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Mitchells Fold – Part 2 – Crystal Patterns and Life Mysteries

October 20, 2013

I was scared, I have to confess. In my humble opinion, people take working with crystals without the seriousness it deserves. It is understandable. I used to be in that position myself many years ago. However constant experience has taught me that crystals have a powerful effect on energy.

As with many things esoteric, I have a theory. It’s my belief that crystals have two effects on energy.

  1. They shape and guide the flow of energy.
  2. They pass on a resonance to energy.

Oh and it seems that some crystals can amplify and attenuate energy too. I would mention something on crystals and water (particularly flowing water) but that goes beyond the scope of this post.

Over the last few years I have on four occasions used a crystal and intention layout in my bedroom. On each of those occasions, profound results have occurred almost immediately. The last of these occasions was two nights ago.

I had taken my substantial collection of crystals out of storage a couple of weeks ago, but had not taken them from my car to my room…see…fear!

This day, being the day before our visit to Mitchells fold I decided to move the crystals into my room and after a good deal of trepidation I decided to create a layout. My intention was simple enough.

Let this layout guide me to the best future for me

Or something like that. My crystals all come in a sectioned box, with about 20 sections and about 4/5 crystals per section. My method of selection was simple. I would have in mind each section at a time and then ask whether any crystals from that section was needed. If there was a need, I would then ask individually for each crystal in the section. Simple, right.

By the time I had finished I had about 14 crystals. Then taking each crystal in my hand, I asked where it should be placed. One after the other I placed each crystal at some point around the perimeter of my bed. The final one, which was a rose quartz by the way, ended up under my pillow.

Note: Giving you an exact layout of the crystals wouldn’t really be of use as I think, the crystals and layout are highly personal and also time dependant.

The rods determined that the layout had to be in place for about 6 hours and so it was time to go to bed. Now I want to do a flashback to a couple of days ago.

My contract of work was coming to a conclusion and with careful planning right at the time that I was due to fly out to California for a month. In fact my flight was due to leave in four days time. I was feeling good. One of the reasons I was on a particular high was that my manager had come to me only a day ago and said that he would like for me to return to the company for further work after I returned from my holiday. Can’t really argue with a blessing like that right. How could I say no? It was like having your cake and eating it. Awesome! Fresh with this feeling in mind and a bedroom adorned with crystals I fell asleep, contented and quite happy.

I awoke the next day, early and refreshed. I had forgotten about the crystals until I stepped on one as I went to the bathroom, ouch! I collected them up and asked the rods a quick, “was the work done” to which the answer was Yes. Today was three days before I flew out to the USA. I was excited. I drove into work and was seated at my desk when my managers manager walked up to me and asked whether he could have a word. Sure, I said.

A few minutes later he had told me that my manager had made an error and that they would not be needing my services after I returned. The guy, bless him, thought I had a sour feeling in my stomach. He was right, but for the wrong reason. I wasn’t upset with the loss of the job, that’s life. What had occurred to me in an instant was…

Had the crystal layout caused me to lose my job?

Of course it had to be a coincidence? So here I was at Mitchells fold ready to ask the all important question. Before I did so, I asked the preliminary one, “Could I ask questions about this subject?” The answer was a thankful Yes. So it came to the question…

  • “Did the crystal layout have anything to do with me losing my job?”  Yes. Oh blimey!
  • “If I had not done the layout, would I still have had my job?” Yes
  • “Was the best path for me to not return to where I was working?” Yes

I sat in my power place and meditated on these answers. A flash of insight occurred to me. I wouldn’t have been able to say no to the job offer (it providing me with food and shelter after all) so was this why the job had been taken away from me (so to speak)? The dowsing rods clinked a yes. Wow! What a strange turn of events.

Kal Malik – bedazzled

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