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Menorca – Death Energy at a Fort

October 22, 2013

Fort Marlborough, nr. Es Castell, Menorca – October 9th 2013

I recently went to Menorca – one of the beautiful Balearic Islands off the eastern coast of Spain. One of the ways in which I was persuaded to go there was that not only was it a great destination for some autumn sunshine, but it was also littered with megalithic sites. Well, this hedge druid only needs one such invitation. We were going!

After a few days relaxation and recuperation M and I hired a car and headed out into the island’s interior. We were based in the south-eastern corner of the island as S’Algar, and within half an hour’s drive there were a couple of places that I had already ear-marked as being potentially interesting. I had a print-off of the location and a brief description, We made our way along the main island highway stopping off at places along the way. First destination – Fort Marlborough.

For Marlborough Menorca

I didn’t have any expectations of this place. For me it was just intended to be a sightseeing episode, but actually it turned into something more interesting.

Being Scared To Death

Our adrenalin levels had been sent sky-high – firstly M jumped at seeing a wax dummy of a solider when she rounded a corner on the tour path. Then I jumped when I was struck my a simultaneous blast of air and explosion noise when I ventured into one of the tunnels under the fort. It was a demonstration of how sappers sabotaged attempts to burrow under the fort’s walls, but it made me jump! It nearly scared me to death! And maybe that was the start of the whole theme for Menorca’s ancient sites – death.

We emerged out into the sunlight – free to roam after the arrow-lined path in the darkness of the fort’s interior,. I began to dowse, as we were the only visitors to the fort at that time.

  1. Was there any energy at this site? YES.
  2. Was there something that I could/should interact with? YES.

Then I needed no further confirmation, so I let the rods guide me around the circular walls until they spun around at what seemed like an innocuous and inconspicuous circle of grass, barely differentiated from the bare patches around it. I began to investigate.

Marlborough Fort - Menorca
A death energy centre at Fort Marlborough

I put up protection and then stepped into the circle. I felt a faint bubble of energy, but it was weak. Dowsing I got the strength rating of 2/10. Hmmm… how useful would this be? I began to dowse about the make-up of this energy – it turned out to be a combination of male and female, but not unified (that’s our definition of “neutral” in most cases). Yet it felt different from my usual encounters with neutral energy. Yes, I’ve got to that stage where I know what male, female and neutral energy feels like! Call it my intuition perhaps, but I felt like I was missing something so I dowsed further….

How should I interact with this energy? Move, stand still, add to it, or work with it? The answer came back that I should simply stand and absorb it. Well, if I was going to absorb it then I wanted to know what the purpose of this energy was. I stood inside the energy spot and asked my guide to offer some additional information – he placed the following idea in my head: this was death energy. I should gather it so that when I die I have a store of energy that I can use to imprint my memories wherever I wished. How unusual! I have come across this form of energy before, but never taken it to the next level of trying to understand its purpose, or to actually gather it.

This was an interesting start to my Menorca trip and I was curious to see how it would develop over the week.

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