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An experiment in aura pushing

November 30, 2013

In this post on Auras and Dowsing I mentioned that I would be telling of some truly astounding experiments that I got myself into whilst on the last few days of my trip to California and specifically, San Francisco. In this post I showed how we can push someones aura. The essence of it was to find the edge of a persons aura with the dowsing rods and then push it with the palms of ones hand.

It was two days before I was to depart California and I, admittedly had had a wine glass too many. A couple of friends and I were discussing all things esoteric. At one point I mentioned that I had read in some tome or other that a person back in the days of mesmerism (the old name for hypnotherapy) a person had controlled another’s actions as if the person was in the same room. We began to speculate on an energy based theory for this. Whereupon an interesting experiment emerged.

Could you push a persons aura over a distance?

Specifically, dowse for a point where one could access someone elses aura (the someone else would be in an adjacent room) and then push it. Just like in the above experiment. As we sat and discussed it I was in two minds. One part of me said yes, pretty much on the foundation of mesmerism (and that we are all connected) and the other part of me said no, on the basis of what I knew so far about energy and auras (specifically, that auras do not pass the boundary of walls).

Remarkable dowsing
Remarkable dowsing

The only way forward was to test it. So we did. Here is the layout. We had two rooms adjacent to each other. I was in one room, Jennifer was in the other room, Anton stood outside of both rooms and was able to look in through the doors. Anton would see whether Jennifer wobbled back and forth in sync with my pushing and pulling.

I asked the rods whether Jennifer’s aura was in the room where I was. The answer came back no. This was what I was suspecting anyway. So I asked whether there was a place in my room from where I could push Jennifer’s aura. The answer surprisingly was a Yes and I was taken to an insignificant spot. As a point to note. It wasn’t near the wall to the adjacent room.

So, kind of bit weirdly, I tried to feel for Jennifer’s aura, and when I got a feel for it, began to push and pull it. As I changed from pulling to pushing and vice versa, I indicated to Anton my intention. Okay, even as I write this, it sounds and feels very peculiar. Still, after a few minutes of this I stopped and all three of us got together. Here are the results…

  1. Did I feel like I was pushing an aura? Yes
  2. Did Jennifer feel something in her stomach (as others have when their aura is pushed)? Yes
  3. Did Jennifer move back and forth (according to Jennifer)? Yes
  4. Did Anton see Jennifer move? Yes
  5. Did Anton see Jennifer move in sync with my pushing and pulling? Yes

What! Really? It worked? I was in disbelief, but apparently it does work. Not only that but (as Anton pointed out) I had been facing the room that Jennifer was in, kind of so that I could imagine to myself the same set up as the above posts video. However Jennifer had been at a roughly 45 degree angle to the wall and so was askew to me.

But, it had worked! Oh my word!

Kal Malik – amazed!

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