak to Herne. So I did just that. I called upon my spirit guide Ash to ask him to broker the contact and protect me while I worked. I felt the familiar shiver. It was done. Now to speak to Herne.

Stag's horns in Delamere Forest
Stag’s horns in Delamere Forest

I began to raise my energy to the level that I remembered from my runt he previous evening. I needed that same energy level, the same feeling. I waited for that to come about, drawing on the energy of the plants and life around me, from the sky, from the elements, from all living things until I had sufficient energy to recreate the feeling of when I was running freely through the trees.
At that point I asked my question:

“What more did I need to know about Raising the Horns of Power?”

The answer came in a short visual sequence.

Once more I was the stag running through the forest, but now I broke free into a clearing. The clearing led to the edge of a steep cliff which towered over the surrounding landscape. It was a heathland landscape. As the running stag I came to an abrupt stop at the edge. Surveying my estate I raised my antlered head to the evening sky and broke out into a loud, deep and long bellow!

The image began to fade. I was losing the energy I had gathered. “Normal” thoughts began to re-appear and the sublime Otherworld images began to quickly fade. Damn! It’s so hard to cross the hedge and stay there unless you’re in a power place.

Now I needed to go and think about what that meant. There was something in the image that was the key to how I could raise the horns of power. Maybe I needed to imitate the stag’s bellow? Maybe it was like Kal’s primal scream that he did at Penmaenmawr recently? It needed thought. I’ll come back to it soon.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing experience! I would love to visit the forest sometime, it seems absolutely wonderful!

    I am sure you’ll understand Herne’s message soon.

    All the best /|\

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