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Menorca – The Death of Energy

October 24, 2013

Cala Morell Necropolis – Menorca – 9th October 2013

At the north-western end of Menorca’s small island is a necropolis – a system of caves which have been used for the deposition of human remains. Notice that like the last encounter I had – the one at Fort Marlborough – the subject is again ‘death’.  Let’s talk about death in relation to Menorca’s sites.

It seems that generally the sacred sites on the island are now dead or dying. There is a distinct lack of energy at these places, and I believe that is due to the neglect (i.e. the failure to re-energize the sites) by people who have a magickal purpose or intention. Sure, there are lots of visitors, and yes I’m sure that some of them are energy-aware. But I equally think that no-one is maintaining the sacred sites of Menorca in accordance with how they were energetically created. Hence, there is almost nothing left at these places. Out of ten, they register as a zero or one on the scale of energetic strength.

Who created the sites in the first place? Well, the information boards talk a lot about a tribe of people known collectively as The Talaiotic Culture. It is supposed, although little is known for sure, that these people were responsible for the construction of these megalithic sites. There are a few ancient settlements with some well-preserved layouts and I visited a couple of them. They were very beautiful, and their structures were reminiscent of much of the architecture which we see from the north fo Scotland al the way down through to the Mediterranean islands. Amazing consistency of concept.

Caves at Cala Morell Necropolis
Caves at Cala Morell Necropolis

So, let me tell you about my visit to the necropolis of Cala Morell.

To attune, to align, to give and to gather

Using my dowsing rods I asked for some parameters to my visit:-

  1. Is there something that I can do at this site? YES
  2. Is ti something I can do for the site, or something it can do for me? BOTH
  3. Will it be mutually beneficial? YES
  4. How many caves should I visit? THREE
  5. How many activities should I do at this site? FOUR.

So, four things to do in three caves. I was now ready to proceed so I let the dowsing rods take me to the first place I needed to go. As I walked along I asked my guide to help me put up some protection just in case. New site – new energies. I wasn’t taking any chances.

The First Cave – attunement

I walked up some crude steps into the ‘first’ cave I came to (I hadn’t noticed that I had passed two on the way up, as I was concentrating on following the dowsing rods). The interior was beautiful – for a hypogeum.

I was led straight into the centre of the cave until I came to what the dowsing rods recognised as a power centre. I stood in that space and felt like I should simply attune to the vibration of the place. After a few minutes the rods indicated that I could leave. Done – time for the next part of the adventure, now that I was “in the spirit” of the place.

The Second Cave – giving

In the second of the caves I was led around the walls and back to the central column. There was nothing to see here, and the feeling was of weak energy. This was not so much a power centre as a spot that needed attention. I felt like I was the one who had something to give here, rather than to receive. I had picked up a feather on my journey up into the necropolis, and this seemed like the right place to deposit it and to donate some of my energy into the site. I left the gifts in a hole in the column that I was stood next to.

The Third Cave – aligning and gathering

At the third cave I had to climb up into the narrow opening. Another opening nearby made a diamond window, and the dowsing rods led me to that place, to face the outside. I felt there was something I should be seeing. It was still daylight, but I felt I needed to see the stars, so I got out my Starwalk app and pointed it at the opening.

Diamond windows faces Orion in Necropolis
Diamond windows faces Orion in Necropolis

This window pointed me directly at Orion. I have worked with this constellation many times before (e.g. at Lud’s Church in Shropshire).

“…the earliest surviving clear depiction of Orion in classical art is Roman, from the depictions of the Underworld scenes of the Odyssey discovered at the Esquiline Hill (50–40 BC). …. The constellation Orion rises in November, the end of the sailing season, and was associated with stormy weather, and this characterization extended to the mythical Orion…” (source: Wikipedia)

This relates to me at the moment because I am on a quest to learn how to call lightning from a storm before Samhain. It seems that I was being shown that my energies are aligning with the constellation of Orion, and that I am being linked to the power of the storm at this time of the year. There are also associations with The Wild Hunt, linking back to Herne, Cernunnos and Gwyn Ap Nudd – the hunt being associated with the storms around Samhain.

Back to the story. I was taken to a spot at the back and then round to the right. Here I felt the presence of the dead. I linked core and sky then absorbed the energy. This seemed like a continuation of the Marlborough Fort work to absorb death energy specifically.

I gave thanks then linked the site with home. I felt like it was a perfect place for me to use to cross into The Underworld.

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