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The Crowning Stone of Corndon

September 12, 2013

August 22nd 2013 – Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, Shropshire.

I had three questions to seek answers to at Mitchell’s Fold this evening in late August. One had been answered already, and now I had a second. The ever-informative Mr Ian Pegler (of the British Society of Dowsers and Vale Crucis Abbey research fame) had mentioned that Mitchell’s Fold was also called “The Hag’s Milking Fold” and that Corndon Hill had been associated with witches in legend and lore. Dan’s Jotter has a typical tale about good faeries and bad witches, which is a re-telling of the milking tale which is associated with many sites where The Hag (Cailleach) is to be found. Another cautionary tale about abusing gifts from Faery.

As we approached the hill that evening Kal remarked upon how pyramidal the shape of Corndon Hill was. It’s true. Approached from certain angles the hill looks almost like it has been drawn with a set square. To me it reminded me of the traditional witch’s hat. Together with Ian’s comments I felt like the Blue Moon was the perfect time to ask about the nature of the relationship of witches, the structures on top of the hill, and anything else relevant. I would leave the exact question to the spirits of the circle at Mitchell’s Fold to determine what they felt I might really want to know about. Sometimes a question can be too precise, you know? Dowsers tend to ask precise questions, but sometimes a general question gives more scope to be taught what we need to know, not what we think we need to know.

Corndon Hill - August 2013

For this second question I was directed to go and sit in a power centre just a few feet away from where Kal had been spending almost the entire time at the circle. I was facing the hill but realised that I was also yet again forming this cross shape between the setting sun, the rising moon and the constellation of Orion behind me. I stretched my arms out to gather in the celestial energies to ensure I had enough personal energy to charge the experience of crossing the hedge into relationship with something from The Otherworld.

On my previous visit to Mitchell’s Fold in June I had been struck by the idea that “Corndon” might be a contraction of “Crowned On” or “Coroned On”. I had taken the idea no further at this point, but something was about to change that. I must add that the information I am about to reveal is speculative. It is the result of a vision and I haven’t yet been able to verify the content by visiting Corndon Hill.

Remote view of Corndon

I  asked the dowsing rods to take me to a place where I could learn about the “witch” connection of this site. The rods led me around the circle again, on a castellated path again, and around to the tall stone that is the most prominent feature of the circle. Interestingly, if you read the associated mythology, this is the stone that the witch Mitchell is supposed to have been petrified into. Of course, I know that now, but at the time I didn’t.

I sat with my back against the stone at a point where female energies emerged. The son was on my right, and the moon on my left – both at completely opposing directions and elevations. I cradled the balance of these energies in my hands then centred myself to begin meditating. Almost immediately I heard Bran, who told me that I needed to project my attention onto the top of Corndon Hill which was directly in front of me. I recalled his teachings about remote viewing – and I became Bran’s head. My head was Bran’s head, and I was able to follow the beam of light that Bran projected from his eyes as it reached the summit of the hill opposite. I travelled with it to find myself stood on one of three or four large stones. I turned around and was able to see myself sitting with my back to the tall stone in the circle.

Now I projected a beam of light like a path and followed it back to my ‘reasting’ position. Now I was able to transport in both directions along this path. I stepped back into the beam and travelled to the top of Corndon Hill again. I was standing on a long stone, but nothing was happening on the hill-top except the signs of a gentle breeze blowing. What was I waiting for? Did I need to do something? I intuitively decided to gather up a load of my energy and to project it out of my heart chakra. The energy was released like a firework, exploding into the remote vision, infusing it with love energy. This is often the energy trigger required to make magickal processes work. And so it was this time. Things began to change before my eyes.

 Mitchells Fold - August 2013 (12) (Large)

The Crone of Corndon

As if dropping in from above Cailleach appeared on the scene. She was a lady dressed in a full dark robe and cloak, and when I looked at her face it kept changing. At one moment it was a young lady, then a middle-aged woman, and then an old lady with wrinkled features. The face randomly changed between these three forms such that it was impossible for me to focus on her face. Instead, I stood and watched the scene unfold.

Cailleach walked to the long stone that I was standing on. I got off it to see better what she might do. She alighted it, then stood astride the stone, hitched up her many black garments up to her thighs, and gave birth to a baby! The umbilical cord was obvious and she didn’t cut it. Nor did she pick the baby up. I looked at the baby and began to get information about it – the baby is a ‘potential leader’ – perhaps a destined king.

The vision changes. The stone is empty again and the hill-top is deserted, but now a mist has descended obscuring the background and ensuring that attention is focused on the stone. There is a man lying on the stone who is obviously the baby grown up. He is clothed in fine garments but still has the umbilical attached. An entourage of people appear throughout he mist and a ceremony ensures during which the cord to Cailleach is cut by someone who looks like the stereotypical druid figure. The man whose cord has been cut now stands on the long stone. He is “re-born”, but he is also “crowned” – both these words seem interchangeable in this situation – they mean the same. The man can now take his destined place as a true leader, or king of some tribe or other, and they people leave the hill in celebratory mood.

The hill-top clears and once more and I am stood by the stone again. I look around and see myself still sitting by the tall stone in Mitchell’s Fold circle, so I travel the beam of light that links us and re-unite myself. I have lots of questions and still being beside the tall stone I seem able to continue to gather information. The cord can only be cut by someone who has passed the trials and knowledge of the mystery traditions – someone like a druid, or the leader himself if he had progressed sufficiently.

I get a picture of The Stone of Scone – the destiny stone which was used for the coronation of Scottish kings. The Long Stone of Corndon (as I’m calling it) seems to have a similar function.

Mitchells Fold - August 2013 (20) (Large)

As I come back to consciousness and stand up another thought appears. I secretly wonder if this relates to Kal too, as he is cutting his own cord to Cailleach by leaving this country soon? Time will tell, but in the meantime I have a visit to Corndon Hill to add to my list. I need to get up there to see what the hill-top looks like!

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  1. Hi Gwas

    Thanks for the mention. I forgot to say that I’d done a Stellarium landscape right at the top of Corndon Hill. It took an age to do the photos because the hill is favoured by paraglider enthusiasts as well as walkers.

    This seemed to suggest another Samhain alignment, namely, if you stand close to the cairn at the peak and look towards the massive 3-chambered cairn at Samhain, the Sun should, theoretically, rise directly above the massive cairn, from behind the hills that lie directly beyond it. I reckon that the cairn must have been taller in its heyday, to make this observation easier.

    I say theoretically because I haven’t confirmed this alignment on the ground, but you know what the weather is like in this country in November! 😉


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