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What I learned from crop circles – Part 2

September 20, 2013

In the previous companion post to this one (Part 1) I talked about the death of crop circles in 2013, and how the prediction of that phenomenon was one of the major markers on my wayfaring through the magickal world I now inhabit. In the follow up I will be talking about the ways in which crop circles added to my druid work.

This year has been a testing year in many ways. One of the elements of travelling The Doubtful Path, that was indicated for me in a tarot draw at the start of the year, is that it is necessary to re-visit and recapitulate elements of wonder that have been encountered, and to consider what these things mean to you as you proceed. So it is with crop circles.

I certainly don’t celebrate the death of the crop circle. Even though it was an incidental phenomenon (or so I thought at the time) that had no apparent bearing on my druid work, I now begin to see the things that the phenomenon brought home to me. Let me first list, then describe, what these things are.

  1. Mystery
  2. Beauty in Nature
  3. Meaning in pattern
  4. Co-creation with Otherworld forces
  5. Primal energy

In the next section I will talk about these concepts in more detail as they relate to my experiences with the crop circle phenomenon.

1. Mystery

Encapsulated within the word “mystery” are many other associations with wonder, joy, awe and curiosity. All of these things are what motivate me to work with the subtle and invisible realms that pervade and indeed occupy the same space as the everyday three-dimensional world that we all inhabit.

When crop circles appeared they were a new mystery – a new element to the great Mystery Tradition. I would go as far as saying that. The Western Mystery Tradition is not something that stops being added to. Crop circles have now entered into the Great Insolubles that include archetypes, myths, rituals and spellcraft from before we were able to properly articulate these things.

The fact that there could be no general, and particularly scientific, agreement on the nature and cause of crop circles was part of their fascination. Yet, it is also a lesson to the modern seeker. Not all things can be known. The unknowable is the space into which faith and gnosis elide, seeping like an ever-increasing volume of sureness. By the time they came to an end the only certainty we had about crop circles was that their mystery was the only constant.

Counter to that mystery was the certainty of some people that crop circles were man-made. The Dave & Doug scenario. That they were all created by trampling crops with planks and plotting their geometries with string. Indeed some were – more than half in any given year, I reckon. And today you can increase that number to include them all. But there will always be those whose drive is to know with certainty. Let them have their solution – plankers!

2. Beauty in Nature

Following on from wonder comes the appreciation of beauty. It is not without good cause that an entire cottage industry grew up around crop circles. Merchandise appeared. Particularly, though, it was merchandise around the visual aspects of crop circles – calendars, posters, DVDs, web sites showing aerial views. These were reflections of the beauty inherent in their design.

One of the motivating factors for those following a druid path is the appreciation of the beauty in Nature. If some crop circles were not man-made then here was another example of the wondrous beauty that could be created in Nature. Perhaps even created BY Nature herself. Some said so. Regardless of the instigator, or the exponent, the patterns themselves were such intricate and mesmerizing patterns that many began to see the building blocks of natural geometries in their creation.

3. Meaning in pattern

Sacred geometry is a relationship with number. Repeated numbers translated into form become geometry. The next stage is to try to derive meaning from the shapes formed. Here we need to distinguish between the “fake” and the “real” circles. The fake circles were created both with and without meaning. Some were obviously trying to present a message, for example this famous ‘circle’ from 2002:

A message from the aliens? Of course not!

The message? 

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07”

Apparently there might have been a spelling mistake in there somewhere. Hmm… but who are the deceivers? Here’s one discussion about the meaning of such circles.

What meaning did I get from crop circles? Actually, apart from one, I didn’t get any meaning. The meaning was primarily in their very existence. I wasn’t clever or devoted enough to be able to cryptographically deconstruct their quintessence, or even work out what they meant. There was ONE circle, however, which took on a personal meaning. Again, it wasn’t me who solved the puzzle, it was one of the blog readers who noticed that the formation was a double-headed spiral form at heart, and that this might have significance for me. It did – and I have now done some further work which revealed that the double-headed spiral form was the ultimate symbol of the energetic union of male and female. A perfect balance of energy. The true quintessence of my druid work!

Knighton Hill - Ridgeway - August 2010 (17)
Walking into my crop circle on Knighton Hill

4. Primal energy

Kal and I had been researching subtle energy for several years before we got into crop circles. We thought we had a pretty good handle on most things energy related. So it was something of a surprise when we began to investigate the energies of crop circles to find that there was something in there that we couldn’t classify! Our grading system had Male, Female and Neutral (a balance, union or combination of male and female energies). There was something “other” about crop circle energy.

We began to enquire about the origins of this new energy and the dowsing took the origins beyond the confines of the planet. Well, that was all a bit strange, so we concentrated on what the energy’s purpose might be. It was energy without “form”. It would eventually become male, female or neutral in form, but at the moment it was “pre-formation”. We christened the energy Primal Energy, an indication that the energy was somehow “original” and unformed.

We have a long way to go yet in trying to understand why this energy was present in a formed crop circle (and we may never know now), and how such energy can be used. It has appeared in other places since those days – funny how you only find things when you know what to look for sometimes. We should always try to keep the “Is there anything else?” question uppermost in our minds when visiting new places.

Another great learning from the crop circle generation.

5. Co-creation with Otherworld forces

The final aspect to my encounters with crop circles took me back into the unseen realities of our world. I learned a valuable lesson about the concept of co-creation. Co-creation is where two sentient forces come together to co-operate in the creation of something. If I lay down bricks and you smear them with cement then we’re co-creating a wall. That’s physically obvious. But when it gets to the level where you think about something and it becomes manifest then that really begins to play with your head.

I’m back to the crop circle in which I was involved. In some way I was involved. There was no way I could have known there was a crop circle in the field as I passed it – it was a maize crop and impossible to see over, and maize was such an unusual ‘medium’ for the circle to have been created in. Yet, two days later I saw an aerial picture of the recent formation on a web site.

I actually went back to find it (despite it being half way across the country). It confirmed everything I wanted to know. I had been involved in its creation. The pattern was meaningful for me. It would not have existed had I not been looking for it.  Co-creation. Created using my “inspiration”, my “attention” (possibly intention)  by some Otherworld force and using primal energies in its formation.


Ultimately I had to stop examining this phenomenon after my co-creation incident. I felt like it had shown me what I had set out to learn – that crop circles could be real;  that there was some element of mystery in them which couldn’t be overcome, couldn’t be encompassed within the human mind. Yet there was a synergy of forces and a unification of intention that formed the very core of the crop circle phenomenon which would cause those involved – the “believers” if you like – to come away from the circles with an empowering feeling that the co-creative process was real,

For a druid the things I learned from crop circles were invaluable lessons. Only last month I was prompted to finally discover the secret of my crop circle. This is the kind of lasting impression this phenomenon made. And i wasn’t even in the middle of it!

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