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The Relationship of Lightning

October 8, 2013

This is the second of my tales about my return to Dyserth Castle in the dark. In this story, having cleared and calmed the fire pit of its chaotic energy signature, I find out some information about how to call lightning and from a source that I wasn’t expecting. I am introduced to the idea that Earth can mix with Fire to produce an interesting effect.

The Lightning Difference

I asked the dowsing rods to lead me to somewhere that I could learn about my ‘Call Lightning’ quest. Was there any such place here? YES. Then lead on! The rods swung to point behind me, and then moved in almost a straight line deeper into the high semi-circular cliff of the castle’s perch.

With it being dark, I needed to look up. Besides, I was wondering where the rods were taking me so directly. I was walking towards the cliff, and as I stopped to assess my position I saw in front of me a huge face in the cliff. It was at least sixty feet high. I wondered if the face would actually be visible in daylight – it kind of needed the relief of the rock without shadow and without any other visual distractions in order for it to appear as clearly as it was to me that night. This was what I was here to see. I just knew it. This was an Earth Spirit. The spirit of this place.

The kind of thing I saw that night

I checked my protection, paid my respects to the entity, and then stilled myself in order to see if I could get into the right state of mind to connect to it.  Minutes later I was in the right place, mentally, and felt like I could communicate. I asked about the lightning quest, of course, “How can I call lightning?” I enquired hopefully. My rational mind was fighting the impulse to think that I was directing the question to the wrong form of elemental –  surely an air spirit would know this, not an earth spirit?

In my silent mind images began to form, a small motion picture…

A bearded man with a staff was standing in a power centre, which I recognised because it glowed a silvery light around his feet. I knew it was earth energy – energy that had emerged from the earth below. The energy rose to surround the druid like a dome. The man lifted his staff and both arms aloft to indicate that he was working with the energy.

Using the energy of this power centre the man began to bellow. At first a low grumble, growing quickly into a full-blown bellow which made the earth shake. The ripples of the bellow reverberated through the earth and seemed to set up a vibration.

The vibration in the earth caused it to have a different ‘charge’. The earth sparkled with this subtle energy charge, glistening like a frosty morning. I looked above the druid and saw that the clouds were darkening, gathering, bumping into each other to congregate above the place where the subtle energy sparkled on the earth.

As the tension rose, the air tightened like a screw being turned slowly into hard wood. As the tension became unbearable and the bellow began to subside, lightening cracked from the clouds and spat itself onto the earth in wave after wave of flashing power.

This was beyond my comprehension. I didn’t do much science, not even natural science. I would have to check this out, because it was completely outside of my knowledge! Luckily I have a good book on scientific principles which I will have to consult soon.

I thanked the huge earth/rock spirit and disconnected from it. Walking away I couldn’t help but glance back at the massive dim and dumb cliff face. It was still there – immobile, immutable, immemorial.

The Arthurian and Dragon Energies

I turned away ready to leave, but something high above me caught my eye. In a parting of the clouds above the twinkle of a star became visible. As my attention turned towards it other stars began to emerge too. Only a couple of them – a small cluster. For some reason (I think it was my spirit guide’s influence) they compelled me to look, and to acknowledge them.

I got my phone out and looked at them through Starwalk. It was Ursa Major – Arthur, the Bear. Next to it was Ursa Minor (Merlin – Arthur’s guardian). Finally, just above them – as though being used or held by these two, there was Draco – the Dragon or Snake constellation.

Constellations reflect Arthurian and Dragon Energies at Dyserth Castle
Constellations reflect Arthurian and Dragon Energies at Dyserth Castle

Now, to anyone else that means very little. To me that tells a story. It was also a clear indication that I was being shown something of importance to my quest (as an ‘Arthur’ figure), to my development with the aid of my Spirit Guide (as a ‘Merlin’ figure). I interpreted it as meaning that this quest is teaching me the ancient ways of subtle energy manipulation (as the Dragon or Snake). I am going beyond merely describing and finding the energies now. I am moving well into the realms of working with the energies (grappling), both for my benefit, that of the spirits influenced by that change, and for the land that I am working on.

I made my way back home through the dark narrow paths and lanes. I was deeply impressed by the earth elemental’s vision, and heartened by the reflection of my work in the stars above.


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