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The Double-Headed Spiral Form

September 14, 2013

August 22nd 2013 – Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, Shropshire.

My third question to ask about on this wonderfully energetic evening in Shropshire’s finest stone circle was for me to consider the nature and purpose of the double-headed spiral form that I often found running through stones in stone circles. This was a seemingly innocuous, nay incidental, aspect of the visit. Yet, as is often the case, some really important information about the use and function of stone circles was revealed. Just goes to show – you never stop learning!

Here is an example of the kind of shape I’m talking about:



The tighter end is the female end, and it has more turns. The looser end is the male end with fewer curls. Note I didn’t mention which direction the energy was travelling in. I used to describe the male as flowing clockwise and the female in the opposite direction. I now realise this was quite stupid. It depends on which way the energy is flowing, of course.

I thought at first that I was simply going to find out something fairly uninteresting about the form, but actually it turned out to be quite an astonishing revelation by the time I had finished my dowsing work.

More lens flare in evening sunlight
More lens flare in evening sunlight

On this occasion I found a spiral form like the one above and it was on either side of the flat female stone at Mitchell’s Fold stone circle. This was my starting point to ask some more questions.

1. Which way was the energy flowing?

From male to female end. The male end was outside the circle, the crossover point was at the centre of the stone in the circle, and the female spiral was inside the circle.

2. What was this “crossing point”? How did the energy transfer from one type (male) into the other (female)?

There is a neutral point at the crossover point between male and female. It is simply a point where the frequency of the line moves from one form to step UP into the other form. The male is therefore a lower frequency, and the female form is a higher frequency.

3. What causes the change of frequency in the form from male to female?

It is the stone itself – its geological composition which accounts for the frequency shift.

4. How is the form being maintained?

By the placement of the stone.

5. How many stones are required to create such a formation?

One. But the more stones the more spirals, and the effect of their purpose is amplified by having more stones.

6. What type of energy does the purpose involve?

Earth energy only. No human energy, no spirit energy and no celestial energy.

7. What effect does this form have?

Strongly affects the energy field and physical form of whatever is inside its area of effect..Animals, humans and spirit entities are similarly affected in this way (apart from the physical bit for spirits, of course).

Mitchells Fold - August 2013 (18) (Large)

I dispensed with the questioning format at this point. I needed to find out the purpose, so I asked if there was anything in the circle which could help me understand the purpose of this energy form? NO. Great. I’d have to work through a list. After about ten minutes I had hit upon a positive response which I quickly refined.

I had asked what the area of effects was and had been shown some pretty random areas, all inside the circle, and none of which overlaid each other. One stone’s area respected the next stone’s area of effect and bent around to fit in. Yet, there was one spot where none of the effects of these spiral through the stones could be felt. There was a “dead spot” right in the middle of the circle!

I found out that the effects of the form were beneficial, and that I would want to be in the area of effect. I would WANT to be there? I wondered if it formed a likeable space, an attractive space? I was getting there, the rods indicated. Close, but not solely an attractor. More than that. A sanctuary space? YES. Strongly yes.

The double-headed spiral form therefore attracts us, animals and sentient entities of all forms to it in order for them to get relief from the assault of the normal world’s pollution, its draining effects. This is why Shades are drawn here too – because for them energy conservation is paramount to their survival and a determining factors in their ability to interact with the physical world.

I had found out that the double-spiral was a form used in the creation of a sanctuary space within which subtle energy fields can be retained with minimal loss. Wow!

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