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Dowsing How To Call Lightning

October 10, 2013

Sometimes when you are given q uest it’s tricky to work out the parameters of the work. It’s possible to rely on intuitive guidance, yet that demands an astonishing level of trust in one’s own abilities. Not having that level of trust yet, I often defer to divination methods, and I have found that dowsing or tarot cards are the most effective for me.

So, I have this quest: “To call the lightning and harness the power.” Cool (or more likely – very hot!). Time to do some dowsing to get to grips with the practicalities of what that means.

Call the lightning

Here are the questions I asked and their dowsed answers (I have spared you the minutiae of the refining questions):-

  • Can I call the lightning for my own purposes? NO. Can’t be called for personal use or need.
  • So, if I am not initiating the call, will some external impulse request me to do this? YES. You will be guided to call it.
  • When is the best time to call the lightning? When a particular celestial event happens.
  • How often does the event occur? Every month.
  • Is it related to the Moon? YES. Full Moon? YES.
  • When the lightning is called, when will it appear? Three days after the peak fo the Full Moon.
  • Do I have to call the lightning exactly at the Full Moon’s peak? NO. Can be called any time in the three days of the full moon (1 day before and 1 day after)
  • Can the lightning be directed to hit any specified place? NO. It will be called to the “best” place centred on the area that it was called.
Ash tree and full moon for lightning
Ash tree and full moon for lightning

So, some specific answers, but some hazy ones too. I didn’t fully understand the idea that I was not in control of the place where the lightning would appear. It seems like it will be “around” where it is called, but exactly when it will strike and where seem to be out of my hands. This leaves me with questions about what the value of a lightning strike is, and more importantly how the energy of it can be best gathered, or “harnessed” as the original request termed it.

Attraction Points

I turned my attention to the mechanics of how the lightning could actually be made to appear. I had the approximate timing, and I sort of knew the general location. How could the lightning be physically drawn to that spot, I wondered? My starting point was the idea that ash wood is an attractor for lightning.

  • If I call lightning do I need some form of attractor to be able to direct it? YES. The lightning will appear above the attractor.
  • What is the best natural form of physical attractor? CONDUCTIVE METAL, then ASH WOOD. Doesn’t matter if it’s a twig, a staff or a tree – any form of the wood.
  • Within what radius can the energy of a lightning strike be harnessed? TEN FEET.
  • Is it necessary for me to put up energetic protection before a strike? YES.
  • Apart from the physical attractor, is there an energetic component to the attraction of lightning? YES. An energy field can be created that will enhance the attraction. In fact, it’s a necessary component.
  • What form does the energy component take? SIGIL.
  • Does the size of the sigil matter to the level of attraction? YES. The larger the more attractive.

I went on to ask about the way that the sigil itself. Obviously, I wanted to know it’s shape, but in addition to the shape itself there was a specific way that it needed to be drawn in order to be effective. This was becoming more complicated all the time! High magick indeed!

The sigil is universal – i.e. not specific to any time, place or person. The lightning attraction sigil looks like this:

The lightning sigil
The lightning sigil – needs to be drawn in a specific way

The sigil is drawn from the origin point at the base of the “tear” shape. The ovoid shapes begin with the smallest and work out to the largest, then the “tail” is added as the final flourish. I think that the “origin point” at the base of the tear shape may be the location of an ash twig or staff planted in the ground with the shape drawn outwards from that point.

What next?

The final component to this magickal process is to set up the vibration through the earth to cause the right conditions for a strike (as described in a previous post). Now I need to learn more about harnessing the power of the lightning before I begin the work to call it. And why it would be beneficial to me.

I have to say, the more I learn about this the more nervous I get about it. Let’s say that it’s even possible to call lightning. Having to get within ten feet of a lightning strike in a storm – that fills me with a strange nervous quiver. It’s both exciting, dangerous and possibly very stupid. Let’s see how it goes. There’s a full moon (Harvest Moon) towards the middle of the month.  Can I harvest the energy from a lightning strike? Can I make a lightning storm happen on request? Mad, eh? These quests are mad.

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    1. I’ve not heard of that crystal so I’ll have to go investigate it. This year I’m trying to work entirely without any additional aids though, and crystals would definitely fall into that category. However thanks for the info. I will go research it’s properties anyway.

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